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Dysport Results Great BUT Adverse Side Effects Landed Me in Hospital - Pennsylvania

I got a dysport injection on September 1st, had a...

I got a dysport injection on September 1st, had a little headache when I got home, no big deal. The injection did take effect faster than botox and the results are great... BUT on September 9th I was laying on my couch watching tv when suddenly out of nowhere my throat started to close up, my toungu became swollen, lost my ability to speak, the whole right side of my body went limp and I felt as if I were goig to collapse and die. I went to the emergency room and was given benadryl through an IV, was put on an ekg monitor and I had missed heartbeats and irregular heartbeats and erratic resperation. Was there for 7 hours, this is just the day after and I still feel somewhat like my throat is closed up and have a general feeling of total body weakness. I was told that dysport adverse reactions could take days to weeks to show up. I am lactose intollerant but was not informed that people with allergies to cows milk should NOT get dysport injections. This was the scarriest thing that has ever happened to me and although this reactions is rare it is very real and people should know! The dysport pamphlet does NOT contain a complete list of side effects, please do your reasearch before getting this injection!

I am in week 10, thought I was getting better,...

I am in week 10, thought I was getting better, tried to resume my normal life and the dysport attacked again. Wondering if this will ever end. Doctors are trying to tell me that my symtoms are anxiety related but I do not have a problem with anxiety, well at least I didn't before the injection but if you feel like you can't breathe 24 hours a day then yea you will have some anxiety, the symptoms are always there but sometimes come over me in severe waves and I keep getting told that these episodes are anxiety attacks, noboday is taking me seriously, it has been a terrifying, lonley, and life altering experience. Please feel free to contact me through private messege if in need of support from somebody who is going through the same thing. I still feel like I am going to experience sudden death, this has truly been a nightmare! MissMissy

Update, almost in week 12, still feel like I may...

Update, almost in week 12, still feel like I may not survive this nightmare, new syptmoms keep appearing. I'm broken out in huge welts on my arms, neck, scalp, and back of my legs. They burn, hurt, and itch. Came out of nowhere. Hoping it is the toxin trying to find it's way out but from what I am told, dysport can cause people to have strange and prolonged allergic reactions to things that they were not previously sensitive to. Still having trouble breathing and somtimes that comes over me worse and I don't think I'm going to survive it but I always do.

I am in week 12 and still no better and now I am...

I am in week 12 and still no better and now I am breaking out in weird rashes, welts, and hives, my skin is burning and itchy 24 hours a day and showering has become painful. I can breathe a bit better, a bit less brain fogged, vertigo is all but gone, still have the head pressure, ear pressure and ringing in my ears so loud I can't hear myself think. The full body weakness is lifting but I am by now means able to work a full time job yet. Feeling really hopelss!

Update: A bit over 5 months post injection, for...

Update: A bit over 5 months post injection, for some reason the symptoms seem to be heighteing again. This is terrifying and I almost wish I would just die, hope of getting better is fading and none of this makes any sense. Trouble breathing is at an all time high, I often jolt awake from my sleep gasping for air. Feel like I am going to pass out all the time, staying calm helps and telling yourself that it's only temporary also helps. I just don't understand why the "getting better" part is not gradual and steady because they symptoms seem to attack randomly. Dysport is an awful drug!!!!

I hate to report this but I am almost 15 months...

I hate to report this but I am almost 15 months post injection and I have been having severe near fainting spells partnered with numbness in the left side of my face, vision is shot, feel like i just got the injection all over again, and no I am not panicing, and no I have not gotten any other injections, nothing to bring this back on full swing. God help us!

please join DYSPORT sufferers support group on fb

I am pushing for years post injection, I am positive that I will never be well and that the devastating effect of the adverse reaction of this injection will eventually kill me. The only thing I can think to do good from my experience is to help support fellow sufferers. Please feel free to join my group on Facebook called DYSPORT Sufferers Support Group.
Dr Fred Lauffer

I was not given thorough information on the horrible side effects that could have resulted from this injection, and when I reported my life threatening symptoms to the injecting doctor, I was not taken seriously and was told to contact another doctor.I am almost 4 years post injection, and I know now that I will never be well again. I was also treated condescendingly and disrespectfully the staff nobody at that office seemed to want to be bothered by me. Absolutely horrible experience! the doctor was not nice to me on the phone, raised his voice to me, and told me there was no way that the injection was responsible for what was happening to me although everything I was experiencing was on the pamphlet plus there were things that were not even included in the pamphlet that I was experiencing, now years later those things are included in the pamphlet! I was not even offered an opportunity to come in and be seen by the injecting doctor! Should not be practicing medicine! I had patronized his office for many years and everybody was nice to me until I had this horrific reaction, I was hospitalized and in and out of the emergency room at least a dozen times because of this and I am almost 4 years post injection and I am still not well, my quality of life is in the toilet.

