30 Year Old Implants To Come Out, Afraid Of The Results - Pennsylvania

1st implants were put in 1982, 2nd set 1983. Have...

1st implants were put in 1982, 2nd set 1983. Have gone through cc and hardness both times. Left breast is now higher on the chest than right because of the capsules. Honestly, I went to the ps and was just going to have them changed out with the new cohesive gel, and then I found this site and everything I was feeling inside but was afraid to say, you guys were saying and I knew then what I was going to do. Mind you this is a big decision for me to make because I has asymmetrical breast. My implant are a 190 and a 250. I also am tired on feeling like I have 2 rocks on my chest all the time. I went back to my ps last week & told him what I wanted to do & he was surprised. He said if you didn't like your small breast before you won't like them now. I then told him that I didn't have the implants puts in because my breast were small, I had it done for symmetry. He has a very good bed side manner and really listened to what i had to say. I thought I would change my mind and just have new implants put in, but I didn't. I am really looking forward to having them out, even if they are different sizes. My husband told be he was with me because he loved my and not for my breasts. I'm sure the nerves will set in as the day gets closer, only 5 days to go. I will take before and after photos and upload them later.

Getting a little nervious today. Trying to be keep...

Getting a little nervious today. Trying to be keep busy. Have to get the house cleaned so I don't have to worry about it. Hubby isn't much of a cleaner.

Feeling a little anxious today. Had a hard time...

Feeling a little anxious today. Had a hard time getting to sleep last night. Kept thinking about the upcoming surgery. 3 days to go. I keep thinking the worst abouth the outcome. Cleaned the house last night so everything will be clean, so thats one less thing to worry about. Not sure I really want to see them once the implants are out. Maybe I'll wait a few days.

2 more days to go and I am getting pretty nervious...

2 more days to go and I am getting pretty nervious. The ps office is to call me tomorrow and let me know what time I have to be there on friday. My husband finishes up work tomorrow and then he is taking a week off work to say home with me and the dogs. My dogs are Beagles but they are tuggers, so to take them out to go potty might not be such a good idea for me for a little bit. He'll take the next week off work and when he goes back he's taking the 6yr old beagle with him and I'm going to keep the 7 month old. The dog will probably come home 10 pound heavier after a week in the tractor trailor with him. I need to call the ps office tomorrow and ask about the cc, if they take them out or not. I read where you body will reabsorb them over time. Not sure how true that is.

One more day to go untill my explant. My ps office...

One more day to go untill my explant. My ps office called today and told me I had to be there by 12:30 tomorrow. I 'm surprised I actually feel pretty calm today, not nervious like the last few days. I have a few butterflies but thats it. Finishing up at work today, so when I leave at 5pm tonight I will have the signs on the door of my store and my answering machine changed letting everyone know that I will be closed for 2 weeks. I haven't taken this much time off in the last 10years. It will be some much needed rest and time for me to get used to the new me. I have my meds from the ps to take tonight so I can sleep. I'm sure I would be up all night thinking about it other wise.

Well surgery was yesterday at 12:00. I took about...

Well surgery was yesterday at 12:00. I took about 2 hours. The ps said everything went as well as could be expected. He remove the implants and the capsule. He said he was amazed that after 30 years the implants were intact. There was alot of silicone bleeding, so he got into a little more than expected. They said the capsules were so hard, mine was a Baker IV, that in somer places they were as brittle as potato chips. I told them i wanted to see them, can't remember them showing them to me, but the nurse said they always take pictures, so I'll get to see those. I don't know what my breasts look like yet. Right now I hurt so bad and as flat as a pancake. The doctor wraped me in what looks like a huge ace bandage and then over that is a rubberized wrap. It's very tight. I've had a headache since the surgery, probably from the anestic. Everyone was so nice nice when i got there. The nurse that put my IV in asked me what I was having done (I know they have to ask that redundant question) and I told her. She said why are you doing that. I told her I could live with the pain anymore. See was surprised I wasn't haveing new implants in. No more for me. All I've been doing since I got home yesterday is sleep. I have to go back to the ps on wednesday to have the drains taken out, and then they will remove the wrap. Not sure if I'll be ready to look at them yet. I'm glad its all over with, I only wish I would have done it sooner. my husband has been the perfect nurse. I think he may have found a new profession, that would be good , going from a tractor trailer drive to a nurse. He has been taking very good care of me. Making sure i always have something to drink, got me breakfast & lunch, my meds and empties the drain. I think I'll keep him. Can't wait to get rid of these surgical stocking tonight, The nurse said I had to wear them for 24 hours.

