pec implent that dont look well, and i wait if the doctor will fix it

Pec implent, Unfortunately the doctor have no...

pec implent, Unfortunately the doctor have no exprince on this, he put me big implent that Made me a lot of crazy pain for1 year, and hi put them in bad posision, and it was look very bad after i wait 6 month with crazy endless pain he fix it, make it look better but still to big and i have pain 24h


after i told the doctor that i will go out with this
he agree to check me out
i wil update u about this and if he will take responsablty and help me


the doctor told me to wait 2 month with the pain and he will mybe fix it, but only to cut the Edges of the implent, but not to fix that the implent will seat good. he mybe will to it after a year i will give him onther Reviews from doctor
for the moment the Edges of the implent in the armpit stick me and make me a log of pain
i hope i will make it.
Thanks for sharing your story and pics, Link. We're all here to support you. *hugs* How are you feeling this week?
hi thank u for your support the doctor agree to cut me in one side the Edges of the implent that stick me in the armpit over a year its a big pain, but he don't want to fix me the implent pocket and to pot the implent in the pocket and to make sure the implent will not go out from the poket , its somting that opend now the implent to big and go out from the musle so when I like down its full down from the chest to the armpit or when I rise my hands its look like tits, the doctor mybe will fix this next year, its very sad that I need to feel over a year this pain and also not to get good results but at list the pain will stop when he will cut me the Edges in one side next month.

after a year in the right side the implent dont seat wall and its out of the musle all the time

the doctor say its ok it will take time but its after a year and the true is avoid me and try to get away from fix it

my tip if the doctor did only 5 surgery like this all is live never do the surgery with him

ask your doctor how many he did and ask results.

i hope i will have some day money again to go to good doctor that can help me and fix it
my cheast was better befor the surgery
Where was the surgery made. What was the criteria for choosing this surgeon?
for now I will not Reveal where and how the doctor mybe later but the doctor make it very very bad to match big bad pocket its fall down from the pocket if I left my heand the doctor did mybe a few Surgical like this but he told he pro before I did it and after it do to me thing that we didn't talk and agree of 13c scar the implent in the arm pit stick me the implent because its to big and its also get out from the musle I don't think the doctor know how to fix it and he Avoiding all the time and the true im afraid to let him teach me after he open me 4 times for noting and didn't fix it and even didn't cut the implent for my size as I ask him and know I have bead result and big pain because the implent stuick me and he didn cut the Edges so it also make me pain in the armpit and in other places very sad

update about the fix

the doctor say he will cut me the Edges as i ask, and he didn't do it
I think he want me to suffer so I will remove the implent because he don't know how to fix it
and also don't have the will or Patience
I know im not the only one I know someone that also have bad result from this doctor
very sad
he open me for noting
and did cut as we agree he make me suffer so I remove the implant and he will not need to fix it
because he don't know
sadly I have no money so I cant Sue him


before he destroy my life with pain for no reason

You are clearly having some difficulties. You are saying that the surgeon is unable to resolve a problem you suggest he has caused. You therefore need to act to resolve this - you mention that you do not have the money to sue, but legal action is not alone the answer. It is a last resort. It is distressing when things go wrong but you clearly need some assistance to clarify your complaint (and its timeline), put it in very clear English into writing, and demand action. I myself do not understand some of what you are writing, and I hope you do not take that wrongly. You should also consider the fact that if you do not get satisfaction, you make clear that you will name the surgeon and take action through his or her professional body. The danger with anonymous claims, while saying that you know of other complaints, is that anyone can say anything online - and if you are making allegations about your surgery online, and believe others should know, then you surely fail in duty to warn others by hiding the important part. I appreciate your own difficulties, but as it stands, your allegations could simply be used to attack any surgeon who does this procedure, and cause unnecessary fears. I have had this procedure done (many years ago) and am happy with it. I am thinking of having mine replaced by the more modern squarer versions. But with respect your postings are unhelpful to me or indeed to anyone else thinking about such a procedure, they just instill fear and doubts by keeping the important information secret. It would be quite different if you outlined who you went to and how this happened, rather than accusing an unnamed surgeon of wanting to destroy your life with pain. I mean my criticism with kindness and understanding and I hope you do not take this wrongly.
hi bro, I understand what u say and its ok I will revel mybethe doctor name later for now I don't want to do it yet i don't want to fear anyone i just say that tip of mine if someone do this the pec implant my tip to go only to good doctor that know good the job and done many pec implants before and ask to see work and even talk with people that do this with him, so u will not go to bad doctor as me. i think its very simple Plastic surgery and If u go to good doctor with good Experience u can get good results im very happy your result is ok about the fear people need to see all the sides of this i shere my story the getout some of the big pin i have and to give tips to other people that want to do it do it only with good doctor
also tip i can give u if u take more big implant its ok but u must see the doctor will not put u to wide implant and u need to see he cut u the Edges of the big implant that it will not stick u in the armpit because the implant is big and never to to match big the implant must be match do you musle natural size
Name not provided

i wait to see how it will end and i will update u about it

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