38H to 38C~Surgery Date 5/30/12 Life Changing! ~Southwest Pennsylvania~

I am a 35 year old wife and mother of two great...

I am a 35 year old wife and mother of two great kids. I have had large breasts since puberty...I was a large C cup by the time I was 16 years old. After 2 pregnancies..and my weight going up and down through out the years my breasts are now at a 38E. I am 5'7, and am currently 200 lbs. Ive always been a "voluptuous" girl..I feel most comfortable at a size 12-14. Recently I really got on track about losing some weight. Started eating right, even joined the gym for the first time in my life. I fell in love with Zumba! It was only then that my breasts "were in the way".

All these years I always said that I would much rather get a tummy tuck than a breast reduction. Then one day..my mind changed. I started doing some research on it, and found out that my insurance would possibly pay for it!

I think I'm starting to have the normal...

I think I'm starting to have the normal panic/nervous/excited feelings that everyone goes through prior to surgery. Will they be to small, will the scars be bad, will my nipples be even? But then I think about all the cute bras and shirts, and bathing suits I will finally be able to buy. Tube Tops, spaghetti strap dresses!! I could go on and on. Recently while looking at our recent vacation pictures, I couldn't help but realize how much "bigger" my boobs make me look. I'm not a tiny girl by any means...a size 14..but they make the top part of my body look at least 2-3 sizes larger than I am. Does this make sense? But then I also wonder...will my new set of boobs make my bottom half look larger? I know this is normal to have all these things swirling around in my head..right?

My mom, who lives in California will be coming to stay during my recovery. Im thankful for that. Iv'e explained to my kids (ages 13 and 10) what I'm doing..and they are both so scared for me. Bless their hearts! But my husband and I have both reassured them. They know how much happier Mom will be afterwards.

So, now the waiting game. My surgeons office told me to expect my packet in the mail within 2 weeks. Im also starting to compile a list of things I will need during my recovery. I plan to go back to work 11 days post op..hoping it will be enough time.

Doing lots and lots of research..I guess my...

Doing lots and lots of research..I guess my correct "size" I currently am is a 38F. Yikes!

I was worried the I would look fatter after surgery. What actually happened though was people kept asking me if I had lost weight and how I did it! So don't worry too much about that. Especially since once you recover it is going to be so much easier to work out!

Welcome to RealSelf, WestCoast! Thanks for posting your review. You are going to feel so much better after your surgery. Activity now isn't the struggle that it was with my huge H breasts. I'm impressed that you are getting fit before surgery! It wasn't until after I had the procedure that I really felt motivated to get something done. But now I'm on the treadmill almost daily and have recently started pilates. I never understood those people who got enjoyment from exercise...but I'm starting to see the appeal! Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing!
Thank you so much! I agree with you about the exercising....it was only until I found something I REALLY enjoyed (Zumba) that I was actually excited to go! But it really does make such a huge difference in my life..not only physically, but mentally. Im already bummed that I wont be able to Zumba during my recovery..but the outcome will be well worth it. :)

I went to my usual Zumba class last night. I...

I went to my usual Zumba class last night. I recently joined a new class at my gym...that has the wall size mirror at the front of the class. OH BOY...I never realized what the girls look like when Im jumping around. :/ I was embarrassed...even though everyone else in the class was focusing on the instructor and not my ginormous boobs. Everyday that goes by, I find something else that Ill be thankful for after my surgery. Like the girls not causing a disturbance in my Zumba class..and not having to wear 5 layers on top to go to the gym.

Those are the things you need to focus on when the anxieties set in!

About a week after surgery I had to go to my boys' school for their football preview night. The parents lined up with the kids as they were introduced. The next week the paper came out and there was a picture in it of my son but I couldn't remember who that was that would have been standing by him. I was trying to think of who had been in front of us in the line...then it occurred to me...that was ME who's shirt wasn't straining across her enormous boobs! And who looked completely normal! That was an amazing revelation!
Im sure your right..at this point its just so hard to try to imagine what the new boobs will make my body look like. :) Im staying positive.

I received my packet in the mail today. Ill be...

I received my packet in the mail today. Ill be going in to get my lab work done next Saturday. Its overwhelming at times with all the information and pictures online. Ive been having to limit myself lately. The hubby and I watched an actual surgery on youtube. I read my first negative review, and started to panic a bit. But I know that there are always going to be negative experiences with everything in life. Kind of wishing my surgery was sooner, I want to get this over with. I guess the thing Im worrying about most right now is how my nipples/arieolas are going to look after. Ive looked at hundreds of before and after..and when the nipples are resized, they MOST of them look "fake"..almost "drawn" on.

On another note. I dont know if its a coincidence..but ever since my journey started, I have noticed DAILY the pain in my neck/shoulders/back. Its sad that I have lived with the pain for so many years. I cant imagine living with these boobs for the rest of my life, like my poor grandmother has.
I had all the same worries you did - will small breasts make the rest of me look big, etc, and one of the nicest surprises since I had my surgery is that I actually look much smaller! I was so worried I'd lose my hourglass shape. Quite the opposite in fact - the operation enhanced my shape because you can finally see my waist! Don't worry about a thing. You are going to LOVE it! Best of luck!!
Thanks Kate!
Ha, I posted pics today too. Was a little nervous, and forgot to crop my face out, so I had to go back and delete the photo and repost ;)

I received my "packet" in the mail last week. A...