It's been 2 day since my explant, i'm still pretty...

It's been 2 day since my explant, i'm still pretty sore. Ran a fever of 101 last night. I've had a headache since the surgery, it's seems to be finally letting up some. Hubby has been so good, he brings me my meds at the right time, empties the drains, keeps by glass filled with something to drink. He even made me scrambles eggs & toast this morning. I didn't think he knew how to cook.( I guess I'll Keep Him) Can't wait for this bandage to be gone and the drains out. I go back to the ps on wednesday morning. I have to take a sports bra with me, no that their will be anything to put in one. I'm very nervious about the unveiling, not really sure that i want to look at them quite yet.

It's now day 3 without the implants and i am still...

It's now day 3 without the implants and i am still so sore. I guess i've been using my arms a little more than I should. I have been getting a burning feeling in my breast and have noticed that the drain on the right side went from being light colored to now almost all blood. Soooo no more lifting arms above a 45 dregree angle for me. 45 degree. . they may as well tell you to keep your arms at you side the whole time. You dont reliaze how much you use your arm untill you can't. Just opening my french door refridgerator is a chore. I want these drains out in the worst way. Had a headache since the surgery and relized that it was from pain meds that they gave me . Didn't have a headache at all yesterday and took a pain pill before bed and woke up with a headache this morning. so no more pain meds for me. I'm sure that once these rubberized bandages are off of me and the drains are out I will fill 110% better. Still a little afraid to see the results once the bandages are off, I know they are wraped really tight so they will look really bad once he unwraps them. I'm not sure if i want my husband in the room when the ps takes them off. I probably should let him come in, he will think of things to ask that I won't even thik of. Hubby is using this week as a little vacation from work and is spending the time (when he's not waiting on me) building a garden shed/chicken coop. We built a new house and moved in a little over a year ago so there is still alot of things we want to do.

Had my appointment with the ps this morning to...

Had my appointment with the ps this morning to have the drains out and the binding removed. All i can about the drains are OUCH. The left side was worse than the right. They took the binding and I instantly felt 100% better, was nice to be able to stand up straight again. And no I didn't look at them in the ps office. My ps said he was so glad he got those old silicone implants out of me. He said they were intact but had alot of bleed coming through the shell. He said it took him longer that expected because of the CC. He told me my body was really fighting hard against the implants all these years, there was alot of calcium build up in the cc. He said they really did need to come out. I go back on the 20th to have the stitches removed.

When I got home I had to look and see what they looked liked. Honestly they aren't to bad. Bigger than when I had the implants put in. I still have asysemtrical breast and the top of my right breast is dented in . I think it might be because the binding he put on was so tight. Of course they are flat from being bound, took a pic and will take more as time goes on.

I am just so happy to have them out of me. It is so different not having those balls on the top of my chest. The flat look is what will take getting used to. It feels like I can even breath easier. I have to say this was a decision that was very hard for me to make. I was on the frence about getting reimplanted right up to 5 days before surgery when I had to give a decision to the ps. I feel like I made the right decision.

My husband went with me to the ps and a younger girl came in with her husband (i think) . She strutted her stuff, heels, short shorts, low neck top. My ps defiently did nice work on her. My husband said he thought wait till she goes through what I went through with mine. Maybe she'll be lucky and her body will like them.

Stitches came out yesterday. They took 2 week...

Stitches came out yesterday. They took 2 week after pics and the nurse ask me how I was feeling, she said I look so much better than with the implants in. My rightbreast seems to have sunken in at the top, directly across from my underarm. But all that aside i still feel great. I go back in 3 month for a check with the ps.

I have decided that i am going to have fat transfere to the breast to correct the symetry. My ps said to let my breasts heal for 6 months and then we are going to be doing the Brava System. I have done alot of reserch on it, it seem it has very good results. My husband watched a dvd that the ps gave me to bring home and he said it makes sense to use your own body fat. He told me if wanted to do it ok, but it didn't matter to him one way or the other. I haven't posted any pics yet, I do have before & after pics and you can see the size difference. Once I load my camera disk to my laptop I'll upload some pics. I want to keep a photo journal from implant to explant to fat transfer. It won't be do bad wearing the Brava System in the winter since I'll be wearing sweat shirts and sweaters.

