Wonderful Experience , but a sad day

I may as well start from the beginning even thouh ...

I may as well start from the beginning even thouh am now 9 weeks post op. First of all I am 63 years old 5'6" 195 LBS. I first went to see my ps in Sept 2012. I had thught about a br for at least five ears but I never seemed to find the tme for me. I have elderly parents who depend on me and my husband is not in optimal health. I am an operating room nurse and on occassion I work with ps. I fially reached my breaking point when I was working and the underwire from my bra poked through and I had to ask a male coworker to cut me out of the wire. I met with ps and he assured me I qualified for my insurance
to pay, he took photos,wrote up my claim and told me I would hear from his office. Two days later I received a call that the insurance
co. approved and I was ready. I scheduled my surgery for Jan 7 th 2013. I then proceeded to get medical clearance and I waited. The waiting was very difficult and seemed to last forever. By the time Jan 7 th rolled around I was a ball of nerves. I cried very easily and questioned my good judgement. To make matters worse, I told noone not even my mother. Finally I haad to tell my boss and my husband. My boss was fine and very supportive, my husband thought I was getting implants!! I had to explain the proedure and afterwards he was fine and hoped I would get relief from my sore back and shoulders. Finally Jan 7 was here I was the second case for ps. I tried to remain calm but I had hives all over my face. When ps came to mark me he asked me if I was nervous I lied and told him no. He said he didn't want me to take this procdure lightly. If he only knew... My procedure took 2 1/2-3 hours. I went from a ddd to a c cup. I wanted to be on the small side and I am so pleased with my results. The recovery kicked my ass. I was not in a great deal of pain but I was uncomfortable and I found the discomfort very annoying. I did find that if I sat in my recliner with my arms at my sides I had no pain. I read 12 books on my kindle and watched every stupid thing on tv for one whole week. By the end of the first wweek I could have auditioned to ne a host on qvc. I don't have any preop photos to post but I will try to post some post op ones. I came home from the hospital with a huge dressing with an ace wrap. I was an outpatient and came home the same day. The nigt after my surgery I had some bleeding from my drains and my dressing became very stiff and hard it almost felt like a cast. Three days later I was allowed to remove the bulkydressing. I waited till my husband came home from work and after we had takeout pizza we took off the dressing for the big reveal. The dressing was alldried out and my husband couldn't unwrap it so he went out to the garage and came back with a huge cutter I use to trim my rose bushes. It did the trick he cutthe dressing down the back and broke it like a clam shell. We pulled it apart being very careful of the two penrose drains near the ends of the incisions under my arms. I was feeling shaky so I made him sit on te toilet while I showered. My ps loves tape and my new boobs were covered in tape my husband thought they were in dixie cups!! I was almost afraid to touch them I guess I thought they were going to fall off!! I had my drains removed 10 dayspost op and that was the first tme I saw ps post op. He said everything looked good and he gently removed all tape. I finally got a look and I was overjoyed with the size and positioning. I had very little swelling which think is from the drains which drained a lot of fluid. I went back one week later to have my stitches removed. I had a lot of scabs and dried blood on my incisions. Ps told me to not pick at scabs amd to not put anything on wounds and to come back in one month. I went back to work in 4 weeks. My first week back was rough and I was tired a lot but then it was fine. I am so happy I had this done. Every day I look at my new breasts and I am overjoyed. I catch myself touching them all the time and I have never siled so much. I have lost 15 pounds inaddition to what I lost in surgery. I am enjoying watching my boobs change ever so slightly every day.and I am enjoying shopping for new bras and shirts. If anyone is on the fence just do it. This is like Christmas every day.

Great review! Thank you for sharing your experience. I kind of wish I had drain tubes put in with my surgery. Maybe my swelling wouldnt be so bad. Nonetheless, it was great to hear your story!

Glad to hear about your wonderful results.  How long ago did you have this done and what was your recovery like?


Well I finally added some photos. I do not have...