I received my "packet" in the mail last week. A lab sheet, and some signature pages I need to sign and return. I went this morning to get my lab work done. It seems like everyone I tell about my surgery, they know someone else who has had it done too.
You are in great company - me! lol! I am back and forth several times a day, sometimes several times an hour (no kidding), to the point where it is actually getting in the way of my work. There is absolutely no question whatsoever in my head that I WANT this and that I NEED this, but the brain is a foxy little organ. If it has too much time, it will everything it can to keep itself busy. Just keep remembering that you keep coming back here. You would NOT be doing that, if, in your heart of hearts, you really didn't want to stay on the "yes" side of the fence. I think that says more than anything. :)
Hi WestCoastgirlinPA! I's another not-so-petite (Canadian) big boobed gal. I'm 5'8" and 160 lbs. and wear a 36G in Prima Donna. Pain and discomfort aside, like you, I'm REALLY tired of having my boobs dictate my wardrobe. I'm a 14 on bottom and a 16 or 16W on top. I am constantly astounded at how matronly I look thanks to these big guns. I have all the same concerns as you; will my smaller boobs make my butt/gut/legs etc. look gigantic? Where I am at the moment (and hope to stay) is that whatever comparative changes I may THINK the smaller boobs make re: my lower half, it can't be any worse than looking dumpy even in top-of-the-line bras. IT CAN'T BE. Additionally, I'm to sure it will take several weeks, if not months, to REALLY "see" the new perspective for what it is. We are all so used to seeing BOOBS and then everything else, that the sheer shock of noticing other body parts without having to make an effort to look for them (lol!) will probably skew our initial impression of our new body. But just having that weight, that pull, that DRAG gone, is going to be worth every second of worry, anxiety and doubt. And yes, I literally have a full-blown FANTASY about spaghetti straps. Oh my God, that will be worth the price of admission in itself! In some incredibly superficial part of my brain, and when I manage to freak myself out totally, that's where I go - spaghetti straps. Nothing calms me down as quickly. And just think about having the OPTION of wearing a bra around the house. I cannot imagine the luxury of just sporting a t-shirt on a hot summer day running around the house. It's those little things that I cling to, as silly and trite as they may be. And honestly, stick close to this place; the women here are incredible. I'd never known how UNalone I am until I found this site. It's truly sane-making when you are flipping out. I have a long wait until my first consult (July) which gives me waaayyyyyyy too much time to drive myself crazy going back and forth, back and forth. All I have to do is come here and spend 10 minutes and I remember all the reasons I want/need to do this and I am assured, once again, that I'm headed in the right direction. And then, I also realize the fact that I head back here when having doubts, means I WANT to to be reassured I'm doing the right thing. So, all those anxieties/doubts etc. are totally to be expected. You'd be nuts if you didn't have them when considering major surgery,. You just can't let them win. Say it with me.....spaghetti straps......
Piggles you are right on SO many levels..your post is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. I keep going back and forth with myself about this surgery! Its driving me crazy. When you said "We are all so used to seeing BOOBS and then everything else" that is 100% true. Its sad to realize that I have defined myself by my boobs. Im wondering how others will define me afterwards. Finding this site was a GodSend...everytime I read updates/reviews I get so pumped up! I dream about spaghetti straps too ;-) But FANTASIZE about tube tops! LOL Cant wait...30 days to go!

After reading SO many reviews..Im starting to...

After reading SO many reviews..Im starting to worry. It just seems like everything is going too easy for me. I dont know what to expect next. Im going to email my contact at my PS's office. I went for my consult, a week later I scheduled the surgery, Ive done my lab work...and thats it. Do I just show up on the 30th..ready to go?

Still going back and forth about "if" I should have this surgery. The mind will play tricks with you if you let it. My hubby is probably OVER me asking.."should I have the surgery?" lol. Oh well. I know its normal..so its all good.
Hi there! I am the same size as you, height and weight too. I am 9 years older than you and I really wish I had done this sooner. I just had my surgery April 23. You can look at my profile for my story. I am so glad I did this. I was super nervous too but I figure its a few weeks of discomfort for a lifetime of results. My neck pain is gone! I am still swollen but have tried on a few things in my closet and I cannot believe how good everything looks. I feel so much better already. It is life changing. The last couple weeks before my surgery I kept myself very busy. Scheduled some big projects at work and really had to focus on that instead of my nerves. I also made one more appt. with my Dr about a week before because I had a lot more questions after reading everyone's story here. My Dr reassured me of everything and answered all my questions so it helped me relax. Good luck and keep us posted!
Hi Marla! Your review was very helpful :) The difference between your before and after pics are AMAZING! Thank you for the support. Sometimes it just doesnt seem like its really going to happen..hoping the next 25 days go by quickly..I just want this over and done with.
If you're inclined to trust a stranger, I'd practically guarantee you that you'll love it. I went through the exact same emotions, to the point that I thought I must be making a mistake, even on the day of my surgery 2 weeks ago. Well, not only was it not a mistake, it was easily one of the best decisions I've ever made. I feel incredible physically (even despite the post-op discomfort, just having that weight off my shoulders and back is nothing short of magnificent) and I look like a teenager to boot. I feel sexier than I have in years with these perky, youthful, bouncy little breasts. My husband fell in love all over again, I'm pretty sure. ;-)

My advice: jump in with both feet and don't look back! If you want concrete statistics, breast reduction has the highest patient satisfaction rate of all cosmetic surgeries - there's a reason for it! Best of luck, you can do it!

Ok...so here I am 21 days before my surgery. Ive...

Ok...so here I am 21 days before my surgery. Ive noticed that quite a few of you ladies went to a pre-op appointment. I havent heard from my PS's office..except for via email. I have already sent back my signed paperwork and had my lab work done. So I emailed the lady Ive been corresponding with...

I sent back the paperwork I received in the mail, as well as got my lab work done last week. Where do I go from here? Is there any pre-op appointment? Or do I just show up on the 30th? Very anxious and nervous at this point because I have not received any direction.

Thank you,

She replied:


SO...I dont really feel like I need a pre-op..just feeling like they have "forgotten" about me. LOL

I get where you are coming from West Coast. I thought it was odd too that I really only saw my PS once and didn't need to see him again until surgery day. I was so stressed and anxious about it and it was all I could think about, I was sure I needed to see him again and I had questions, and I didn't know what all I was suppose to do, and I was a total basketcase!(Phew...obviously I remember that anxiety vividly!) Anyway when I called the office I talked to his nurse and she answered all of my questions and I was offered an appointment but was told it wasn't necessary(I was astounded that he wasn't as pre-occupied with thoughts of me like I was with thoughts of him :-D) So I would say at least talk to the nurse to calm some of your anxieties, but don't hesitate to request an appointment if that is what is going to make you feel better. The questions you have are valid and important and that is what the PS and their staff is there for. Good luck!
Thanks Iowa..I think Ive calmed myself for now. I cant believe my doctor isnt thinking about MY surgery as much as I am either!!! lol
Hi WestCoast! Glad to hear you talked yourself off the ledge with minimal intervention! Just wanted to add that I, too, like you and Iowa, will be of that exact mindset if I ever get a surgery date (still waiting for first consult...UGH). I'll be the one calling the PS's office begging them to ask me more questions and to double and triple check that the doc isn't planning on attending any cocktail parties the night before MY surgery. Anytime you start to get loopy over this stuff, know that you are NOT alone. And (this is worth exactly NOTHING - lol!), if I were you I'd take them up on the offer of the "extra" appointment. Once you have it booked, you won't have to deal with any of that niggling concern and, if you're anything like I, you'll manage to have more than enough last minute questions to fill the time. And I'm TWENTY years older than you...so I must know something; that's how it works, right?! Keep checking in here; it's keeping ME sane....and that's saying something. The next few weeks are going to fly by. Promise.

