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Having One Syringe - Pearl River, NY

Do you think this ( one syringe) will be enough??...

do you think this ( one syringe) will be enough?? id like to really plump my lips. I feel like my upper so much smaller so, i want your opinion for a sexy look dr.s :) friends....all comments very welcomed ... adding pics now...a dded this thing wants me to say more but I dont know what to say :0) I can ask....how long will this restalyne plump last? and how much more is the actual permanent procedure; and if you will, what is that called and what is the actual procedure for a permanent plump?
in advance, thank you for answering my questions :0)

going in tomorrow ! boobies n lips yahoo!

ill post pics !

new lips came out subtle but super!

Hey ladies and docs! one syringe of restylane went great for me it provided just enough to look natural and plump my upper lip like i asked :) very satisfied !
New York Plastic Surgeon

I am very lucky lady. god blessed me ! however I am having some complications with my surgery :( I am disappointed in the Dr.'s inability to notice this and then afterward asked me NOT to get a sono of what looks to me as a complication during the surgery NOT the healing process..read on to find out why...something is out of place. Before my surgery I asked that he do not TRY ON ME the 550ccs that I want 440cc's but after surgery he said he in fact did! my right breast was enflamed much more and still hurts a lil bit (due to my pain management meds i don't feel pain as bad as others im sure , Ive had to discontinue use of them in order to locate real issues) but this issue, I only noticed it after the stitches were removed It was only then that I was touching the area to apply "newgel+E scar cream" I was given, however, pictures indicate it has been there since right after the surgery !! (pics taken on webcam always save the date in its properties) I called the Dr. Immediatly ! It was December 31st and he said its probably nothing ... i explained that its massy , the shape of a small grape and circular feeling soft..and pops back up into place...he said not to touch it...when i mentioned sonogram his nurse called me and said he said not to...why? i'm scared now. obviously he doesn't want me to find out what this is now i'm scared ahh. so if anyone has any information as to what this may be please refer to my profile for updates and pictures and thank you ahead of time for your inputs & support !

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Hello!! In my opinion when you are dealing with lip augmentation with hylouronic acid fillers it is better to do the lips little by little. If you want alot of volume you can start with one syringe and wait about 2 weeks and see how they are. The reason I am saying this is because when the lips are initally injected they tend to swell alot and it takes time for the filler to accommodate in the lips. If too much filler is injected at one time, the lips can be very swollen and it can scare the patient. A gradual change is better.
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so im confused...you are saying do half of my syringe then the other half in a week? is this sanitary? bc my dr is big on that! im not sure he'll feel comfy with this. if i do choose to do all , where do u see i may add the injection for a sexier pouty smile ? ty for yor answer! ~JESS
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Hi Jessica!! Most of the time I use the whole syringe in one application but there are times that I feel that the rest of the filler should be injected a week or two later. If the remaining filler is saved the needle is removed and the remaining product is sealed and refridgerated for the next use. The product should be used within 2 weeks otherwise it will be disgarded. Each person has distinct lips and it depends on the shape and thickness of the lips to where the filler is actually applied and how much. It is important to give this trust to your plastic surgeon.
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thank you I asked my dr he said that He wouldnt try that procedure its too risky for bacteria. Thank you though. my lips came out great i posted pics check them out :)
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Here is a little bit of information for you on How Can I Get Permanent Plumped Lips?

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thanks lol. I posted new pics of lips...going to post some of my breast post op as well.
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