My breasts seem to be very sensitive the last few days, especially the right side, even the nipple is very sore. I haven't been able to stretch my arm uptoward the ceiling yet, it feels like the muscle is very tight. I ask the nurse about it when I had my stitches out yesterday and she said - she wasn't really sure about it, that honestly they don't do many explants. She said most women that come in exchange them. Well that wasn't for me. My husband tells me that they hurt because they need to breath haha, he says they don't like being bound up in a bra. I went bra shopping after the doctors yesterday and found a really soft bra that when i put in on this morning i was so excited that you couldn't see the size difference under my shirt. And it's not even a padded bra. I guess I'll be going back to Boscov's monday to get a few more.

I feel very good about my explant journey. I think for the first time in my life I feel comfortable in my own skin. I'm sure that sounds kind of strange.

Well it's been 6 weeks since my old silicone...

Well it's been 6 weeks since my old silicone implants have come out. Each day thing get a little better. I found it's still not a good idea to lift anything heavy yet, so i've had to back off a little. I tend to get a little over zelious about thing when I feel good.

I can definetly say that the pros out weigh the cons and far as the explant goes.
Pros . . . .
1) Can lay on my stomach again
2) Can hug without feeling hard balls
3) I breath so much easier . . my chest doesn't hurt when I inhale deep
Cons. . .
1) Still have asymetrical breasts

I wanted to have my implants out a long time ago but was afraid. I always planned on haveing new implants put in. That was my plan when I sought out a new ps. Then I came across the Real Self board and things changed.I read so many reviews and realized that what everone was saying was exactally how I felt inside. So the decision was made to explant and go back to the way God intended.I was hoping for a little better outcome than I got, but you can't correct asymetrical breasts with implants and then take them out and expect them to be symetrical. All things considered I am still so glad they came out. I have plans after 6 months of healing to have my own fat transfered to my breast to correct the asymetry. My ps suggested it so that is the plan. After the 1st of the year I will start the Brava system. At least this way it will be natural and all a part of me.

Going through this journey has made me realize what is important in life. I have a GREAT guy that has stood behind me through it all. When I had the implants put in all those years ago he never told me that he didn't agree with me doing it. I found that out after I came out from surgery and we were getting ready to go home , he told that to the nurse, he said he was glad I had them out and that he didn't agree with me having them in. If I had known that before I had the implants maybe I wouldn't have done it. Insurance paid for it back then, so I thought . . why not.

I wish there were forms like this back then. That was the dark ages. There are such a nice group of ladies that are all going through the same thing. I't nice when you say someting about how you feel and some one actually understands because they feel that way to.
I will continue to post my journey with the fat transfer and let everone know how it goes. I pray that God will bless each of you wonderful ladies on the real self forum.

I'm really thinking about posting pics. Maybe soon

It has been 4 months since my implants were...

It has been 4 months since my implants were removed. It feels like I never had them in, it's hard to remember me with implants. Still so glad I did it even with asymetrical breasts. I have 2 more months of healing to wait untill I can start the Brava system expansion and then do the fat transfer to the breasts. I've joined the gym again to try and tighten everything back up before the lipo. The last thing I want is to really be flabby looking.

At my 3 month checkup my ps said he could do regular mico fat grafting to the breast, but it is done in smaller segments, and it would take at least 3 to 4 time to get the end result. Using the Brava system, your breasts expand so they will accept more fat in just one session. My ps said he would remove 1,900 cc of fat (thats equilivant to a 2 liter bottle of soda) and put 400cc back into each breast paying close attention to the breast that is smaller. 400cc seems like alot when you think of it in a implants, but it really isn't since it's distruibuted throughout your entire breat. I am really looking forward to the fat transfer. It will be nice to have a bra fit right. It will be easy to wear the Brava bra since it will be done in the winter. My husband says noone will even notice that i'm wearing the brava since it will be sweater and sweatshit weather.. You wear the brava system at night for awhile and then you have to wear it 24/7 up to the surgery date. Ithought I would be awake for the procedure but ps said i would be asleep.

Well it's been 6 month since my implants were...