15 days to go...and I started REALLY questioning...

15 days to go...and I started REALLY questioning my decision yesterday because of the following reasons:

1. I feel like I'm being selfish for having this done. I dont have as much "PAID" time off of work..and even with the STD that I am applying for..its going to be a really tight month for my family.
2. My mom was supposed to come for a couple of weeks to help me..but is unable to now.
3. I keep asking myself if I "really" need this surgery.
4. I have been working really hard at losing some weight..its SLOWLY coming off..but the fact that I wont be able to go to the gym for at least 4 weeks has me worried..will all this hard work just go to waste?

Thank God for my husband. He reassures me about all of the above every time I tell him how I'm feeling. Just wish the 30th will get here already..Im so over the roller coaster of emotions.
Hi Westcoastgirl, I am scheduled for the 25th and freaking out, I have been very driven and determined up till now, just scared and fearful of pain and recovery, even though I have read over all this stuff a hundred times.. I don't have alot of help, seems like some ladies didn't really need that much help and some did, so now I am afraid I will need more help than I have lined up, And I too am worried about not being able to workout for a month! I know I will gain and have that stress too...hang in there!
And ONE more thing...promise......once you have your new boobs, you will be SO motivated to get in shape, you will be an unstoppable force. TRUST. :)
Gahhhhh!!!! Just lost half my post GRRRRRR *&%%$#!!!

The bottom line is this: only YOU can make the right decision for YOU. There's no right or wrong. No one is going to judge you, regardless of what you decide. If they do, then they're idiots. But I can't imagine you'd be coming back here again and again if you didn't WANT convincing and, in a weird way, permission. I know that's EXACTLY why I am sticking around. I have 20 years on you and I can guarantee if you don't do it this time, it will always be on your mind. I was booked 12 years ago and cancelled 2 or 3 months before the surgery. Not a single day has gone by that I haven't wondered what it would be like to have lived the last 12 years with "normal" manageable boobs.
My God, the thought of the time I've spent just THINKING about it is exhausting - lol! You only have 2 weeks to go. It FEELS to me....a complete stranger....as though you've made up your mind to do this and you're just having very normal last minute jitters. Be kinda weird if you weren't. What would be greater if you canceled right now? Your sense of relief or your disappointment that you won't know what it's like to have the breasts of your dreams? Do you think if you cancel, you'll be able to put this aside for god? Or do you think it will pop up again in a year...five years...10 years? If you can walk away for GOOD, that's one thing. If you think otherwise, well, you're almost there. It would be a damned shame if you had to start this process all over again in the future.

I know how tough this is. I really, really do. If you ever want to message me, I'm MORE than willing to listen and play devil's advocate. (It helps me too, remember.) Best of luck as you wrestle with this. Keep us posted.

Awesome news...I contacted my insurance company to...

Awesome news...I contacted my insurance company to ask why my PS office is charging me $250. They contacted my surgeons office, and apparently they misread my benefits!! SO I will be paying NOTHING for my BR! $250 may not seem like a lot to some people..but with the amount of work I will be missing after my surgery this is a GOD SEND. :) I'm going to try to get a small list of things that I will need after. I've seen a lot of lists on this site...just wondering what were the items you couldn't LIVE WITHOUT after your surgery?

That is great news, Westcoast! So happy that worked out for you :-)

Most necessary items: front close pajamas, easy to digest foods, docusate sodium stool softener, some form of entertainment, and lots of rest!

You are going to do great!
Thanks Iowa! Just ordered "50 Shades of Gray" for my recovery. I never have enough time to read otherwise so I figured this was a good excuse. :)

It's the perfect excuse! When else are you going to have nothing that you can do but lie around! Take full advantage of it! I've not read that book...but after last weeks episode of Saturday Night Live I think I understand the premise! 

7 days to go! Still feeling the normal anxieties....

7 days to go! Still feeling the normal anxieties. I emailed my surgeon's nurse this morning asking what I will need to buy for my recovery. She told me about a front opening sports bra she recommends..but that was it. I told her that I had been online..and some women have "laundry lists" of items they purchase. She told me to STOP going online..that most of it is false information! lol She explained to me that I will have all internal stitches, so I can stop worrying about having stitches removed. I WILL have drains that I will need to drain myself until my post op appointment..1 week after surgery date. Some great news..my mother in law will be flying in from Las Vegas..all the way to PA to help for 2 weeks. I have a busy household with a 10 year old and 13 year old..so I will definitely need the help. Can you believe that Im still asking myself if I REALLY want to do this still. I went to Zumba last night..and realized how restricted I am from really getting the work out I want. I keep reminding myself of that when Im doubting this surgery.
Hi Ladies,
I am scheduled to have a breast reduction on June 12. I have wanted/needed this for years! I had to lose weight first (Kaiser is very strict about elective surgery) and I finally did it! I am SO excited but SO scared to have surgery. I am so happy I found this page.
Thanks a bunch WestCoastgirlinPA, my first and only appointment with my surgeon was alot to take in and at first I wasn't feeling worried, but this week has been a tad stressful feeling like I didn't get enough info, however, like most of you's this site has so much information and real thoughts and views, I'm glad I found this. Yuppers...a D it will be.
And thanks for the Good Luck wishes...
Well its been great to read all the messages here. I am from Canada, and the same sizes as the most of you and all the same issues. May 28th Monday is my surgery day..I have a question, my Doc says to go to a DD, however, I really think a D, I look at the bras in a DD, and they still look too big for the gym etc. What sizes did you ladies go down to?

Just received my pre-op phone call. I was eagerly...

Just received my pre-op phone call. I was eagerly awaiting this call..because I have not known until now what time my surgery is. So, I will need to be there at 930am on the 30th. She also said:
1. No eating or drinking after midnight
2. Take Zantac/Pepcid or something similiar the night before.
3. I can shower before I come, but no deoderant, makeup, lotion, etc..
4. wear loose fitting clothing, zip up/button up shirt, slip on shoes

She said that pre-op preparation is 1 1/2 hours, surgery is expected to run between 2-3 hours, and recovery is around 2 hours.

I havent bought ANYTHING yet. Its going to be a very busy weekend.

Tick Tock....
Omg! I had no idea we had our surgery on the same day! I am packing my bags today. Bought a ton of zip UPS and button up shirts. I'm taking everything down in my cupboards that are high and im stocking up on frozen meals and sou
p. I hope u keep up on your posts bc our body types r almost EXACTLY the same. Get some rest u have a big day!

Busy is good, it helps the time go by more quickly! Hope you do find some time to relax though!

1 day to go!! oh my goodness ladies..Im slightly...

