Finally Did It! Lipo/Contouring of the Full Abs, Back, Inner Thighs - Pearland, Texas

Everything was absolutely GREAT about my...

Everything was absolutely GREAT about my experience. The staff was caring, friendly, professional, and AWESOME!!!! I had my procedure done this morning and I haven't ONE negative thing to say. Hmmmmmm ... even getting my IV was nice because she numbed the area first.

Day 1 - I felt fantastic! Day 2 - Okay! I feel...

Day 1 - I felt fantastic!
Day 2 - Okay! I feel the pain now. My back was very tender and I had a hard time pulling myself up. Took one painkiller and was able to move slowly.
Day 3 - Went over a friends house to watch a movie. I feel good. Just a little stiff and swollen.
Day 4 - Went out to dinner. Still feeling good. I noticed a little sagging skin in my lower abdominal area. Hopefully, it will go away.
Day 5 - I am writting this message and getting ready to go cook dinner. I went for a walk and went to the grocery store today. I feel great! I am averaging about 3 or 4 pain pills a day to maintain comfort and mobility. I love my new body already. I can't wait to flaunt it.
Ohhhh ... I haven't had a bowel movement yet. Colace isn't working. I will drink a couple cups of coffee that usually helps me.

Day6 - tough getting up and down. Lower ab has a...

Day6 - tough getting up and down. Lower ab has a pouch.
Day7- stopping pain meds and took my last round of antibiotics. Still no bowel movement.
Day8- first day back at work. Discomfort was about a 5. Standing up and sitting down are a chore. No pain meds. Finally a bowel movement. It was hard to push but once it was over I felt great.
Day9- work is not so comfortable with all the up and downs and I sit most of the day.
Day10- follow up appt w doctor. My lower ab pouch had some fluid build up. He drained it in the office. It took about 2 minutes. He says I an healing great. I feel good and look even better. The bruising is starting to show now. My lower abs and pelvic area are black.
Day11- my sore because I have been doing too much. I played tag w the kids and did a lot of walking. I am feeling it. I took a pain pill to go to sleep.
Day12- everything is functioning and I am doing great. Still a little discomfort getting up and sitting down but otherwise I feel good. I would say I am a level 3 of discomfort. I do have a lower pouch again. I will call Dr.L in the morning.
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Dr. L was extremely nice and professional many times he would explain and apologize before I felt anything. He made sure I knew what was going on before, while and during the proces ... well while I was awake. :-) Any and everytime I called or emailed I received responses the same day and sometimes within the hour. The payment process was more embarassing for me than them. They offered and explained all kinds of options however, I was only approved for so much therefore, I had to split my payment on to several cards. At no time did they complain or tease me. Actually, they made me feel even more comfortable my jokingly saying 'one lady used 10 credit cards!' And waiting, I walked right in and got started right away. Maybe because I was first but either way I never set down until in the doctors chair chatting with my OR nurse.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Finally my lower back is swelling and causing some discomfort. Otherwise I'm ready. I purchased a smaller garment and it covers more area and it feels 1000 times better.
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This swelling is killing me, my arms feel like they want to pop
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We are gonna be some hot hotties this summer! Ya'll check out my post, I need some encouragement. I will post new pics in a few days
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okay yeah i know the garmet does get annoying. if you wanted to try something arnica is really good it helps with swelling
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today is my 3 week mark! honestly everyday is better then the last. i can start not wearing my garmet today . and only wear it at night. do you use any kind of cream to help with swelling and stiffness?
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No, I haven't applied any creams. I usually just pop a painkiller before I have to get up and move around. Otherwise, I feel great. I can't wait until I dont have to wear this garment. Its already becoming annoying but feels good at the same time.
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yes i do. they mainly go away when i massage them. but then come back. told it is normal and will go away with time. if they were not there initially they will most certainly go away. im trying my best not to worry/ stress about it
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Anyone else have hard spots??
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yes and 7 mos later i still have a very hard spot. which kind of takes away from my hour glass.
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i had ALOT of drainige out of my incesions. i know i passed some through urinating as well. i guess everybody is diff. . what day are you on now?
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I am on day 3. I had my surgery Wednesday morning. What about you?
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I haven't had much drainage. I had one incision that was leaking and I applied a Kotex pad and changed it twice. Otherwise, I haven't had much drainage from my incisions. However, I have been going to the bathroom a lot and lots of sweating. No fever but my gown was drenched after my nap.
My second day of recovery was a bit uncomfortable seeing how I was unable to sit up on my own. Standing up straight is somewhat a struggle too.
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i realized it was your header after i posted it . lol
how much drainige did you end up having?. I was pretty unomfortable the first 24 hours
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what area's did u get done?
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Full abs, full back, and inner thighs
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Great! You should post a picture of the final results!

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I will do so soon.
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