Well it's been 6 month since my implants were removed. I have scheduled my appointment for January 16th with ps to go over everything about the Brava system and the fat transfer to the breasts. The nurse said they would measure for the domes and get them ordered. She said it could take up to 3-4 weeks to get them in. They have a few sets at the office so if they are the right size for me I will probably come home with them on wednesday. My husband and I have come up with a long list of questions for him about the procedure. I have been trying to decide if I wanted to use the Brava or just do the micro fat grafting. I have decided to do the Brava system. I cant wait to get started. Will post more once I have my appointment with my ps.

I had my appointment with my ps about the Brava...

I had my appointment with my ps about the Brava and the fat transfer. I have been wearing the Brava domes for 10 days now and my surgery is scheduled for March 8th. I am up to 15 hours a night wearing the domes. I really didn't have my head wraped around the concept of how large the brava domes would be. There is no way you would want to leave your house with the domes on. Trust me a sweater or sweat shirt would make you look 10 times bigger. I have started a review on the "Fat Transfer" and will be posting pics once my review is approved. Am looking forward to this phase of my journey.

Just getting around to putting up pics of before...

Just getting around to putting up pics of before and after explant. I am also posting pics on my fat transfer journey.

I had to change my surgery date from March 8th...

I had to change my surgery date from March 8th (hubby was stuck in Texas) and am now scheduled for March 15th, just days away. I am getting a little nervious now. I know the outcome form the fat transfer won't be the same as it looked having implants in ( thank God). The whole idea was to to correct assymmetry and maybe add a little fullness and size. I have to admit that when I take the domes off in the morning the size is amazing. I have gone form a A cup to a small D cup on the larger breast. The smaller breast started out a very very small A and is now a large C. The goal is to get the smaller breast up to a D cup so that when everything is all done I have the chance of staying a C cup. I have really gotten used to the brava boobs, so has hubby. I will take pics and post on here so everyone who is interested in fat transfer can see what can be done.

The next phase of my journey starts tomorrow. The...

The next phase of my journey starts tomorrow. The ps office called and I need to be there at 12:30. A little nervious, but not to bad. I will be posting some pics of the breast while doing the brava system and some after the fat transfer. Right now I am wearing the domes 24/7 untill the time of surgery.

Implants out - Fat in

It's been almost 1 1/2 years since I had my implants out and it been 7 months since I had the fat transfer to the breast. I can honestly say they were the best 2 decisions that I've made in a long time. I don't regret either of them. I look at the old pics with implants that I have posted here and I can't even remember looking like that. It's like I was looking at someone else's photos. I am still considering doing another fat transfer to the breasts just to fill out the breast that was smaller a little more. Thinking of waiting until the 1 yr mark, so that will take me to March. I still can't believe that I had implants in for all those years. I would like to think if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't get implants, but who am I kidding I probably would. But now I know all the down falls of implants and would never do it again. I am so happy with the fat transfer results, even if the breasts aren't perfect, they are all me. Did I mention how nice it is to breath without the elephants sitting on my chest.
Altoona Plastic Surgeon