1 day to go!! oh my goodness ladies..Im slightly freaking out at this point..but staying calm if that makes any sense. I am SO thankful I had a three day weekend..to get me ready for tomorrow! I spent the entire day yesterday cleaning, doing laundry, organizing etc. I got everything done that I wanted to. Today the hubby went with me grocery shopping..and we got enough food to last us a month! There are still a few items I need..but hubby will get that for me tomorrow. Cant believe this is really happening. Pray for me.

Good luck, WestCoast! Just think...in 24 hours you will be recovering and thinking, "Why was I so freaked out?" You are going to do great! We are going to be so anxious to hear from you, but remember that rest is your top post-op priority!
Well ladies I had my surgery yesterday, NO regrets, the lypo is really the only part that hurts right now. Was an H now a D, my drains were taken out thus afternoon, and polysporin a couple of times a day, antibiotics for 3 days, still on T3's just cuz, and in 2 weeks stitches will be removed! Wow took pics before and after! Oh la la it's gonna be great! Good luck to all of you!
Best wishes tomorrow. I had mine 7 days ago. It's a miracle.

I'm alive! I got home about 30 minutes ago. Still...

I'm alive! I got home about 30 minutes ago. Still pretty groggy and feeling some discomfort..but definitely lighter. I will post my full experience soon. Thank you SO much for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Congratulations! Anxious to hear your story! Follow Piggles instructions for a schedule...she totally has the perfect plan!
YAY!!!!!!! It's DONE!!!!! Great news!!! Hope you have a good night and just sleep, sleep and sleep. (and fluids...and short walks to keep things moving...and more fluids...and more sleep. And repeat - lol!) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
Three hours until lift-off! The wait is OVER. And in a very short while, the surgery will be too; just close your eyes and leap! Thinking of you and VERY excited for you!!!!

Day of Surgery 5/30: Hubby and I got up early, got...

Day of Surgery 5/30: Hubby and I got up early, got the kids to school..and left for the surgery center which is about 45 minutes away. We got there at 915am. I checked in, and was told that he would not be able to go up with me while they prep me. Thats when I started to panic a little..even going as far as asking him if I was making the right decision! lol I cried a little on his shoulder, he reassured me once again. At 930am a nurse came down and called for me. I started crying again..said my goodbyes and gave him a kiss and followed the nurse to the elevator. She could tell I had been crying and was so sweet about the whole thing. When we arrived at the top floor (the attic!) I met another nurse who would be responsible for getting me prepped. She had me remove all of my clothes except for my panties..and put on a gown, slippers and a cap. I came out into this small area with a recliner which she had me sit it. She gave me a couple of blankets to lay over me. She asked me the normal questions..allergies, when I had ate last etc. Made small talk..inserted my IV. Then the doctor came in and drew his lines..this only took about 5 minutes. Last thing I said to him was "Please remember Id like to be a fuller D than a smaller D.." at which he replied "Of course" :) So then I went back to my recliner, with my warm blankets. About 15 minutes after that the Anesthesiologist came in. Asked the same questions I had answered already. She was very nice, made me feel at ease. Then another nurse came in..they discussed my chart, then said it was time to go into the operating room. I could feel my tears start to fall again. I walked into the room...they had me lie down on the table, and instructed me to lay my arms out to be strapped in. The Anesthesiologist could see my tears streaming down, she went and got a tissue and wiped them for me. She was so sweet, and consoled me. Asked me to think of something that I love to do..I chose laying on a beautiful beach...she told me to dream about that in lala land. And that is the last thing I remember. I woke up in recovery...very groggy..going in and out of it. When I had checked in they told me that my husband would not be allowed into the recovery area..that they would call him when it was time to bring the car around. Well..when the doctor had called my husband to tell him how I did and that I was finished..my hubby asked if he could please see me. So they made an exception. So shortly after I woke up I saw his wonderful face..which made me feel so good. I was in recovery for about and hour and a half. The nurse helped me change into my clothes, I used the bathroom..and then was escorted to my car. The ride home wasnt that bad..I was still so groggy from the drugs that I napped half of the time. Pain wasnt to bad..just a lot of discomfort and tightness. ALOT. As all PS's are different mine puts drains in..BINDS me in tape..then puts a surgical bra OVER that. Im not to remove any of it..until I go in on the 6th at which time they will remove it all. Soooo..I wont know what the girls look like until then. No shower etc. First night of sleeping wasnt too bad. Hubby and I picked which couch we wanted..he was so sweet to want to be near me if I should need anything. I basicly would go to sleep for an hour, wake up for an hour, sleep for an hour etc. Im eating and drinking ALOT of water. Now it is DAY TWO: drains have been draining normally I would say. Hubby is draining them every few hours. I guess my biggest complaint at this point is how horribly TIGHT I am binded. I am sure that the swelling is not helping either. MY skin on top of my breast..like my cleavage area is so tight and hard. So..needless to say Ive been taking my pain meds EVERY four hours for some relief. One of the nurses called me today to check on me..I explained my complaint about the tightness and she said that the Dr. binds tightly..so her way of saying its normal. I made some ice packs to lay on my cleavage area and that helped a little. HOPING and PRAYING this tightness lets up soon.

Thank you to everyone for all your support..this site is a GOD SEND. I will post pictures when I am able to get the drains out on the 6th.

OH! First thing hubby said when he saw me..is it looked like I had lost 20 lbs! :)
Congrats we are surgery date twins! I definitely agree with you about the "lighter" feeling. Are you so excited? Have you noticed when you turn sideways you look normal!!?? its awesome! Can wait to see your pics, Ill post mine on June 7th
Congrats to you as well...I actually just read your update! My side profile is def way different..but I'm bonded so tight..I think I probably look smaller than I actually am. I get my peek on the 6th and will post pics as well...it seems SO far away! Torture! Lol. Anxious to see yours as we are so close in size :)
Congrats on making it to the other side! Hoping all is well and that you feel and look wonderful!

7 days Post Op: My first post op appointment was...

