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Hi everyone. I have been checking out this site...

Hi everyone. I have been checking out this site since I made the move to have my BR. I have had big breast for as long as I can remember. In fact I started developing at an early age and never remember wearing a training bra. Went from nothing to a B cup over night. Pretty stressful for an 8 year old.

Now after 2 babies I am now a 36F or G. Not sure which been too afraid to find out for sure,lol. Have wanted this for so long, but it took a separation from my husband and being on my own to finally take that step to do something for me. My surgery is scheduled for February 14, Happy Valentines day to me. Anyway I will keep posted.

Well I have my pre-op tomorrow and I'm so wired I...

Well I have my pre-op tomorrow and I'm so wired I can't seem to get myself to bed. I know I need to, because I have a full day ahead of me. I have to do blood test and EKG and go over what to expect on the 14.

I haven't done the bra shopping thing but I have been looking since my PS said he would probably take me to a D cup,but I would love to be a full C. So I keep looking at every D cup bra I see just to orientate myself with just what size that will be. It really doesn't look that big, but I do remember when I was a C cup and was ok with that size,but anything will be an improvement over what I am now just so I can get the relief I so desperately want.

So I'm going to bed to try and get some rest. Wish me luck.

Had my pre-op visit and it went so smooth. I...

had my pre-op visit and it went so smooth. I realized I didn't have as many questions to ask as I thought and the ones I had were answered before I asked. Ten more days as of today. Can't wait!!!

Well guys here I am 1 day post op and so very very...

Well guys here I am 1 day post op and so very very happy. I keep looking at them because I don't remember when I was this size. I'm loving it!!!!!
I arrived at the ambulatory center at %:30am and the ball started rolling very quickly from there. Everyone was so professional and caring and not once did I get nervous. Just excited.
Everything went smoothly until it was time to send me home. I stopped drinking on the 13th about 9:00pm and they made me use the bathroom before the procedure so when the time came around to use it then, let's just say there wasn't much to release. Took another 2 hours just to go potty,lol.
Anyway I'm home now and recuperating. I think I may have pulled a little something trying to close down the top to my water bottle of all things, go figure. I have my post op on friday to remove the drains then it's onward and upward. Me and my perky C's.

Well I'm a couple hours from my first post opp and...

Well I'm a couple hours from my first post opp and getting these drains removed. I was told to take a deep breath when they were being taken out(thanks Ariel) so I'm preparing myself for that. One more step closer to feeling better and fully enjoying the new me.

Well I've almost reached 2 weeks post op. I've...

well I've almost reached 2 weeks post op. I've been feeling those electrical shocks in my breast the past couple of days. They are definitely uncomfortable. Luckily they don't last long an dare more of an annoyance than anything. I have 3 more days before the bandages come off. One more step closer.
I was blessed enough to work for a great company where I could take off 4 weeks and then take my vacation that was scheduled before the surgery and get my regular pay, sooo I get 5 weeks to heal and build up my strength and get used to my new girls before I "introduce" them to everyone else.
still working on how to post pics, about to enlist the help of my 14 year old daughter. so hopefully they will be up soon.

So I had my bandages taken off today and can now...

So I had my bandages taken off today and can now begin scar therapy. I'm happy with what's there though. The scars are completely flat except for on my sides. There are lumps there,but my PS said that it wasn't anything to worry about and that they would go down in time. I think the lumps are why the scars there seem so pronounced.Anyway I look forward to treating the scars and continuing to see progress and healing.
Btw there is an area where there is some as he put it "irritation" and I have to apply ointment until it heals, but he said that should only take a few days.
So all in all very pleased.

Hi guys, I know it's been a long time but I got...

Hi guys, I know it's been a long time but I got inspired by Zumba Ariel to update and let everyone know how things were going. My scars are healing up fantastic. I asked the doctor what size I ended being and his response was "perfect" lol. And when I went to buy a bra and the sales person asked me what size I needed I was to tell them a size perfect. I haven't tried on a regular bra yet because the sports bras are so comfortable and since I can't wear under wire for another couple months I'm content with them for a while.