Well I finally added some photos. I do not have any pre op photos. I guess I never wanted to look that closely. Tomorrow I will be 12 weeks post op. I can truly say this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I would do it again a million times over. Was it easy? Not all the time. I had lots of times when I just felt uncomfortable and annoyed. I do think and this is just my own personal opinion, if you find the right fitting sports bra you have it made. I found that as the day wore on the bra would feel like a rope around my ribs and I would just feel uncomfortable. I would take several showers a day and change my bra and that helped me the most. I followed my doctors instructions to a t. I have found this site so helpful and I feel as if I know some of you so well. Anyone out there who is on the fence...just do it. I wish I would have done this 20 years ago. I would have saved myself so much neck and upper back pain.
Thank you and I owe it all to my wonderful surgeon who unexpectedly died this past weekend. I am so sad. What a terrible loss.
Oh how sad! I too LOVE my surgeon, she has been wonderful.....,
U look Great!

On Monday it will be 16 weeks since my surgery. I...

On Monday it will be 16 weeks since my surgery. I have said many times over that this is the best thing I have ever done for myself and that I would do it a million times over. I am an operating room nurse and I have worked with my surgeon many times,
. Since my surgery, I have gotten to know him even better. This past Monday he died. He was only 57. The cause of his death has not been revealed as yet but the concensus is natural causes. I am so sad. He was a wonderful person, a friend and a truly gifted surgeon. He will be missed. Now every time I look at my new breasts I will think of him and the wonderful gift he gave to me. I know I will think of him often with the best memories. I have come to this site very often and I feel as if I know so many of you personally. I wish everyone as good of results as I have received. Good luck to everyone who is just starting this journey and those of you whom I have already messaged.
So very sorry to hear that news. Its a bittersweet time for you . But your surgery is sort of a memorial of his outstanding work. Best of luck to you .
Thank you for your kind words. Good luck to you. You are looking great. I am very happy with my results. I was huge before and it is such a wonderful change. I just now noticed how much more flexilble my neck is. I noticed my upper back immediately and my shoulders. This just keeps getting better.
I had very limited movement of my neck for about 8 years . I am amazed and very thankful that I now have full mobility in my neck since my surgery. And thank you . I feel more confident in myself .

Revision surgery on ^

mass above right nipple

mass above my right nipple

another view of scar

revision surgery on 6/6/13

I am now almost 5 months post-op and I have known about the hard mass above my right nipple from the third week post-op. At first my original ps thought it was just swelling or a slow to dissolve piece of scar tissue but as I continued to see him in the office he grew more concerned. I was supposed to have this removed on 4/29/13 but my ps died on 4/22/13. So I found myself still with the mass and no ps. I found another ps about 20 minutes from my home and I immediately liked him. He sounded exactly like Dr. Smith and I felt very comfortable with him. He also said that because of my age (63) and a strong history of breast cancer I should have it removed, my maternal grandmother and my mothers twin sister both died of breast cancer. I had all my pre-op testing done again (different hospital) and I am scheduled for 6/6/13. I feel just as nervous this time as I did the first time back in January. In addition to the mass I am having my drain scars revised and the ends of my anchor incisions also revised. I or my body never dissolved the pds sutures and I have a ropey scar on both breasts. If it were up to me I could have lived with the scars but even Dr.Smith wanted to revise them. I never even mentioned the scars to Dr.Maalouf but he said I need to fix them because later down the road they might cause discomfort. I can feel the ropeyness but I am so grateful to having small boobs I would never complain. So here I am off for more surgery, I will keep you all updated.
Hope you are doing well and your surgery went smoothly. I am glad that you feel comfortable with your new PS. That makes all the difference Please keep us updated
Andie I did well. I will have y husband take some pictures and I will update my review this weekend. I feel like I am starting to heal all over again from the beginning. I am back in my surgibra during the day and sporrts bra at night. Again I a not in pain but just uncomfortable.
Hang in there! Congrats on going through it and getting the procedure and follow up procedure, it must be hard to have a new dr. too, so sad. I hope your surgery goes well. Im having my br on 6/19/ What did they gave you for pain meds? Vicodin does nothing for me, the dr. prescribed me Norco.