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Will acupuncture help?
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My cosmetic doctor is looking into the eye issues associated with Dysport and was very concerned. Realizing that most people may just assume they are getting older and the eyesight is getting worse, that they may not even mention any eye issues to him. As I said before, I only made the assoication due to reading a lengthy ad in a magazine. As many probably do, I assumed the eye problems were because I am getting older. He did say the symptoms should wear off in time.
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I am experiencing the eye issues and want to know if it wears off when the Dysport wears off? Like many others, I used to do Botox and the only thing I noticed was sensitivity more to sunlight. The doctors office told me how great Dysport is and suggested I switch. Wish I would have just stuck with Botox.
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You can perhaps shoot an email to "Truth and Awareness" on this chat board as she is about 8 months post-injection and from what I know is still having eye issues.

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Hi All, I too have been suffering from Dysport. I was a regular botox junkie for 3 years. I was actually given dysport on March 3, 2010 by mistake. I went in for my regular botox treatment and just days later, I started suffering from severe head tightness, difficulty swallowing and breathing, pressure in my head behind my nose, weakness over my entire body and I felt like my mind was crazy. I was unable to concentrate at all. My skin would feel strange (unable to describe) which was very, very uncomfortable. I also had problems with the back of my neck, it would hurt and my breathing and swallowing problems would get worse. I went to urgent care, the office I received the poison at ( which he told me if things got worse to call his cell # not to go to er), I made trips back and forth there, my eye doctor due to vision problems associated. Back to urgent care many times. They finally made appointment with neurologist back in august and I got an MRI (which was normal). All the doctors wanted to treat me for anxiety like everyone has mentioned. I have a 5 year old at home and it interfered with taking care of him and my husband missed lots of work to stay home to take care of me and our son. The side effects would come and go in severe episodes. I thought I was going to die and leave my family behind. The only thing that would give me relief was to pray to GOD! I pray for all of you as well to get feeling better soon. I still have head associated crazy feelings, and diffficulty breathing at times. I also used to be an avid exercise and I haven't been able to start back to my regular routine yet. Dysport needs to be pulled from the market immediately!
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I would like to make an adjustment to my previous posting. In my posting it may appear to the reader that I got Dysport at an urgent care. I did not. I got it at a laser clinic.
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Hi Amanda. So sorry that you are suffering as well. Send me an email with your contact information and I will add you to a list of individuals that I have compiled that have been affected. We have formed somewhat of a "support" group of people who have suffered these horrible and debilitating symptoms. I feel your pain. I am 8 months post-injection of Dysport and am still having issues.....mostly with the head pressure and ear problems. The rest of the symptoms for me are intermittent and less severe. There are a couple of women in our chat group who are about a year post injection and are doing much better. So there is hope for all of us.
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I am so sorry that you are going through this nightmare! I as well believed that I was going to die, I have all the symptoms that you have plus having awful and prolonged allergic reactions to things that never bothered me before and have broken out in hives and welts for no reason. BECAREFUL IF YOU ARE PRESCRIBED PREDNISONE, YOU MAY HAVE A BAD REACTION TO IT, I did, and I carry an epi pen with me at all times should I have a reaction to something, one of the side effects of the dysport is that you can experience severe and prolonged allergic reactions to things that you would normally not have a bad reaction to. Ask your dr for an epi pen just in case and keep it with you at all times! I am 4 months (almost 5) post injection and am just starting to feel like I can somewhat breathe normally again. What a horrific ordeal, I have become a different person because of this experience. Just know that you will get better in TIME there is no anti serum for the dysport. Only time will get you better, and yes, it does come and go in waves of severity, just know that when it hits hard that you will get through it although it feels like you are going to experience sudden death at times. You won't though, it just feels like it, and I as well have been told that it's "anxiety attacks" well that is bs and don't let anybody tell you that, it's the dysport travelling through and affecting different parts of your body and the symptoms are real and they are happening to you and don't let anybody tell you different or treat you like a mental patient. Again I am sorry for you, I will be thinking of you through your ordeal, just know that you will get better in time, there will be days in which you feel you cannot get out of bed, when that happens just try to rest as much as you can so your body can metabolize this awful drug! I had all the symptoms that you have plus a few more and did not think I was going to survive the first 2 months of it honestly I prepared to die because I totally thought that's what was going to happen, just know you do not have enough of the toxin in your body to end your life and that you will get better, sad to say though, you will just have to wait it out, xanax helped me through. I had my injection on August 1st, symptoms slammed over me on August 8th and I am JUST NOW starting to feel like a human being again but still weak and tired often. Please feel free to contact me in a private messege at m****@***.com and put "dysport" in the subject line and I will be a support system for you through this because it is unlike any sickness anybody has ever experienced and it helps to be in contact with somebody who knows EXACTLY what you are going through. Will be thinking of you! MissMissy

