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I had the pro-fractional done for acne scars. I'm...

I had the pro-fractional done for acne scars. I'm sixty years old and thought perhaps a facelift would be the best. However,I met with a wonderful plastic surgeon that advised against a facelift and said the pro-fractional would work far better. I was so skeptical, I mean I waited almost 30 years to get something done, since I was 17 years old. I made the decision to put it into Dr. lebeau's hands. OMG, what a wonderful job he did. Far better than a facelift, he got rid of those ugly feather lines above my upper lip, around my eyes AND my acne scars. I cried everyday as it healed and looked better and better everyday. I'm so happy!
So happy for you!! Thank you for posting photos, looks wonderful! What kind of acne scars did you have?
I never really asked. I didn't have the ice pick, it think rolling scars, but again no one ever really told me and to be quite frank, I never really cared what the name of them were, I just knew they scared me for life, well, almost life before I got this procedure. Please believe me, it does matter how deep they go, I've read comments where they would say it was a waste of money, but what happened is thier surgeon just didn't go deep enough, that's why it's vital to know your surgeon and ask him how far. After research, I found out these people only went like 300-400, and when I asked Dr. lebeau how far he would go, he said 1600, wow, BIG difference from 300. So if your considering getting this done, ask your dr how far he plans on going, that's where the difference is. Thankfully my surgeon was experienced and knew how to go so deep. I also think that's why people have to go back 3-4 times. I also think a lot of surgeons may be a little Leary to go so deep, but my surgeon does this procedure all the time and is very confident. Everyday my face gets better. As the collagen starts growing back and connecting, it just gets better and better. I wear sunscreen now, that's it. No liquid make up, no concealers, I threw them all away. Of course I had my lip implants as well so I do wear my lipstick to show off my beautiful lips and I wear mascara, that's it.i so love my life and I feel so good about myself. I can look people in the eyes now, where as before I couldn't due to my acne scars and low self esteem. I recommend this to the whole world! Even if it is only for upper lip and around your eyes, those pesky little lines, those are completely gone, much cheaper and a lot less time consuming than a facelift that you may like, or you may not like, no guarantees. But the profractional with creatin oil is the ticket.

One month later, still a little red

This pic is one month after procedure, I'm so happy with the results, it just gets better and better everyday

Unbelievable !

Every feather line above my upper lip is gone, around eyes and acne scars. I still don't have that face like everyone has that has never had acne, but let me tell you, it sure looks beautiful compared to a face with acne scars.
You look amazing! Im glad you're happy with your results
I will take another pic tomorrow for you, everyday I see results as the skin forms. This is by far the best for scars.
I would love to see clear "after pictures" but your one month out pics look really good. You look years younger, even though they are kind of blurry. Awesomeness! I bet you are very happy. I'm researching laser treatments for my acne scars now. Enjoy that beautiful skin!
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I absolutely feel in love with this surgeon. He was young which you can look at that two ways. Because he is young, he is less experienced OR, he is young and was trained in the more updated and latest techniques, which the latter turned out to be true. The procedure really was painful, but it's like childbirth, it hurts but in the end your crying with happiness. Every surgeon I talked to said those tiny lines above my lips could not be taken away. I mean I went in for the acne scars on my cheeks and ended up taking care of those plus the tiny lines around my eyes, my chin and my upper lip. I got so much more than I ever in a million years expected. He was so excited to see the results himself during my first visit after the procedure. It was like unbelievable even to him. Trust me, I paid $3,500.00 two years ago for a co2 fractional, and it did make my skin smoother, but did absolutely nothing for my scars. The pro-fractional done by Dr. Lebeau I feel was like a miracle. I don't even have to wear face make up. Please anyone with any type of fine lines or acne scars, trust me, this works. Of course there's many more factors other than just getting one, your surgeon you pick makes it all come together.

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