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I've always had very large breasts since about...

I've always had very large breasts since about age thirteen. Often others would recommend a breast reduction but I couldn't imagine taking such drastic action and felt I should learn to accept my body.

Time went on and I married the man I love, had three children (ages 14, 10 & 5) and fluctuated up and down between 140 - 190 pounds with each pregnancy. The end result was deflated, large pendulous (I've always hated this adjective!) breasts.

After losing all my baby weight over the last four years and staying between 130 - 135 pounds, I finally realized it might be a good time to give this gift to myself. I've always had neck and back pain, exercising is tremendously difficult and my posture is horrible.

I used my insurance to book a local surgeon and went to the appointment. It was a confusing and terrible experience. The doctor said he'd give me a lollipop incision but was rushed and didn't take the time to answer the questions I had. From my reading I didn't think I was a good candidate for that. I felt defeated and gave up.

A few weeks later I was searching breast reductions on the internet (always hopeful!) and came across Real Self. I posted my question about whether or not a lollipop reduction would work for me and received over ten answers by surgeons. They all agreed with me. I looked each doctor that was within a two hour radius up and then called my insurance and checked if any were in network.

Dr. G of PA was and I dared to call the office. I made my appointment and waited three weeks. I went yesterday and all I can say is WOW! Everyone at this office was amazing, from the nurse to the receptionist to Dr. G. He took so much time with me, answered questions and I felt as if I could trust him.

I asked about a tummy tuck during the visit as well. Now I am pondering whether or not I can fit that in as recovery is so much longer and I'm not sure I can manage it.

So I am waiting again to see if insurance will approve the breast reduction. I am excited, hopeful and anxious. I plan on updating as my story continues. It is amazing to me the difference your doctor and their staff makes.

I'm not really sure at this point what will happen but I feel confident I'm ready to begin this journey to a more comfortable, healthy self.

Thank you to Real Self and all the doctors who take the time to answer questions. You are life changers!

Glad you are now here with us on RealSelf. 

This process can be hard to get off the ground.  Tons of paperwork and questions:(

But once you find that perfect doctor is makes all the difference in the world.   Keep your chin up and I will keep the good thoughts coming your way that this will all work out. 

What are your thoughts on a final size?  That is generally the question we all have burning in our heads prior to surgery.

Keep us up to date and let us know ho everything goes.


Thank you so much for posting your story here on RealSelf. I'm so happy you found us and that we could give you support and guidance. I hope your insurance comes through for you. Please keep us posted on what you decide as far as the tummy tuck. Do allow at least two to three weeks for recovery (and expect tiredness and swelling even after that time).

Wishing you the best on this journey! You deserve it.

Abington Plastic Surgeon

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