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Ive been getting Botox to forehead and various...

Ive been getting Botox to forehead and various fillers to cheeks for years. I love the results for the first 3 weeks but it wears off so quickly. I'm told that I just need more. My eyebrows have taken on a joker like shape also. The cost is now more than a surgical procedure would have been. Frustrating.
Dear MirrorMirror, I agree with you completely. I had Hylauronic based injections (can't remember if it was Restylene or Sculptra-whichever lasts longer). In any event, my "liquid facelift" provided a very slight discernible difference for only a few months. Since the injectable contained lidocaine I had serious bruising for two weeks post injection. This was definitely not worth the $1,600 cost. At a later date I had received Artefill with more lasting results. However, I do have a few small lumps that can be found by touching, but are not detectable by the naked eye. I'd hesitate to recommend Artefill, not on the basis of my experience, but because some of the doctors endorse the use of Artefill under very limited applications such as frown lines only. Many years ago I received silicone oil injections for acne scars. The results were spectacular. The silicone blends to fill slight depressions in the dermis and are virtually undetectable and last forever. The serious drawback, from my point of view, is that silicone is only intended for slight flaws and must be administered in very small amounts since there is no means to rectify an over corrected or over injected area. I understand your frustration about the temporary positive results from most injectables. I have concluded, on the basis of my usage, it is too much time, discomfort and expense to warrant the continued use of temporary injectables. This year I have suspended my use of Botox and really cannot see a difference.
It seems to be a bit of a racket. Each time I go I am told that the newest product, which also happens to be double the cost product, "will last a year". I haven't gotten anywhere close to this amount of time. So I go back and spend more money and am rarely satisfied. There is a surgeon on this site with a video of himself injecting some ridiculous number of syringes into his face. I calculated it would cost close to 10 grand or more. Why not just get a facelift. They should at least give a guarantee on the results for some time period.
I hear you. That's why I will only do Artefil or silicone oil. The problem with either of these products is they are done over time, thus it takes a long time for correction. Personally, I wouldn't do Restylene, Sculptra or Perlane again for the reason(s) you cited: for me, the product is re-absorbed very rapidly.
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