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Are you okay now? Please email me as I'm trying to figure out how to get through this;( Chronic migraine sufferer as well, but this was not worth it... **************.com

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I had Dysport June 6th, 2014. I am also going through this horror... Dysport should be taking out of the market. I would like to know if you recovered completely. I am holding my breath, hoping that this will go away.
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Missy....be very careful with the prescription for steroids. I was given one as well early on in my symptoms and they atually heightened my sensivity level and made the symptoms worse.
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I'm in day 2 of the steriods and feeling pretty funky! I will give it one more day, I also have an epi pen should something go wrong.
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4 emergency room visits, 2 days of hospitalization, 9 weeks after injection still feeling like death, totally not worth it, feels like it's getting worse as I try to resume my normal daily routines.
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THis should be close to the end as far as it getting worse. It should start to improve RIGHT now according to everything I have read. HANG IN THERE. I am right with you and it takes all I have, but we will survive!
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Hello. I am so sorry that you are experiencing these side effects. I have posted earlier on this site in other areas relating to Dysport; you can serve my other postings. I had Dysport injections back in April 2010...it is now November and I am still suffering from the side effects. I was in the hospital 3 times....had to take FMLA from work....this experience has been the scariest thing in my life. Unfortunately.....the effects "peak" at 5-6 weeks after injection (that was my experience)....and I really did not start to feel better until about 16 weeks after injection. My symptoms continue with tingling, fatigue, weak muscles, chest tightness...to name a view. They are much less severe, and I continue to pray to God that they will eventually disappear completely. I still can't return to my "normal" living (can't exercise, can't work long hours, etc). I pray for anyone that has to live through this nightmare. This horrible drug needs to be taken off the market.
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HI Soloist,

I am so sorry to hear you are still not "NORMAL". Doesn't it make you want to crazy? I am at week nine. the last two weeks have been so scary. My symptoms definitely peeked. I am hoping they start to lessen. I just got back from an MRI. I am pretty sure it will show noting, because this ugly drug hides itself in the brain matter, with no obvious sign for MD's to see. If it wasn't for Xanax, I would have wound up in the ER at least at a few times with full blown panic attacks. I have the most depressing thoughts because this just WON'T go away. I have lost my entire Fall season to this hideous drug.
I hope you are hanging in there,

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Yes, the symptoms do seem to somewhat subside then slam over you again, and don't let them tell you in the er that you are having anxiety / panic attacks, your sympoms are REAL, not panic attacks, I was told that bs in the er as well, I am in week 12 post injection, 5 er visits, countless dr visits, and one hospitalization later and I was just tested a few days to detect the spreading of the 60 units of dysport that I was injected with on September 1st. Keep your spirits up, it's really all you can do to get through this nightmare! Best of luck to you!
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hi I have had so many of the same symptoms I don't know if you still check the site but just wondering what tests they did to test for the spread of toxins I've been living a nightmare for 6 weeks
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I had Dysport on June 6th 2014. I am going through the same horror as you. I would like to know if you recovered completed. Please let me know. I am desperate... so depress...
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I would like to know too! I had dysport 1/31/14 and Iv had nothing but issues...I feel like its killing me and its ruined my life!! Iv been to so many doctors....I feel helpless
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Hi Keeda05, what sort of issues are you having due to dysport? In my case was a droopy eye. Just want to compare.
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MissMissy, where are you? How horrifying!
I hope you are okay, now, and thank you for warning everybody!

I just had dysport 4 days ago, now I am going to have my health insurance card with me at all times just in case...

I really hope that you are feeling better and will post again when you can!
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I am almost in week 12, symptoms are not letting up, can barely work, feel horrible all the time, still having trouble breathing. I am in Pennsylvania. Had the injection on sept 1st and the symptoms started suddenly on september 9th, sent me right to the er!
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I'm in pennsylvania, I am in week 12 and still no better and now I am breaking out in weird rashes, welts, and hives, my skin is burning and itchy 24 hours a day and showering has become painful. I can breathe a bit better, a bit less brain fogged, vertigo is all but gone, still have the head pressure, ear pressure and ringing in my ears so loud I can't hear myself think. The full body weakness is lifting but I am by now means able to work a full time job yet. Feeling really hopelss!
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I am in week 12 of this hell, the reaction to the dypsort slammed over me 8 days post injection, but the reaction can take up to weeks to occur depending if the toxin spreads or not. Now the total is 5 emergency room visits, a two day hospitalization, 30 some blood tests, and was tested for botulism today, will have the results in a few days.
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