7 days Post Op: My first post op appointment was today. I have been squeezed for seven days in the "torture" bra..with drains..no shower..so lets just say I was more than excited for this appointment today. I had no idea up until today what my boobs looked like! My surgeons nurse was who I saw today. She took off the surgical bra..which was such an amazing relief..then slowly removed all the gauze and tape I had which were holding my boobs in place. Once that was all off I looked down, and I couldnt believe the cute little boobies I was looking at! They are wonderful!! She then cut the stitch on each side that was holding in the drains..and with one deep breath she removed each of those. Its amazing how much of the drain is actually inside of you..I would say a good foot! I She also removed and reapplied the steri-strips that are around my nipples. She gave me extra just in case it comes off in the shower. I have to admit that I stupidly went to this appointment without eating..so I came very close to passing out after she removed the drains. After I laid down for a few minutes..I sat back up. She got the sports bra I had purchased and helped me put it on. What an wonderful, life changing moment it was to wear a normal sized sports and bra and look so good in it! She gave me a list of restrictions that I will have for 5 more weeks. My next appointment with my surgeon is next week. She checked my file and said that he took 690 grams from my right side, and 645 from my left. Definitely feeling better today out of all the days. I will admit that the first 3-4 days were horrible. Like Ive said before..I think the amount of binding I had hurt more than the actual wounds I had! Hubby took me to get a few new tank tops after my appointmet..HOW FUN it is to shop now! Cant wait to go back for more..especially cute bras and bathing suits!!

Your neighbor will be a Godsend! She will know exactly what is emergent and what is just normal healing. So lucky!
Actually I agree. I burnt my foot once and she checked it each day to make sure it looked okay. I haven't told a lot of people I'm doing this, but I made sure I told her so she could tell me if anything is wrong.
You look great! I'm close to your size 38JJ and my PS said he would remove about 700cc from each breast taking me down to a full D. My surgery is June 28th so I'm going to follow your recovery as you will be almost done with recovery when I go in for my surgery. I've had all the same thoughts as you, but have 20 years on you so I've tried aqua zumba and loved it..but trying to get swimwear with coverage and support at this size is a joke. I'm really glad all is going well so far. I 'm not sure if I'll come home with drain tubes or not. My PS said it depends how much draining there is when I'm released. If I understood correctly, he said I would be kept there for 23 hours. I haven't read that about anyone else. My pre-op is June 18th so I guess I'll get the actual details then. Take it easy.

10 Days Post Op~ I ventured out yesterday with my...

10 Days Post Op~ I ventured out yesterday with my family, my mother in law is here visiting and we wanted to show her an Amish Community. Its something that we still love to see, being from the west coast and all. Ive been feeling better and better each day, but after 3 hours of walking around..my boobies were not very happy. I could feel them swelling, and they became very hard. As soon as I got home I laid down, took some Tylenol and went to sleep. This morning the boobs were back to "normal". One thing I am a little worried about is on my right side..there is a slight "lump"...kind of feels like a little water balloon. Its barely noticeable..I can feel it more than I can see it if that makes sense. Im not too worried about it..as I know that the swelling can be uneven at times. My next doctor appointment is on Tuesday..so I will ask my PS then. My first shower was 2 days ago...at 8 days post op. My hubby took a shower with me, because I was scared..didnt know what to expect. It went alot better than I expected. He washed my hair and body...I kept my back to the water..and just let the water run down the boobs. It felt SO good to have an actual shower! I also went out and bought a couple more sports bras. The only ones Ive been using are the Fruit of the Loom front closures. And they have been working perfect! I took my PS recommendation, got one size up than I was getting..so a 40 and they fit so good. VERY comfy. I know there are some ladies on here that bought the more expensive bras..but these are working great for me. Im glad that I didnt go buy alot of the things that I thought I would need. Everyone is different I guess. I didnt need any gauze, polysporin etc..the drains took care of that problem I think. I did buy some Mirolax...that with two heaping bowls of Raisen Bran did the trick by day 5...I never had any discomfort though. I must say...that I am in love with my boobs. I couldnt help but to send my post op pic to a few friends..its kind of like women who have new breast implants..they want to show EVERYONE! I have been in the ladies room on NUMEROUS times...when perfect strangers lift their shirt to show the new boobs to anyone who will look! lol I also weighed myself today...I am 193!! Which makes me down 22 lbs! Im so excited! A big highlight for me was when I bought size Large SPAGHETTI strap tank tops the other day..and they fit PERFECTLY! Its the small things I guess..but for me its such an amazing feeling!

Congrats on the weight loss! That is so awesome. Every bit of movemint is so much easier with a lighter load :-)
Thanks Babs! Im feeling great..and am SO happy with my boobs. My mother in law said my boobs are "playboy" status! HAHA! Like Ive said to other ladies..this is going to change your life! As far as the drains..Im SO glad I had them. Yes..they are a burden..but well worth it to me in the end. Good Luck on your surgery!
Thank you! I can say the same for you..you look great!! Yes..the drains were a bit traumatizing..but on the other side of it..I was glad not to deal with changing dressings..you know? I know what you mean about getting rest..I think its the most important thing in the recovery process. :) Happy Healing!

Post Op 12 days~ Okay ladies...the swelling/water...

Post Op 12 days~ Okay ladies...the swelling/water balloon feeling I was having in my right breast has got a little worse, and has even started a LITTLE in the left one. It literally feels like a water balloon is inside there. Its tight and uncomfortable. So I called my surgeons nurse...she basically said that even though I had drains in 7 days..that fluid has built up in there. Ugh! I go in tomorrow for my appointment. I asked her how they would remove it. I was so worried that he would put the drains back in. She said that they take a syringe and suck it out..through an incision! She said that my tissue is still very numb and that I wont feel anything. I asked if I would have to keep coming back to get drained..and she said sometimes yes sometimes no..just depends on what my body wants to do. So....im a little frustrated..but it could always be worse right? Wondering if any of you ladies had this problem?
You look incredible.
HI! I totally got the cheap front closure sports bras. They work great for me and I am very happy that I didn't go more expensive. And I too have enjoyed being able to buy regular sized tank tops with no worries about too much cleavage or popping out. Glad you're doing well!
Oh, good Lord, how typical! Why can't the organizational Gods spread these things out a little more reasonably?!

And yes, "prop-like" is a perfect description. So flipping unnecessary to have to clap eyes on the sucker (

13 days Post Op~ Its been a long day. My 10 year...

13 days Post Op~ Its been a long day. My 10 year old daughter had her tonsils out this morning. We just barely got home after leaving at 530am. She is doing awesome...cozy on the couch, sipping water and feeling content. :)

Okay..so my surgeons office got me in yesterday..I ended up calling them IN TEARS..and they squeezed me in. Since my PS was in surgery all day..I had to wait about 45 mins to see him. I was so anxious about the aspiration/draining..but I DIDNT NEED IT!! Thank God! He said that its mainly just swelling..and if there is any fluid in there it will absorb naturally with time. He told me take it easy..literally dont do anything for the next few days..use some ice packs..and he refilled my pain meds. SOOO..even though today was emotionally draining..it was an "okay" day for pain. OH! Another thing..I was using just regular Tylonal for pain..he told me to start using Motrin..and what a difference it made! He also removed the tape from underneath my right side..and boy was that uncomfortable. He left the left side alone..and said it will come of in the shower. I will post new pics soon :) The girls are still looking very good!

