5'7 155lbs 24yr Old 457 Cc - Pensacola, FL

I'm 5'7, 155 pounds. Age 24. One child. Breast fed...

I'm 5'7, 155 pounds. Age 24. One child. Breast fed. Boobs were big... Then deflated. Pre baby: 34 d, post baby: 36 saggy c. I was borderline needing a lift. Went With just the implants 457cc. And I couldn't be happier! I tried on 421 cc, I loved it, PS told me if I liked that to go with 457! He was right!! I was so nervous about going under anesthia,,, crying all the way up to the point I laid down on the operating table. And you know what? It was nowhere near what I imagined. It was very relaxing. 
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Dr Butler is very friendly, patient, professional and down to earth. Spent at least 40 minutes when choosing my size. I'm sure I repeated the same questions & concerns 5 times & dr butler did not mind at all. His surgical assistant Ashley is also very nice. I felt very comfortable with them. I was apprehensive about the size I was afraid I was going too big. I like 421 cc. He suggested that if I wanted the look of 421cc, to go With 457cc..but I trusted his opinion. I had sagging breasts. I didn't want to be too big but I had to go big enough to fill out the loose skin. 457cc was PERFECT . The only thing I could possibly say negative was that some of the staff in the office could have better customer service skills. They were not very personable. Other than that, Doctor Butler did a fantastic job! I would recommend to anyone. I'm so happy I went through with it!!!

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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! I'm so happy you are pleased with your PS and your results. Did you end up going with saline or silicione? How was recovery with a little one running around?  ;)  Did you have some help during your recovery? We'd love a photo if you're comfortable posting one! Congratulations!

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Silicone, and they look great!. Yes I had help, my boyfriend took great care of me. He was off the first two days. I bought my daughter lots of movies, coloring books, etc... That lasted a good... 10 minutes.. Sigh.... Luckily I had grandparents to babysit! & drive her to school. I don't think it is impossible, but I would recommend Having someone to Babysit even if just for a few hours a day. It will be much easier :-)
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Getting a babysitter to help you post op with children is a great idea! Thanks for the helpful tip! Let us know how you're doing!

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I am having surgery in 19 days. I live in Ohio so def. a different doctor. Anyway...I hope you are doing well. I am afraid about how I will feel when I wake up, did it feel like you couldn't breath or anything like that? I am not even nervous about the pain, but I am closterphobic, and have a concern about feeling enclosed at first. I refuse to let any fear get in the way of something I have wanted for 13 years (since I had my son), SO I have been mentally preparing. I guess was just wondering how the first couple of days were for you?
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Trust me... It was nothing like that. I had that same fear. My PS told me when I woke up it would feel like a baby elephant was sitting on my chest.. It was more like a little puppy. Now take into account I had probably already worn myself out with all my crying and blubbering prior to surgery.. All the way up to anesthia time. Yes... I was a huge baby!! Ok... So I fall asleep. Next thing I know.. I hear noises. You're not in some quiet hospital room where no one can hear you. It's busy.. People are working..talking.. Machines are beeping. You can almost immediately start to the pieces together.. You are not in some weird daze.. You're just kind of like... "Huh?.. What..? Wait....oh yea! Boobs! My boobs are done already? Cool..." Immeditely the nurse is over me talking... Asking questions.. I tell her I want my boyfriend.. He came right in.. Nurse gave me ice... I fell back asleep.. Woke up.. Boyfriend is getting me dressed. I stand up... And they walk me out and he pulls the car around. Piece of cake. I'm on the couch.. He keeps laughing bc I'll be talking and just fall asleep. Lol. That's pretty much what u do all day. Talk and nod off.. Lol not too bad! I laid down and took a pic of myself from above angle as soon as I got home... That's how fine I was. Text all my friends to let em know I didn't chicken out ;-) you are uncomfortable. Not in great pain. Uncomfortable. I slept up straight with 4 pillows for a week. By the second day you want to get up stretch your legs. It is really hard to Sit Up. It hurts a little. Keep your arms close by your side. And use your legs to help you up, if you have someone LET them help you sit up. I did not take the compression bra off at all.. Not even to peak until my post op app 2 days later. I could go on in detail but basically, You will be fine! After 4 days you are pretty much over the worst. Helpful tip! 3 days prior to surgery.. Take some senna plus laxative and stool softener. The pain meds will make you constipated it's helpful to clean yourself out before and during recovery. seriously. It's been 8 days.. Any discomfort is virtually gone. No heavy lifting. If I have to reach I stand on my tip toes. It is really not that bad & your boobs will look so great!! I was very fortunate to have someone with me most of the time though too. I look in the mirror and I still can't believe I got up the guts to do it.. You will be ecstatic. Sorry I wrote so much! Let me know if I didn't cover anything :-)
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Thank you sooo much for your experience, that makes me feel much better. You say it has only been 8 days since you had the surgery? And you are up and moving managing life well. I am glad to hear you have your bf to take care of you, my husband should be a big help along with my two teenage children. If you don't mind me asking what size were you and how many cc's did you get? I'm going with 375-400, and I am an A now. I am pretty good with pain, so I suppose I will manage it well. Thanks for the tip about the pain meds and laxatives. I have been concerned about taking a bunch of pain meds. I usually try not to take pharmacudicals. The main reason is because of the side effects they cause. Keep me up to date on your recovery, I have 13 days now till I am set to get the boobs I have wanted for almost thirteen years now. *big smiles*
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so I just read your profile again, ooops I have the size info...I answered on my phone...couldn't view it from there!
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