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I've been considering a Breast Reduction for at...

I've been considering a Breast Reduction for at least 15 years. I've always felt my breasts were too big for my frame. It is something I always wanted. I am a mother of three. A multiple birth and a singleton. With that, I had two c-sections. Planning tummy tuck as well. I'm am having mixed feelings. I had my pre admission tests done today, and will be meeting with the doctor tomorrow. I'm excited one minute and then I'm scared out of my mind the next. It's strange, because this is what I want. I really think having children is the part that scares me. I'm terrified of something happening to me and that I was selfish enough to have this surgery. These are the crazy thoughts I've been having. I'm just hoping I go through with it.

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My doctor had to cancel pre-op today. Rescheduled...

My doctor had to cancel pre-op today. Rescheduled for next Thursday.

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Feeling much better after reading the stories on...

Feeling much better after reading the stories on here. Thanks to all the ladies who are brave enough to post pictures and talk about their journeys.


You know what I had and still have the exact same fears as you do but I will tell ya the more I came on here and started reading everyones journeys the more the fear started getting less. Alot of us have kids and the same concerns and after reading there stories and they have all made it, it really has helped me. Your going to be Ok and your going to look Beautiful!
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Hello! You are not crazy ... I was in the same position during Christmas... One moment I wAnted the surgery , the next day I had second thoughts.... I completely understand the "children" thing... I kept saying... " I'm not sick... Why am I going to go under for something that I really do not need?" It is a very emotional experience aswell, not just physical... Trust me you are not alone... But I'm 3 1/2 weeks post op and am doing much better.... Just remember thus happens everyday and it is very safe with proper medical attention... You can do... You won't believe how it feels to have perky boobs!!! Good luck
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Thanks Mommy Kit! I'm actually feeling better about the whole thing. I can't take my back issues much longer. I'd sooner do it now rather than years down the road when I'm hunched over from my boobs drooping to my knees. My friends just don't understand. I don't even bother trying to explain, and why should I have to That is why I reached out to RealSelf. I knew I'd find some support through others like yourself. So thanks for your kind, encouraging words. I really appreciate it a lot. I will be staying in the hospital overnight, so I feel I will be in good hands. Perky, "lighter" boobs....sounds wonderful! Good luck to you on your recovery...sounds like your doing fantastic :)

Going for my Post Op today! lol, wait till my...

Going for my Post Op today!

lol, wait till my PS gets a load of my new questions that I've been collecting from all my friends here on RealSelf ;)


looking forward to following your journey - I am in PA as well
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Never too late, Thanks for your interest. I hope my information will be helpful to you. Good luck to you as well...Your day will be here before you know it :)
Thanks Reannapartyof7 for your encouragement :) I'm actually feeling much better. I have my moments, but am positive I will be just fine. I'm getting excited!

Had my surgery yesterday morning. I was in...

Had my surgery yesterday morning. I was in surgery for 8 hours. So far....so good. Laying in hospital bed I'm a bit groggy... I promise I will write a better review and add before and after pics once I'm home.

Just wanted to say Hello....hope my MM twin is ok.


hope you're doing well! :)
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I'm doing great, thank you. Had one drain removed today. One is better than two...that's for sure. How are you coming along? You still sleeping in recliner? I ended up getting a neck pillow. What a difference! I'm a lot more comfortable at night. Still taking a nap in the afternoon too.
sorry i missed this reply! it's been awhile. how are you? 8 weeks today! :) i'm almost back to normal. i've updated my profile, but need to add some pics. hope things are going well for you!
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I heard many good things about my doctor. Mostly word of mouth. When meeting him for my first consult I was impressed with his knowledge and his compassion for what I was going through.

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