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Excited & Scared - Center Valley, PA

I'm a 32 year old mother of 2 boys 8 & 4...

I'm a 32 year old mother of 2 boys 8 & 4 and after my second I could not seem to loose the belly fat. I have lost all confidence and have stopped enjoying life or even caring about how I look. So after some serious thought I decided to do it.

My procedure is scheduled for 5/20/2011 and I cant wait. I am having my upper and lower abs and flanks done. My profile picture is one of my pre op pictures.

So, how did it go?
Hey! I'm going in tomorrow at 9am. Right now I'm pretty calm but I know by tomorrow morning I'll be super anxious. I'm doing abs and inner thighs. Good luck on your surgery. Let's keep in touch so we can compare notes.

Good luck on Friday! I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you.


Its day three and I feel shockingly well. I am...

Its day three and I feel shockingly well. I am able to everything. I only feel a little sore when I sit and stand. I noticed a slight difference but still very swollen. I must admit that reading some of the reviews here had me really nervous. And it all went so smoothly I was a little embarrassed. The tumescent did sting but the rest was pretty smooth. My Doctor was pleasant and caring. And the M.A. was a true doll. I'm anxiously waiting to see results and will post pictures.
It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. How was yours???

Day 5 and I feel great…Still swollen but I am...

Day 5 and I feel great…Still swollen but I am noticing a difference. I only feel an annoying discomfort when I sit for too long. As long as I am moving around I am ok! I have my post op on 5/27 hoping to be able to post pics showing some improvement.
Soooo.... where are the after pictures?
I cant wait to see ur after pictures..


Photo Update

wow i like the results so far...i am having it done in two weeks so i am all over the internet looking for pic of people who stomach resembles mine and your before pic looks like mine. I am now hoping and praying i can look as well contoured as you sis.
Great results!! Looks good!
Huge difference! How do you feel? Are you satisfied so far? How's the recovery coming along? Thanks for posting pics. Congrats!
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My Doctor was nice and made sure I was comfortable. Also very personable, I didn't feel as if I was with a stranger.

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