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I had drops in my eyes, and numbing medication...

I had drops in my eyes, and numbing medication applied to the lids. I did experience a tickling sensation. I had absolutely NO bruising. This procedure was not done at a hospital or clinic. It was done by a hairdresser who decided to add permanent make up to her services. She did my friend first and after seeing how nice it looked and getting info from her I was eager to make an appt. I am five days out from having it done. The third day I inserted my contact lenses. No problem whatsoever. She will do a follow up appt in 6 weeks. At that time I can have touch up done at no extra cost.


I think the cutting feeling depends on how they numb you. I'm in Chicago and I waited for one hour for it to really kick in and it was worth the wait. Also it depends on how advanced the tool is that's used.
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I just had my eyeliner and bottom, near lash-line. No protective contacts, my eyes were fine..not even blood shot after all the work. I am so glad I did it. I didn't have any pain, even a little ticklish at times. When the numbing agent starts to fade..more is swabbed on. I looked normal at end of visit, just goopy from gel lubricant on tattoo area. Next day I was swollen, but not bad. I did take off of work just because I'm in cust svc.
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Yes, I agree, not pain, but a 'ticklish' feeling at times.
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