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Hello Ladies. I have 2 sons. How ever my first...

Hello Ladies. I have 2 sons. How ever my first born (2006) did all the damage on his own. He Marked his teritory (lol). Pre-Pregnancy i was 112lb 5'6" 34B. During pregnancy I gained 52lbs and most of it in my last trimester. After I gave birth, I lost all my weight plus 10 additional pounds within 2 months. My son had problems with dairy and soy, so I had to breast feed and be on a strict diet. I was all skin and bones. After i stopped breast feeding a year plus later, my boobs were longggg and flat.

My breast would slip out of bras. it was horrible. After my second son i decided to get a breast lift. however at my consultation my PS said i don't have enough tissue for a breast lift. He said i still would be deflated. He suggested small implants to give me volume plus a lift. He said my skin was thin so small silicone would be best to eliminate any chances of rippling, anything bigger than 300cc would just be too heavy. I told him a just want to be a B no bigger than a small C.

wellllll what I got was 397cc silicone and a lift that didn't lift. check out the pics! I spent my college tuition on these things. I regret it big time. I had told my self I would keep them in for 10 years to get my money worth....but i decided i want these suckers out right away.

I'm in my late 20's and my boobs looks horrible.

I had a consultation yesterday and i have 2 more tomorrow.

Sold! At the price of $500

I had another consultation today! My PS said it's a simple and fast procedure. At the lovely price of $500 he can remove my implants in his office under local anesthesia!! Yes! The first consultation I had was great, but the procedure would cost over $3000 also under local anesthesia. Their both board certified and highly recommended. They both were nice....and they both agreed that I most likely will be left with empty bags and will need a lift. However, I just want them out at this point. I will get a lift later down the line if I truly think I need it. :-) I'm scheduled for the 19th of July!

The Doctors.

Hey! My first consultation was with Dr. Patterson in Gulf Breeze. He gave me 2 quotes, the first one was just for the removal and that was over $3000 w/ all the fees using just local anesthesia. the 2nd quote was for removal and lift and I believe it was over $7000, I didn't take that paper work because I knew if I signed it and kept it, I probably would have caved in and got the removal and lift I just want the removal.

Dr.Frost in Pensacola quoted me at $500. He said it's simple and fast, he can do in his office. His nurse told me even if I wanted to be under general anesthesia it would only cost me $1800. Also my silicone implant are suppose to be under the muscle but Dr.Frost said they seem to ripply to be under the muscle. So I won't know for sure until the explant.

and....they are OUT!

Hello Ladies!

Yesterday (7/19) I had my implant removed under local anesthesia. My impants were removed from my vertical scar from my previous lift. It was a pretty quick procedure. painless. There were no complications. My implants were 100% intact. We were actually having conversation during the procedure. I felt 100% comfortable. I felt like Dr. Frost took his time. I would highly reccomend him. PLUS his price was more than fair. PLUS His bedside manner is amazing. PLUS he's board certified.

My post-op pain is barely there. I don't need any pain meds at all.
My boobs are flat and saggy which was already expected. However, I feel AMAZING. The weight is gone. I feel light and free. I don't need to worry about MRI, ruptures, capsules, 10 years later replacements, i'm worry free now and it feels good.

1 week Post Op

I still feel amazing! They feel amazing! I feel much more comfortable natural and small. the picture I posted is from 1 week post op. I hope to document my journey with monthly pictures.
Dr. Frost

