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Made It to the Flat Side - Pennsylvania, PA

Hello ladies. I've been lurking for awhile. Had...

Hello ladies. I've been lurking for awhile. Had my sx today - tummytuck with lipo to flanks/hips.

My upper abs are very, very sore. However, i dont feel anything by the incision site due to the anesthetic the dr injected directly into my abs before he closed. He said that should last 3 days :)

I did feel a little dizzy post op, which resolved when i stood up. Not too much of an appetite, but im eating crackers with my meds. Im trying to get up and walk every 2 hours which hasnt been that bad.

I ended up with 3 drains which i guess im supposed to feel bummed about but they havent bothered me yet so its too hard to tell.

Ill post pics later. Time to nap!


Glad you are doing well.
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Congrats!! You sound like you are doing well.
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Congrats on your surgery! Can't wait to see your pics. Happy healing
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6 days post op

I have to be honest and say that days 1-4 were pretty rough. I wasn't in constant pain, but my back hurt from hunching over, and sleeping upright was very uncomfortable as I am a side sleeper. The most frustrating thing was being dependent on others. I have tons of support, but it's incredible frustrating for me to not be able to do what I need for myself.

On day 5, i had to go with a family member to the ER (for an issue with them, not me). This kind of forced me to be more active. It was extremely exhausting, and i thought i'd be paying for it today, but oddly, i feel much better today than i have since sx.

I still have all 3 drains, but will hopefully get one out on fri and the other two on mon and Tuesday. That will be a relief as the hole where the drains exit from are getting irritated. The scar looks fine so far, as does the belly button. My lower stomach is swollen. i wear my binder 24/7. Not sure if i'm wearing it as tight as i should, but i'll ask on Friday if i need to cinch it tighter.

i promise to post pics soon1

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1 month post-op

feeling pretty good and things seem to be healing up nicely. Knock on wood, but swell hell hasn't been so hellish thus far. I mean I swell, but ive yet to be impressed by the swelling.....hope I don't regret saying that!

I still get tired at the end of the day, but no biggie. I feel like I want to be more active, but don't want to push it. I go for long walks, have carried grocery bags, etc, but nothing strenuous. Two more week till I see my PS again (haven't seen him since week 2), so i'll ask then if I can do more.

no one's noticed my TT yet, but I've had a few ask if I got my breasts done, which I didn't. Anyone else have that issue?

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