Wonderful Repeat performance


sore and bruised

bruised and bloated

Wonderful Repeat performance

On Thursday 6/6/2013 I had a mass removed from behind the nipple of my right breast. This lump has been there from the beginning and my former ps was planning to remove it on 4/29/13 but he passed away. As it was the lump was fat necrosis and my new ps said it shelled out easily. I also had both of my anchor scars revised. My body did not dissolve the pds suture material and my scars were ropey and hard. Dr. Smith said this never happens but go figure I think I developed this because I am a nurse and an O.R. nurse to boot. My new ps Dr. Maalouf is a godsend. I was very apprehensive about finding another ps after all the horror stories you hear but I went with my gut on this one and I hit a winner. One of the other ps I went to see sent me a brochure which said I was to wear black bra and panties when I came to his office. He also said I would probably need lipo suction to the tune of $3000.00. I would love to report this character and I probably will after I heal up. I had my surgery at a smaller community hospital as an outpatient. All of the staff were wonderful to me. I did have a hard time waking up this time. I slept around the clock for 30 hours. I am not in a great deal of pain just uncomfortable and it feels exactly like the first time. I even have constipation and bloating. I am back in the surgibra during the day and in a sports bra at night. This time I have dermabond(wound glue) and no outside sutures. I am bruised exactly as I was the first time. I am so glad to have this procedure behind me and I am so happy to have found a new and wonderful ps. There are good docs out there and sometimes you just have to look around.
How are you doing?? I hope you Are feeling much better now..xoxo
I am doing great. I am almost ready to post my 6 month photos. I found a photo of myself from before my br and i almost puked. What was i thinking i am gong to scan it with my review. My revision surgery went well. Tthe lump in my right breast was fat necrosis. My new ps did a wonderful job and i just love him. My scar revisions look good and both of my boobs look good...not a matched set but who cares? It is so nice not having boob sweat. You look wonderful. You are also right every once in a while i get a pain or a sore spot. Just a reminder i guess. Still would i do it again? Yes yes a million times yes
I'm so glad to hear you are doing so well !! Congratulations ! I'll be glad when my hard spot goes away and hope it absorbs. Every day I think about calling the ps about it but he did see it already at last visit and thought it was better and said he doubts I'll need to Do more than wait it out. How did they do your surgery did you go through the same as the br and get out to sleep Etc and cut again? Seems the cut would have to be on too if I were to need it because the hardness is from the nipple up . Ugh . I still love these things lol and so cool to bend and pick something off the floor with no effort haha.! And be sure to report that weirdo that wanted you to wear sexy clothes pervert !

six months out

I am about 6 1/2 months from my original surgery, and I am about 6 weeks from my revision surgery. I did well after my revision, my new ps was just wonderful. he revised my anchor scars and removed a mass from my right breast which turned out to be fat necrosis. I was sore and very bruised this time around and I also had swelling and constipation exactly as the first time. I am very happy I had my br. every day I send a prayer of thanks to Dr. Smith my original ps for giving me small boobs. I now have no upper back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain. I used to stuff my large boobs every day into a too small bra and go about my daily living. I knew I did not like them but until I reached my breaking point I just lived like that. Now I say wow what a difference. I am only a c cup now and I am overweight but I am pleased with how I look. Are my new boobs perfect? No Do I care? Not in the least. Am I comfortable in my body? Oh yes and I look much better in my clothing. Even when I shave my legs I don't have to move my huge boobs out of the way. If anyone is even the least bit hesitant I say go for it. This is the most wonderful thing I have ever done just for me.My boobs have not really changed much from the 3 month mark. I am trying to diet and get down to a healthy weight and I am curious to see just if my boobs will change in size. if I ever dieted before I lost no weight from my chest, they just drooped more. I will submit another post in 9 months.
So happy you're doing well and enjoying your decision! You look great as well!
Thank you. I will post pics as soon as I can.
So happy to hear that you're doing so well! You look fantastic!

