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I am 31. I have always been self conscious about...

I am 31. I have always been self conscious about my backside . I have l lil bit of a but but nothing round or with a shelf. I have hips and breasts and I just want a very curvy backside to match. I have been researching for a year.I have had one consult. He seems to be educated but his price Is high. If I definitely knew 100% I would get a Kim k result I'd have no problem shelling it out .I am so scared I will pic the wrong ps and end up exactly how I started. I don't want some doc making promises and telling me what I want to hear just to get my $. It's Alot of recovery time too. I don't have either to waste. Plus wherever I go it will be out of town. Any advice would be great!!!


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@Nikki6771, where are u getting your bbl?
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I agree luv.... and they know how bad we want it and some (just not me) are willing to pay that much for it. Markmann does a great job but to me he is not giving out 19k worth of @$$
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I'm going for my second consult with dr. Marknann...

I'm going for my second consult with dr. Marknann in November !! Hope I make a final decision soon!!

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you should really look up bal harbour plastic surgery, the dcotor is doctor Michael Salzhauer, he is GREAT!..and also Dr. Pelayo with My Vanidades, has great outcomes as well. I am scheduled to have mine done in november 2011 w/ Dr S. his website is VERY informative, and a lot of women on here either have used him or will sue him in the future. Happy searching!
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I've had 2 consultations with Dr. M one back in 2009 and one just last month. I've always thought his work was awesome but the price was a "sticker shock". After doing a ton of research and even debating to travel south, where it's cheaper. I realized Dr. M is the best choice for me. I will have my BBL done in Mar 2012. Even though I saw good results with other local PS I dont want to waste money and time with another doc where I like my results at first and end up losing most of the fat down the line. I feel that Dr. M technique and very strick rules for post op is what helps his patients keep most of the fat long term. It's worth it to me to spend 18k and be happy long term with my results vs spending 10k and end up disappointed. Im just nervous about being under for 7.5 hours! otherwise, Im totally confident in choosing Dr. M. Hope this helps and good luck!
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what is the doc saying?
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Going for my second consultation witth dr....

going for my second consultation witth dr. markmann on november 18.hopefully i will come to a decision then!


Even though I paid my deposit with Dr. M I'm considering going to Dr. S in Bal Harbor. I just didn't want to be so far away from home with this type if work done. And plus I would most likely be traveling alone. If I can get a travel partner I might just go to FL. Let me know how your consult goes!
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How was your butt at first?
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no way! I'm, planning to go somewhere else for my tummytuck next year. At that time im will get my bbl revision and a little more lipo. i just want part of my money back from this p.s. im not satisfied and it was not worth the money!
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My consultation is next week.I put up a profile...

My consultation is next week.I put up a profile befor pic.Do I look like I will get good results?


Hey girl, some people hate on Dr. Markmann because of his price but don't let that deter you. Just because it is cheaper somewhere else does NOT mean it's better! Just remember this is YOUR body and you should be going to the doctor that makes you feel the most comfortable. I chose Dr. Markmann because not only did I love his work but he was extremely reassuring and realistic with my expectations. So don't just choose the cheaper doctor, if you really want this then save your money and go for the doctor you trust the most.
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My surgery is in less than two serle with Dr. Mendieta in Miami. It too is expensive (10k), but Im Happy with what i saw in his office (his girls have had it done as far back as 7 YEARS) and They all look amazing! I moved his before and after and ultimately i love what he had today to me. He Was very patient, personable, sweet. ... I had two consults and each time I web in with a looping list. He took time to explain and answer everything that was on that list. I'm happy with my choice. I gave my deposit yesterday and off I go. I went to see dr. Salzahuer with bal harbor too. He too has good results but his consultation didn't do it for me. Keeping in mind his consult was free and Mendieta's is NOT; however, his is free because he chooses to so he should be just as attentive as if he was getting paid.

To answer you honey, everyone has a different frame, shape and body all together. To expect Kim's K body is unrealistic because you two have different bodies. However, I'm sure I'd you take in pics of what you like and you have the fat and the doctor has the technique he can come close to it, but ultimately you should do what fits your body. Go in it thinking that even if you don't look like Kim K afterwards you will look better than you did when you went it. Smaller waist and a bigger rear end than you ha so that's already a winner.

Good look and do your research. Price is important but in the big scheme if things, it's jut money. Your body is YOU and why you will have for the rest of YOUR life. Invest a little in YOU, 'cuz you deserve it. Also, "sometimes you get what you pay for" ...
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I will!
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So my surgery is 2 months away!Here is a before...

So my surgery is 2 months away!Here is a before pic hope I get the results I want.


Cannot wait to see your results
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40 days until my surgery!I am soooooo excited and nervous!
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I think that Dr. Markmann will give you great results. Looking at your shape now you have a nice small waist and big hips...which he will accentuate and sculpt to perfection. He can definitely make it happen!

In regards to the price. I do believe that price is very important BUT it should not be the only factor you consider. Your PS should be board certified, have done this procedure for many many years, and should be overall considerate of not only your results but also your safety. Lets be honest, going under is scary!!! But in order to feel at ease YOU MUST TRUST YOUR SURGEON, HIS EXPERTISE, HIS EXPERIENCE, & YOUR LIFE IN HIS HANDS. Dr. M is very expensive but he is also professional and ONE OF THE BEST!!!

Think about your consultations, how well did the doctors respond to your questions, made you feel important, how realistic are they in giving you what you want, is your safety a priority??? All those questions should come before the cost when making your decision.

Also please consider if you do travel out of state or will either have to fly or drive home. Are you comfortable doing this? If there are post op complications, will you be able to fly back to the same doctor!?! Because the only one that can undo what they have done, is the doctor you originally went to, otherwise be prepared to pay another doctor for revisions.

Anywho, if you want more advise please message me...we can talk more :0)...overall...DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY & WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR BODY & OVERALL HEALTH!!! Trust your heart & instincts.
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I am one week post op. Pain is not even the word....

I am one week post op. Pain is not even the word. Can anyone please tell me how swollen your vagina got from the
Bbl and when it goes back to normal?


Hey Hun. I hope all is well and that you are recovering well. I would love to see your results, are you up for showing a few pics? If not thats fine, just wondering, anxious to see Dr. M's results. Thanks in advance ;0) happy healing!!!!
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Hay girl I'm dying to see your results I know you look good because your b4 pics are good plus you went to one of the top of the line docs of BBL's!
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No the before pics. I got 1100 cc per cheek. I will post after pics soon.
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Ok , I am 3 weeks and two days post op. I will...

Ok , I am 3 weeks and two days post op. I will post pics up shortly. I just started sitting. My doc says no boppy pillow, just a regular soft pillow. All
That is on my mind is how are my results going to stay. I pray to god they do!! My vagina is so swollen!! Lord help me !!


Does anyone know if she had surgery??? Looks like she never posted any post op pics, never responded to any questions posted, but says the surgery was worth it??? : /
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How are you feeling ?
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Hey are you going to post pics ?
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