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I am 9 months post Sculptra and have experienced a...

I am 9 months post Sculptra and have experienced a delayed immune response to this product. The injector was a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon. From the very beginning I noticed considerably more growth on the left cheek in comparison to the right cheek. Now I am experiencing constant burning and inflammation on the larger side. This is due to overfill on his part. I know this is my own immune system responding to the foreign agent.

Anyone who gets this procedure is taking a big gamble on their appearance and on their health. Please reconsider another procedure. Why take the chance?


I read an article about biofilm problems with these fillers. You'll have to look it up. Some of the symptoms that people are having sound like the problems that arise from this biofilm. Its an infection that never goes away AND....it could happen months AFTER your injections! I am worried because I have gotten fillers for the last three years. I am really afraid to do them again after reading this article. The article I read said that this biofilm is resistant to antibiotics. It also stated the way that doctors can help prevent this from happening, is to start antibiotics before the filler is injected......just like some people have to take antibiotics before dental procedures. Some doctors aren't even familiar with this biofilm. Just please check it out for your own sanity. Good luck to everyone who is having problems with lumps, swelling, etc. weeks after the injections!
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There are some methods to bust Lyme Disease biofilms using various herbs, so that the antibiotics can do their job. I don't know if it would work for the Sculptra, but it's worth a try. Holistic Biofilm Dissolvers Serrapeptase – Serrapeptase is an enzyme produced by serratia bacteria in the intestines of silkworms. The enzyme only dissolves dead or damaged tissue such as Fibrin, the building blocks for Biofilm. Once the enzyme dissolves the fibrin, Borrelia is exposed to antibiotics and the immune system. Lumbrokinase – Lumbrokinase is an enzyme produced by earthworms. It is commonly used for breaking up biofilm by dissolving the fibrin that it consists of. Lumbrokinase is said to be more powerful than Nattokinase. Nattokinase – Nattokinase is an enzyme produced from Natto, a Japanese food made from fermented soybeans. It is commonly used for breaking up Biofilm by dissolving the fibrin it consists of. Conventional Biofilm Dissolvers Tindamax – Tindamax is a prescription drug capable
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My face is now disfigured. I chose the provider because he was dual board certified and specialized in the face.

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