new scars, not so bad

new scars not so bad
Oh my God girl!!! Hives??!! Then your ps died??? Oh my! What a traumatic experience for you. But your boobs look fantastic now. I'm glad you had that growth taken care of too and I'm glad it wasn't anything serious. Bless your heart! I'm glad you're doing so well now!
As you know we all are our own worst critics but I think they look great! I was curious how much were your revisions you had & did insurance pay for them? You list $25 on your surgery cost. I was also curious before your sweet PS passed was he including any of the revision in his cost? I don't anticipate it but just a tad curious. As for the bra/panties requirement for that one dr - I must say for the mismatched getups I've seen on sites, I think I know why he does it. But I experienced a super bad PS, who wondered why I'd ever have seen him if I was already going to the Best he'd trust his wife too. Least he was a smart (jerk). I'm glad you appreciate the simple things we will now enjoy...shaving legs can't wait!
For my initial surgery i only paid $25.00 my initial co pay and my insurance paid for the whole surgery. My first ps was a real slick businessman. When i first went to him, i fully intended to have to pay for it all. My breasts were very large but they were more saggy. I wish i had some pictures to show. Dr. Smith asked m a lot of questions and pretty much told me what to say and i was approved in two days. He knew all the right angles. I have read a lot of reviews on this site and noone had the same post op care or instructions as me. I was in a huge snug thick post op wrap for three days and i had my drains in for 10 days. I had tons of drainage and very little swelling. After my husband and i took off the bulky dressing my new boobs were totally covered in paper tape. My husband thought they were in dixie cups. I never got to see them till 10 days post op. When he took out the drains and peeled back the paper tape i jumped up off the table and ran over to the huge mirror in his office and squealed like a 3 year old. I asked him if they were really mine and if i could keepthem. I gàve him a hug and he was embarassed i know. I know you will find it hard to believe but i still cannt believe these small boobs are mine. I look at them all the time and each day i say a prayer of thanks to dr smith. My revision surgery was also totally paid for by my insurance. Dr. Smith had already gotten pre approval from the insurance company so all i had to do was call them about my new ps and new hospital. They gave me approval in a few days. I got an itemized bill on my revision and it was $4250.00. All i paid was $25.00 for the co pay for the pathologist. I know you are in the early stages of healing and it is hard to behave but it is so worth it. I still cant believe i carried around thoe heavy breasts for so long. I had 3 pounds from the left and 2 3/4 from the right. I feel so much lighter and younger. My husband said if he knew there was an operation to make me this happy he would have signed me up for it a long time ago. Who knew? And i am a nurse and i work in the operating room

A little over a year, and still happy

A year ago on Jan. 7 th I had my br. I am still very happy with my results and am more comfortable in my body. I am a weight watchers failure but none the less I still have small boobs. Over the last several months I have discovered many wonderful things about having a breast reduction.

We as women are smarter about our bodies than our male counterparts. When we say we want small boobs why cant they listen?

Now I have noticed, when things fall from my mouth they land in my lap, not on my boob shelf.

When I walk into a room I no longer have a tidal wave of boob jiggle.

No more cleavage 2" under my chin...so not a good look. as a matter of fact I now have no cleavage

My seat belt fits better

More room in my winter coat

I can now carry a cross body bag and not look like I am shoplifting 2 turkeys

i can buy cheap bras on the sale rack

My arms hang straight down at my sides

Why did I buy so many black tops?

No more 0verpriced minimizer bras which hurt. and by the way just where is all that boobage supposed to go?

No more stares from creepy guys

I cant rest my arms acsoss large boob shelf

I look younger in my clothes

I am now able to wear a scarf around my neck and not look like I am wearing a huge muffler

My necklaces lie flat

And the best.. no more boob sweat

I now face the daunting task of having my first mammogram after my br.. Would I recommend this procedure, a million times yes. Even with revision surgery I am so happy I did this. Just ask my husband.
You look great! Love the one about the cross-body bag and the two turkeys. Now my bag lies flat across my chest like it should and I can wear long necklaces!
I'm Glad that you are still doing well ! Your revision seems to have worked out nicely for you !
Hi, I've just reread your posts after your revision. I'm reassured that it's not just me being a baby... I feel pretty much the same after the first BR too. Just that it's not as extensive. I've. Been feeling guilty wanting to lay around, like I should be getting on with things. Just from looking at me you would not know I had surgery, so I guess that makes me feel like I'm nursing this.
Pennsylvania Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Smith was highly recommended by my former boss. This breast reduction by Dr.Smith was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am so comfortable with my body and my self esteem is has improved immeasurably. I only wish I would have done it sooner. Dr.Smith is a truly gifted surgeon. He listened to me and gave me exactly the size I wanted. I had a truly easy recovery.

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