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and concerns..I appreciate it very much! :)
WestCoast: you just bit off a whole lot more than you can chew!

I nominate AND second you to be our V.P., Food, Service & Hospitality, IBT TOUR 2013.
I'm so there. Gimme a job, I'll be on freezer duty even!

Ladies...good sale at LaneBryant.com. Buy 2 bras,...

Ladies...good sale at LaneBryant.com. Buy 2 bras, get 2 bras free! Its probably too early to buy bras..but they have sports bras as well. :) Happy Shopping!
Me too! My PS never said anything about ice for the swelling, so I haven't used anything. I want to ice them, but I don't want to call my PS again to ask another question. I think I've already filled my question quota for the day : /
I specifically asked about using ice or heat & I was told not to use either, but I will confess in the beginning I did use my cold pack a bit,but was really careful not to make the skin too cold.
West- day 16 here & i noticed a significant reduction in the swelling in my right breast today. I started taking Motrin yesterday & slept a lot, maybe that helped. not sure. But hopefully yours will go down as well soon.

3 weeks Post Op-I went yesterday for my 3 week...

3 weeks Post Op-I went yesterday for my 3 week check up, and to get my work release for today. I STILL had the tape on my incisions and the steri strips around my nipples...so I decided instead of being traumatized like I was when he took the tape off from underneath my right breast I would do it myself. While in the shower, I really lathered up both breasts, and held them under the water to get the tape as wet as I could. I got out and patted dry..and just started peeling it off...centimeter by centimeter. lol. I took me about 20 minutes..but I did it..and what a relief to have it all off. I must say it wasnt too bad. I have one problem area underneath my left breast..where the tape literally ripped off layers of skin...which has caused a little clear/yellowish oozing. So Ive been applying neosporin to that area and putting a small piece of gauze so it wont stick to my bra.

My appointment went well..he felt both breasts..said that the "hard" spots I have will be gone soon..and that the ridges/hardness at my incisions is caused by swelling..so they will flatten out soon as well. He said that Im doing the right thing with my problem from the tape as well. He gave me a work release, and said I didnt have to see him for another month!

My first day back to work is today, it was time for me to go back! I was going a little stir crazy. :) My bras that I ordered from Lane Bryant should be here today..Im pretty excited..and PRAY that they fit. Shopping for clothes have been amazing..I can fit into Med and Large now..even in the Juniors section!!! Holy Cow..its more than that I ever could have hoped for. Life Changing. xoxo

Will post new pics tonight!

Your breasts look great, West Coast! Congrats. How did you feel when you got home from work? Each day you will gain a bit more stamina!
How was work today?? I hope that everything went well. Your boobs look fantastic (and tape-free). I can't wait to be on the other side (the tape-free side), lol.
Thanks for asking GG :) Work is going pretty smoothly..but Im definitely wanting a nap right now. I only have 2 hours to go..yippee! Ill post a pic tonight of the tapeless wonders...youll get there dont worry!

Day 22~Work went pretty well yesterday. I made...

Day 22~Work went pretty well yesterday. I made sure to eat healthy snacks..and drink lots of water to keep my energy up. I made it through till about 4 oclock then I started feeling drained. But for the most part it went very smoothly. When I got home yesterday and changed my clothes..I noticed that I had some oozing in a couple of areas that I hadnt before. But my tape has been removed for only 2 days. So, I washed my incisions with a cotton swab/antibacterial soap, and applied aquafor afterwards. I noticed that since Ive removed the tape, it feels like my skin around the incisions is really dry..so much that its uncomfortable. The aquafor is amazing stuff. My son has severe eczema and its the only thing that helps it.

On another note, Im kinda bummed about my bras that came yesterday. I should have known better than ordering bras so early..and online on top of that. The cup size was too big! :( I ordered 40D. But there is no way Im a C cup. I even had my hubby measure me last night..and Im measuring a D cup! So IDK..Im going to go to my local LB and exchange them..or atleast get my money back until its the right time to be buying bras. I think I jumped the gun on this one..because I was just too excited! Boo

Posted a pic last night of the tapeless wonders. Im suprised that Im still as bruised as I am. I have to keep reminding myself that Im still healing..and that they are still going to change..because Im started to nit pick every "flaw" that I see. But I still love them...LOVE them!
You know Iowa is SO right (again). I don't anything ages us as much as big, old droopy boobs. I can live with my well-earned facial "creases" (ahem) and my silver "highlights", but man, oh man, naked, I look 20 years older. In clothes, I just look LARGE...which also adds about 20 years. So thanks for doing the math on that Iowa! Maybe 75 can look okay from the neck to the waist - lol!

You are looking great, West Coast! And I think we all need to be reminded of where we started.  We have come a long way, and even if we don't end up with the perfection that we so dreamed of, we are so very close to it...and those saggy, matronly breasts are a thing of the past. Can you imagine what they would have looked like 10 or 20 years from now? I kind of envision a Yo-Yo, with the string just below my shoulders, and the round part resting somewhere mid-thigh...we have certainly dodged a bullet! So the way I look at it, is that if I now have the breasts of a 17 year-old, then I will have the breasts of a 37 year old when I'm retiring...that's not too bad!
Very good points Iowa :) Thank you!

3 weeks 3 Days Post Op~ I found a post op "care"...

3 weeks 3 Days Post Op~ I found a post op "care" sheet that I was given at my 1 week post op appointment. Its everything I CANT do for 6 Weeks.
1. No bending (squat only)
2. No pushing or pulling (vacuuming, shopping cars, heavy doors, anything requiring force behind it)
3. No reaching high
4. Showers only (no baths, swimming pools, hot tubs etc) no vigorous scrubbing of incisions
5. No lifting more than 10 lbs
6. Nothing that elevates the heart rate
7. Can drive as long as not taking narcotics
8. Smoking
9. At 3-4 weeks post op you may start to use lotion of choice (cocoa butter/vitamin E) along healed incision lines that are not draining/oozing. Massage lotion into incision line and into a circular motion twice a day.

So..I have been using the aquafor for a few days..I might switch or ALSO use some Vitamin E oil soon. There is one tiny spot on my left side..at the very top of my "T" at the bottom of my areola that has a scab which is hanging by a thread..but when I try to pull it off..its attached pretty secure to something behind it. Its hard to explain..maybe an internal stitch? There is no redness or drainage anywhere..so its not infected. I decided to leave it alone..and put some neosporin on it. Everything else looks really good.