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Congratulations !! so happy you did it, and you fill great and lighter. Happy healing.
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Hi, we had surgery the same day. Happy your still feeling good about your decision and happy with the weight of them gone! Me toooo! :))
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That's wonderful! It is so much lighter. And no crazy worries like more surgery or MRI & the like. It only gets better dear good luck & enjoy the natural now!:-) Blonde
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Congrats! So much lighter and more comfortable isn't it!? I got mine out on the 16th and am sooo happy I did! Rest up and take it easy early on, even if your feeling great, for the first week at least...
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Congratulations SayNo2silicone! What a relief! You sound very happy and so much lighter. Also for a super price and in a very professional manner. You seem to be recovering well. Very happy for you, it went perfectly! Let us know how you are feeling as you are recovering. Mine is coming up on Wed next week...getting nervous...
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Congratulations on making it to the natural side! I'm 4 days post op and am so happy I did it too. Good luck to you and happy healing!!
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Thanx Bird! I am hoping for the best. My first surgery I paid top dollars and I didn't get anything close to what I wanted. This time I think....I HOPE.. I get my money worth...he's going to remove them from the same incision used to insert them underneath my breast. Also his suite is in the ambulatory clinic at one of the hospitals here in Pensacola, FL. Directly across from outpatient surgery suite. That makes me a little more comfortable.
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Good to hear SayNo2Silicone :) I hope you are as satisfied as I am. My PS went in through the same incision too and removed any old scar tissue before stitching me back up. I healed wonderfully, very smooth. Sounds like you're all prepared! Have you set a date yet? Keep its posted okay ;)
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Be cautious, sometimes "you get what you pay for" can be so true. Don't go for cheap, go for good, my doc is highly regarded and was not over priced. She did it in her "office" which has had 3 surgical suites. Not trying to negative just want you to be thorough :)
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I have to agree with you bird, my PS also did it in his office which was an entire floor of a medical building and also had several surgical suites. I do have to say that the first implants I got in 1999 were done in a hospital and the doctor turned out to be excellent even though he wasn't a board member. I got lucky! I wouldn't recommend this to anyone else though! God was certainly watching over me.
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That is a great price! And most of the PS I've seen said they can do it under a local in the office.....but the prices still vary quite a bit! Glad for you!!!
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Yes, it is a great price, lower than most. Mine did not mention doing it in his office, but at a surgery center which is a whole separate additional cost. Very curious about whether they are really under the muscle, I guess you will know when they do the explant, wow, that would make me really upset to believe this entire time they were under if they are not...
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That would be a little upsetting..my first ones in 1999 were under and then when I got these in 2009 they went under too. Hope it turns out good for you!
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My explant is the 19 th too! I'm ready to go back to flat!
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Hello! I live near pensacola and am interested to know what doctors you saw. Did you happen to get a quote with a lift? Are your implants over the muscle? Thanks and good luck!!
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm glad you were quoted such a great price. Please keep us posted.

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Good for you, SayNo!  I'm sorry your first surgery was misrepresented to you. As you've seen, many women get sold the same bill of goods.  Best of luck to you!!
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Yes my surgeon was board certified. My original surgery was in 2011. I went to a couple of my follow ups and then stop seeing him. I asked him why did he go larger than what we agreed on. Because he told me I shouldn't go any larger than what agreed on anyway because my skin was thin and wouldn't hold. He decided larger because he need to fill up the emptiness. In my head I was thinking....well maybe you should have did a better lift. Cut more skin out.....I didn't speak up though.. I just felt like what could I do? What's done is done! I blew my college tuition on these things. And I wasn't prepared to pay for any additional surgeries at the time. :-( I Regret not just having a lift but more importantly not consulting with more than 1 doctor.
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I have a hard time speaking up too and like you said you had probably spent the money you did have already. No sense in worrying about what is wrong but just to find the right doctor this time that believes he can fix it. It might take awhile and some patience. I'm having to be patient myself but I don't have a choice and I know it will be fixed eventually.
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Very similar story SayNo2Silicone, my surgeon said he had to fill in the emptiness and take me to a DD from a B, wow!... I think you have made the right decision to wait and see what happens before getting a lift. They may fluff up on their own. I'm right after you this month on the 24th and I'm a little nervous about how they will look because I am not getting a lift either...
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Was the PS that did your "small and perky" implants board certified? What does he say to you now or did you speak to him? I'm sure you can find someone who can fix the mess he made. I would just want a lift if it was me, be sure to let us know how things come out for you. All the best for you!
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i can see why you are upset! you wanted small, lifted boobs and this is what your surgeon gave you? i don't know why so many PSs talk girls into implants- it's ridiculous! i'm sorry you now have to deal with explanting implants you didn't want to begin with. :-/ mine also had that ripply look on the sides when i bent over...let me tell you, it only gets worse over time as your skin thins out! how long ago was your surgery? are you going to have a re-lift? good luck with your consults!
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