I started back to work today. My scars got a bit sore, but nothing I couldn't handle. I've began to exercise too.Now that the girls are normal size I noticed that it made my belly look more pronounced,lol. Sooo I joined WW online and began an exercise routine. Lost 2 lbs so far since last Tuesday,YAY. Slow and steady.

My husband keeps asking how they look, the distance has brought us closer and we have been communicating alot. I keep telling him their tiny. I think he wants a visual. May give him one if he keeps being a good boy. He's in Afghanistan and I worry about him everyday, but this is my time and I've made it through this on my own with the help of some awesome people.

The scars on the side are darker than the others, but with my therapy, using silicone gel and massage everyday twice a day, they have flattened out quite a bit. Looking good. Got an early day tomorrow, so hitting the shower and bed for me.

Good luck to anyone who has their surgeries coming up!! WELL WORTH IT!

I've reached the 11 week mark and the compliments...

I've reached the 11 week mark and the compliments keep coming. Got a chance to see my in-laws this weekend, my daughter graduated college , and they kept telling me how incredible I looked. My mother-in-law said she couldn't stop staring at my boobs or as she put it later where my boobs used to be,lol. Anyway I'm having a ball dressing them. I think I've bought a new dress at least once a week.

And to top it all off since I can now exercise for the first in forever I have dropped 9lbs in the past 5 weeks. Feels good!!! Got a few more to go to reach my goal but now that I can work out with out stopping because my breast hurts it won't be long. Seeing the results gives me ammunition to keep going.

Good luck to anyone out there who's one step closer to the best feeling ever and those who have crossed the threshold, it only gets better.

By the way, got a call from the Ambulatory center saying they had a refund for me, so my final cost is going to be even less,WooHoo!!!

My 2 year anniversary!!!

Hi Everyone :)

Got an email from Kimmers that reminded me that today is 2 years since I took that life changing step to relief. I want to take this time to thank everyone for all the well wishes and support you gave me while I was going through the roller coaster of emotions that came with this major change. I can say that even after 2 years I still say this is the best decision I have ever made.

i want to take this time to congratulate all of you that have made the decision to take care of yourselves and do what is best for you. Sometimes we have to make choices that are for ourselves and like they always say" if Momma's not happy, no one's happy".

My life has taken a turn that wish it hadn't. My husband has decided that he would be happier not being married and my daughter and I are still adjusting. My faith and my friends are carrying me through, so we move forward.

Any way, my perky C's settled to being perky D's which is ok by me because it's still along way from where I started,lol. And yes they are still quite perky. My daughters tell me that my nipples love to say "hello" a lot, hahahaha!!! Trying my best to get back to exercising and controlling my weight. Hopefully I will get this together soon, but hey, I have GREAT BOOBS!!!

Hope today brings everyone love and happy hearts. Good luck to those who are waiting, happy healing to those that have had their surgery and whoo hoo!! to everyone enjoying your freedom from back pain, expensive bras and buying the outfit that you "have" to buy and not the one you "want" to buy.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Pensacola Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Frost has a great bedside manner and has a way of making you feel at ease. His staff have been great and I have received a phone call everyday to check on me since my procedure. The surgery team was also very professional and I never experience any nervousness. Top notch experience.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I'm curious as to why your perky C's turned into Perky D's, and how long did it take after your surgery for u to tell that u were a C Cup, and how long did it take for your swelling to completely go down?
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Hi Southern Girl, I think they were always perky D's, but the estimate of my first professional measurement put me in a C cup before they softened up. I can still wear a C cup in some bras, but mostly D's. As far as the swelling it was gradual and I'm not really sure in months how long because I wore sports bras for so long. Just seemed like one day I looked down and they were no longer swollen and hard. Couldn't have been more than 6 months though. Have you had your surgery yet? If not good luck :)
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Hi, I had surgery on jan 30th. Looking forward to seeing pics
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Good luck on your recovery :)
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Hey! Thanks for your review.. im so happy that things are going well for you =) Im thinking about getting a breast reduction myself in may. Im a 40G and they're killing me. The only thing thats holding me back is the scar afterwards. How is your scar now... is it very noticeable? Can you post a pic please?
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Hi body4dayz, My scars are still quite noticeable, but I was expecting that because of being African American. And I could also tell because I have several stretch marks that are dark in color. I also had keloids, also a trait of being of color. They are all flat now though and my PS said that I could fade them with fade creams. I haven't taken any pictures in a while due to the fact that my separation from my husband has been hard to deal with and I'm an emotional eater I shy away from the camera but I have not gained any weight in my boobies so that's good. I may post some soon though just gotta get over my stage fright,lol. Good luck on whatever decision you make.
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You look wonderful!  Keep up the good work and enjoy the new girls!!  You are doing fantastic.