1 month post op~ Okay..so Ive been dealing with a...

1 month post op~ Okay..so Ive been dealing with a problem spot on my left side along my vertical incision for a few days now. I think an internal stitch is trying to make itself out..which has caused a small opening and scab. Then the skin around this "problem" is red and irritated. I sent a pic to my nurse and she said its probably what I think it is and to just keep in clean and put neosporin on it. UGH. Ive been doing this for going on 5 days now..and the area looks the same. Im super bummed..super depressed about this. My other breast look FABULOUS! I feel like this is such a set back. Just wondering if anyone is dealing with this and how long is this going to last? Is my incision going to have a scar where this is happening??? Help me..Im frustrated. Ill post pics soon.

If they won't give you an appointment just tell them you have been running a fever, that should get you an appointment right away.
Just read your update & I'm telling ya, dump that neosporin for a day or two & just wash with a really good anti-bacterial soap & water, I saw my PS today as well & when I showed him my spot like yours he was thrilled at how well it was looking & said I'm doing the best thing. I mentioned putting polysporin on it for a day & he didn't say much but sort of had disapproving look on his face. He's not a fan of the stuff.

Unfortunately as great as my previously oogy spot like yours is looking I now have an infection on the other side from turning in bed & pulling the incision. so I'm now on antibiotics. Boooooo!

feel better soon!
I think Im going to take your advice about the neosporin. Im giving it until Monday to clear up..then Ill make my way to the doctor. Thanks for the advice! :)

"Funny Spot" update~1 month 1 day Post Op~After a...

"Funny Spot" update~1 month 1 day Post Op~After a little "googling" last night I learned that what I have going on is "Suture Spitting". Basicly its my body trying to get it out because its a "foreign object". The stitch worked itself through my incision making a hole...I CAN see a stitch coming out. I thought it was breast tissue..but its actually a stitch. I called my PS this morning, and they are fitting me in to see the nurse at 10:15am. I read that the only way the area will start to heal is if the stitch gets snipped. Im praying that this isnt going to cause any negative scarring. :/ I will update after my appointment.

4 Weeks Post Op~ (I just realized I had my days...

4 Weeks Post Op~ (I just realized I had my days wrong..Im 4 weeks post op as of today :) )

So, I woke up this morning, with very little change to said "funny spot". Feeling REALLY frustrated I called my PS, they squeezed me in for 10:15. So..to make a long story short, I missed 4 hours of work, and drove 30 miles each way to have my wonderful PS say "everything looks good, its normal, its just a stitch that made it way out, it will take 2 weeks to heal up..apply neosporin once a day". So, he applied some neosporin, put on a bandaid and I was on my way. He said I can resume low impact workouts, like treadmill, eliptical, swimming..just nothing where Im jumping around. And I will see him in a month.

So, I guess I will just have to wait this out and be patient. Im thankful its not infected. I thought he would have to snip the stitch out, but he said that the stitch already gone. What happens is the stitch is tied in a knot under the skin and the body will sometimes react as if its a foreign object..forcing it out.

Excited to buy a new suit this weekend and go swimming with the family!!

Hope you enjoy your weekend with your new freedom!
Looking good girly! I'm glad your "problem" spot isn't infected. Your breasts look great! Have fun swimming with the family :)
So glad you're going in to the PS office. and good googling on your part. Bravo!!

Let us know how it goes.

4 Weeks 5 days Post Op: The funny spot is clearing...

4 Weeks 5 days Post Op: The funny spot is clearing up nicely. I laid off the antibacterial soap, and have been applying a very small amount of neosporin once a day. I also bought some Palmers Skin Therapy Oil, and have been applying to all incision areas (with the exception of my funny spot) twice a day..I love how it makes my skin feel! I noticed as Im rubbing the oil on that I can feel various stitches poking through..but none have resulted in the spot I have. So, Im being really careful..and watching them closely.

I went to the pool with my family on Saturday, and girls I swear I heard angels singing from above as I tied on a swimsuit bikini top that I have held on to for years...it fit PERFECTLY. I was able to wear a two piece without feeling the slightest uncomfortable. It was definitely one of the highlights during my recovery thus far.

Although I got the go ahead for the gym..my hubby has decided to join me..and we decided on the 11th for going back and starting together. Im SO excited to get back...and am looking forward to going back to Zumba..although I think it will be a few more weeks for that.

Also..I returned the Lane Bryant bras I purchased. They didnt fit..and instead of exchanging them..and having them size me..I decided its just too early..so Im waiting another month or so before I go bra shopping. I have to admit that I am LOVING the sports bras..I was never able to wear them before...they are beyond comfy.

Next dr appt is 7/24
WC, what a great post. Those moments are great, aren't they? I love catching a glimpse of myself from the side in the shop windows as I'm walking down the street. Who is that svelte-looking woman striding down the avenue? Me!!!
Congratulations on the bikini fitting!! How great is that! I bet you looked amazing :)

Glad to hear your spot is healing up nicely. My funny spot is actually a stitch sticking out now too. a scab fell off & low & behold what was under it? a stitch! I tried to pull it out but it bled a little so I'm leaving that sucker alone.lol. hopefully now that its out it will heal around it. I think the fact that its really muggy & hot around here lately hasn't helped my spot, its always warm and sort of damp feeling which is a great place for infection to breed so i'm praying that doesn't happen.

I'm getting some of the Palmers Therapy oil as well. you can't buy it around here any where and my fairy godmother ordered some for both of us & I can't wait to try it. I tried the Bio Oil 1 night & woke up with very red incisions so I'm laying off of that.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, Happy 4th!

5 Weeks 2 Days Post Op: Just a quick update....

5 Weeks 2 Days Post Op: Just a quick update. Things are going very well. Still have some very small issues with "spitting stitches"..but none are out of hand. My worst spot..is SLOOOOWLY healing up. For some reason I was very swollen and had a lot of discomfort along my incision line underneath my left side yesterday. I have been wearing my sports bras at all times...even to sleep in. BUT..I decided to pull out one of my "pre surgery" sports bra to wear to bed..and oh my goodness it was SO comfy..and still gave me enough support. I also left the gauze pads off of my little oozy spots to let them "air"..and I saw such a HUGE improvement this morning. So with that said I will be sleeping in my older comfy sports bras from now on..until I feel comfortable enough to sleep without one all together.

My routine: at the end of each day I am wiping both breasts down with an antibacterial wipe, applying neosporin (VERY small amounts) to any oozing spots. Applying Palmers Skin Therapy Oil once a day as well.