I scheduled an appointment with the ps that originally put the implants in. He didn't even want to listen when I ask him about just removing them. I had to go to his old office to pick up my records and was talking to the office manager and she mentioned Dr Louton and highly recommended him. I called and scheduled an appointment with him, and that begins my journey to being implant free.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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What a DIFFERENCE!!! You go girl! Oouh! Oouh! (Sorry I couldn't help myself--I always hated that cat call or whatever it was from 1993. But it sure fit there.)......We're waiting. We're waiting. WHERE are your pictures??? Am I on the right review? Didn't you JUST get another Fat transfer? (Wouldn't it be funny if I WAS on the wrong review?)......You know you'll be up at 2:37am, wondering why you are awake. So PLEEEEEEASE post some pictures then!
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so glad for your experience, and that you don't have elephants on your chest anymore. It would be great to see current pictures after you first fat transfer, and after the second. why did you and your surgeon choose to explant first and later do the fat transfer? do you think doing it at once is not a good idea?
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Oh, I see. You have two separate reviews ... ahhhhh well, wow! they look really great! :))))) congratulations on your lovely results.
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Thank You. It's been 5 days since the 2nd transfer and I feel really good. Go to see my ps tomorrow. If I wouldn't have lost the weight I may not of needed the 2nd transfer. Weight is good now so these boobs should stay.
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Dr. L thought it was better to take the implants out and let the breasts heal for 6 months before doing anything else. He has me in tight compression after the explant and you can't have compression on fat transferred breasts, it would have killed the fat. After having those things in me for so long the breasts really did need some TLC.
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Excellent! :))))))
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Ohhhh,,, I can't afford to have two procedures, so I am doing it all at once. I hope the fat will take.... I hope the newly placed fat and the healing chest area from where the implants are removed will not compete for oxygen and nutrients. I think it will be okay.
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A lot of ladies have their implants out and fat transferred at the same time with very good results. I guess it was just my ps's preference to do it that way. He has very good rates so it didn't really cost me any more in the long run. I think you will have great results.
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Thank you so much for the words of encouragement, BeagleBaby :)))))
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Do you have any pictures, post fat transfer? Please post them. Thank you.
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Hi! I do have some pictures post fat transfer and will add some to this blog. I have them in a different computer that I keep at my store. As soon as I go back to work I will post some. I closed for a little while, I am having another fat transfer done on July 11th. 5 more days to go. I also have a blog on the breast fat transfer page and there are quite a few pics there. If you want to hop over there you will some.
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Hi BeagleBaby, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your story! Thanks so much for sharing. I do have a ?, is there a reason why you did not do the fat transfer at the same time? Is it thought better to wait and do that at a later date? How much did your increase with the fat transfer?
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Hi Love pink. My doctor thought it was best to wait and let the breast heal from the implants being removed for 6 months before doing the fat transfer. I ask about doing it at the same time and he said that wasn't even a option. I know some doctors do it at the same time with great results. I guess it just depends on the doctor. With my implants I was a B cup and with the fat transfer I went to a D cup. Now I lost some of that due to my own stupidity. I January (10 months after fat transfer) I decided to change the way I way eating and went on the 17 day diet. I lost 18 pounds and I'm sure you can guess where I lost some from. I have a appointment on April 16th to see Dr. L to have a 2nd transfer done.
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Thanks so much for writing back and sharing your information. Sorry to hear about you losing some of the fat from your breasts, BUT i bet you look great! Good luck with your 2nd transfer I will be sending good thoughts your way on the 16th.
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The transfer isn't being done on the 16th, I just go to see the Dr to schedule it.
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Oh, Well I will be sending you good thoughts anyway! LOL
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I've only had my implants since the summer of 2011. But I want to have them out. Can anyone give me an idea of how bad it will look?
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Honestly I think you will probably look fantastic. 2 years really isn't that long to have implants. I had mine out after having them for 30 years, if my skin can spring back anyones can. You should start a review here, even if you haven't really decided to have them out. There is so much support on this site. I probably wouldn't have taken mine out if I hadn't found this site. I don't regret it  at all. I will be glad to answer any questions that I can.
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Glad to hear it worked out for you. I am two weeks explanted. It's ironic thT before implant I did not have asymmetrical breasts but I do now! But I do have breast tissue now where before I had none. I only have about a half inch to one inch diff, a cup size but I plan on just pitting a pad in the smaller one. I do have tons of fat in my stomach. It don't have the heart for more. But yay for yours!
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It is a big ajustment without implants, congrats on the decision to have them out. You had yours a lot longer than me. WOW . You will find as the months go by that they will get better and better. By the time I hit my 1yr mark I was pleased with the outcome and really decided weather I want to do the fat transfer or not. I still have some asymmetry (but not to bad) and will wait until March (1yr mark for fat transfer) to decide if I want to do another round for sure. Keep updating you pics so we can follow your progress. In 6 months you won't even remember what you looked like with implants.
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Good luck....keep us updated!
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Thank you for your well wishes. I wouldn't even be doing another procedure if the breasts were both the same size. It seems crazy at my age. I guess your only as old as you feel. At least is a procedure that will be all me and no foreign objects in my body.
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If this is what you want to do then I say do it. I am debating to do a lift or not. I probably won't decide until the day before. Part of me says at 56 so what if they hang to my knees but then I think it would be more comfortable if they weren't resting on my belly. I agree the most important thing is getting the foreign objects out. Keep me posted as my thoughts will be with you.
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So good to see someone with implants about the same age as me. Most stories are younger ladies that haven't had implants for the length of time as us. Thank you sooo much for sharing...it gives me hope and someone to compare my post explant look to. Hope you continue to heal well and wish the best for your outcome.
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I still can't believe I had them in that long. I went a good 20 years before I started to have trouble with cc. To bad it took me another 10 years to decide to have them out. It's amazing how good I feel without implants. When are you scheduled for your explant?
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