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Wow, what a change! You look great! And a refund - doesn't get any better than that!
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Yes I have full sensation in both nipples. In fact the incisions around the nipple area are so good almost unnoticeable. I noticed sensation the minute I got out of surgery. And the out patient procedure was so much better for me because I was able to be comfortable at home and you can reach someone 24/7 if you have any questions. They even call you to check on you the day you get home.
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Thanks Penny for hearing me calling out for help. Taking my nipple off is a little scary, I am worried if I will have any feeling left, and is outpatient a good thing?
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Hi letitiah, so what are these things in your head. April 23rd is right around the corner !!!! You're in the best of hands . Let me know what your questions are and I'll do the best to answer them. Good luck and your gonna love the end results.
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Hi Penny!! Dr.Frost is doing my BR on April 23,2012 and I must say that you are right about Dr. Frost and his staff they are great! I am so ready for this. I am having a lot of negative thoughts in my head... HELP!!!!!
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Penny! How are you girls?! Healing well I hope! :)
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Hi Ariel, I was just thinking about you! Glad to see everything is going good for you now. I know how you feel about the depression thing. I didn't feel that way about the surgery, just not having my husband around to talk to was my nemesis. Anyway the girls are as Dr. Frost says" perfect" and I'm getting so many compliments from friends that say I glow now,lol. Take care and I will update my post soon.
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Glad to  hear the excellent news!  

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Happy to hear the update. I get those shocks too. Like you said more of an annoyance. Glad you're doing well!
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Hi Kittenluvvr
I'm taking oxycodone which works quick but i am trying to ween myself off of them. I bought some acetaminophen
to use instead when I need something but so far the pain has been bearable. The pills aren't that big. The only thing is I wish they were capsules or caplets, easier for me to swallow than pills. Hope that helps.
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Ariel, drains are out! Yahoo!!! And they didn't hurt that much, he did warn me, but it wasn't bad at all. The left hurt more than the right. I asked Dr. Frost what size he thought he took me to, his answer "perfect",lol. He said when I go buy a bra and they ask what size I need tell them "size perfect". He's hilarious. Doing pretty good. I will try to upload and post pics as soon as I figure out how.
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Jessie and Kimmers, Thanks guys. I feel incredible and can't wait for the end of the journey, but definitely taking this one day at a time.
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what kind of pain pills are you guys on? are they big? i cant swallow big pills
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Hope you're doing well. I couldn't help but going out today and getting an idea of my cup size. The person told me a 38C or 38D...can't fully tell since I have a surgical bra on and still swollen. Big difference from a 42 DDD! I was excited though! Still unreal. How did the unplugging go? Hope you're doing well. I go back to DR. FROST on Friday morning. I haven't taken the pain meds in over 24 hours. The non loopy-ness is feeling amazing. How is your pain tolerance. I still feel numbness on my right side. I have full feeling in my left nipple and I am slowing starting to feel some feeling in my right. Hope it fully recovers, but 1 out of 2 isn't so bad! Keep us updated! Love reading your stuff!
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Good for you Penny!!!!!!!!! Take care and happy healing! :)
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Welcome to the other side!!  You rest and keep us up to date on how you are doing.  Keep the updates coming.

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Yes I finally feel unplugged. Haha. I only take my meds every.12 hours now. The pain isn't bad for me at all. The meds made me so tired, drowsy, and unpleasant. Take a deep breath when the pull those drains hurt!!!! Lol. Keep resting. I'm glad I have someone with so much in common to compare all this with. :-)
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every time I take my meds all I can do is sleep,lol. I think I will end up being a perky C too. Didn't think he'd be able to do it. I keep looking at them in wonder. They're so small compared to the before. I'm jealous of you having your drains out, but my day is coming soon. You rest well also.
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