Im also posting a updated pic. Sorry its a little blurry..will post better ones very soon.

Westie: Whatever issues still remain, let me tell you, those boobs are WORTH it. They are beautiful, proportionate and perfectly shaped. I'm sorry, but my envy overrides my sympathy for you at the moment, so no words of comfort here. Go elsewhere for that. Come here for jaw-dropping ENVY. xo
love you Piggles ;-) thank you!!
Definitely agree with Piggy! (as one should of course), you're looking great! Are you sleeping on your side yet? That could be the tenderness on your side, I cannot sleep on my side at all, even if its comfortable when I go to sleep, when I wake up my incision is all inflamed & sore. not fun.

Even blurry, you look great :)

5 weeks 5 days Post Op: Ugh. So the incision area...

5 weeks 5 days Post Op:
Ugh. So the incision area that was bothering me a couple days ago, broke open in a small spot and has been draining that clear/yellowish fluid ever since. Im in quite a bit of pain, Ive been taking Motrin..which is barely doing anything. Ive been doing the same routine, cleaning the area, applying neosporin, changing the gauze every few hours. Im SO over this. Just when my other spots were really starting to clear up..this happens. So, Im driving the 45 minute drive yet again tomorrow. I called this morning and talked to the nurse, and explained my issues. She said that it is probably another spitting suture, which they will need to take out. UGH!! Hoping thats what it is. I hate driving all the way there for nothing..which I have done two times now.

This is a crummy update..but I just needed to vent. lol
Hope everyone is doing better than me today. :(
I'm sorry WC :( sending hugs and hoping that it closes pretty quickly.
Oh Westie! As we say up here in Canada, "what a giant pain in the ass!!" - lol. I'm hoping it is just another spitting stitch and if it IS, just keep it mind that once they get that sucker out, it'll probably close up in 24-48 hrs. Fingers are crossed for you. Let us know what the doc says when you're through cussing out the drive there and back.
p.s. just caught your newest photos!!! I'd drive 10 times that distance to take care of those beauts!! WOW!!!!!!


5 weeks 6 days Post Op: I saw my PS today, so he...

5 weeks 6 days Post Op:
I saw my PS today, so he could look at my problem area underneath my left breast. I also had him look at two other spots on the same breast..around the areola. He ended up removing a complete knot from one spot, and two single sutures from two other areas. I was relieved he actually DID something..instead of saying.."its normal" and sending me on my way. No infection..which I was relieved about. It hurt like hell when he removed the stitch from my underneath area..but glad to have it gone so that I can start healing already! He said I look awesome, that despite the spitting sutures, Im healing perfectly. So...Ill take that. :) I see him in 2 weeks.

Addding some pics..tried to get some different angles. ;0)

Yay!! Good news! Aren't you glad you went! I knew he wouldn't poo poo all over you. :)

I've had a few of those complete knots come out, in fact yesterday I was washing before bed & felt something on my skin & there was another one, I have no idea where it came from lol. Trust me, things will heal up great now that they are out.

You're pictures are looking great my friend. :)
thanks Sammy! I AM feeling better. My underneath area is still a little sore..but DEF better! He literally "dug" to get that one out. Ouch!! I stopped using the Palmers for a few days..because of these spots..but am going to start using again. I really LOVE that stuff. My daughter says I smell like cake when I have it on :)
WC: Sorry about today's pain, but thank God those nasties are outta there! Now close up already - lol! This must feel like a fairly good step in the right direction, but I don't want to jinx anything.

6 weeks 5 days: I finally turned the corner. All...

6 weeks 5 days:
I finally turned the corner. All of my spitting stitches are pretty much closed up. I havent used neosporin/gauze for almost 4 days now!! I did zumba for the first time on Saturday, and it was AMAZING! I have also been feeling "normal"...no discomfort, my energy is back etc. 6 weeks was the golden week for me ladies. FINALLY!!! WIll post pics soon. :)

Congrats, WestCoast! So glad you are to a point where you KNOW without a doubt that you did the right thing! Its all gravy from here! 
"And I can honestly say, yesterday I didnt think about the girls ALL day ;-)"

.......Now THAT speaks VOLUMES!!!!! :))))))))))
6 weeks seems to be the magic number because I've been feeling pretty good as well. Still some slight discomfort when trying to sleep on my side,but overall feeling great. Yay 6 weeks!!!

8 weeks Post Op ***Plus NEW before/after...

8 weeks Post Op ***Plus NEW before/after pics***
My 8 week post op appointment went very well. I had 3 more "spitting stitches" removed....that was the rest of them. Praying I dont get anymore. I also asked him about a small "knot" in my right side...at the top...he said that its scar tissue or fluid..that will go away with time. I dont have to see him for 4 months...and he said that the girls will change quite a bit in this amount of time. I have no restrictions, and I am able to wear whatever type of bra I want. I am still favoring my sports bras right now, maybe Ill change my mind in the future..but for now they are extremely comfy. I went shopping today, and "tried on" a 38D...and the cup was too big. :/ I was kind of discouraged by this...so I decided to try on bras another day. I guess I had a D cup branded in my mind. Should I be let down by this? I know they are going to drop more...right? I think I need to stop focusing on the actual cup, and realize that I AM happy with the outcome...so that should be enough. Im having fun buying shirts still....I bought my first strapless top the other day..and I swear I heard those angels singing when I tried it on. :)

I was able to get all my before and after pics from my PS..so Im going to remove all of my dark/dingy/blurry pics and replace them with the real deal. WOW!! what a difference..huh?

Thank you so much for your review. We have the same PS. My BIG DAY is next Monday August 19th. Your detailed review has really helped me.
Hey there WC, well I'm out of the loop, been busy with work & life in general (don't you hate it when life gets in the way of socializing? lol) and I just caught your update & new pictures!!! AMAHHHHHHZING!!! You look so great girl and are healing so well, it's pretty easy to assume you're happy with the outcome? Your recent pictures remind me of my own breasts lately, looking nice & (dare I say it) normal. I'm a perfect size C. I still can't wrap my head around that one but its true. Even other people have said they can't believe it because my breasts still look fairly large but I think its just that they are wide but not full like they were before. My only regret is not doing this 20 years ago. lol

So glad you're doing well. take care!! xx
Sammy!!! Ive been wondering about you! Thanks for the awesome comment! Ill tell you what..the last 2 weeks have been SOOOOO awesome! Im still struggling with the fact im a C and not a D..but it doesnt really matter in the end. I finally have proportionate breasts..and for that I am thankful! I HEAR you as far as the girls being "wider"..maybe wider than I would have liked..but now Im nit-picking. lol ;-)
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5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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