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Restylane Injections Under Eyes Made my Overall Appearance Worse! - Fayetteville, GA

Pros: - Under eye circle was(slightly) lightened...

- Under eye circle was(slightly) lightened under my left eye. If my doctor had proceeded like I had wished him to, both eyes probably would have lightened.
-Hollowed area under left eye looked fuller. Again, if my doctor had proceeded like I had wanted him to, the areas under both eyes would have looked fuller.
- Injections in the nasolabial folds (I got this as well for both sides of the face) looked okay at the beginning although the left side of the face seemed fuller than the right.
- There was pain at the beginning for me, but that went away quickly.
- There was some swelling but that went away as well within the week.

- I did not receive what I specifically asked for.
- I gave my money and my money was taken, but the doctor decided to do what he wanted to do with my face. I don't appreciate that.
- The injections seem to make things worse.

It's been three weeks since I've had the injections done and I must say that I was not pleased with the overall results.

I did my research on Restylane for over a year because before and during this entire time, poor eating, stress, and other factors did quite a number on my face. I wound up with dark circles, clear and apparent tear troughs, literal circles around my eyes where you could see the hollowed out portions of my face, and a line on the left side of my face that looked as if it were a scar. Plenty of complete and total strangers who did not even know me made it known that I did not have an appealing appearance. These people boldly resorted to calling me "old" and "ugly", saying loudly that "it's fixable" and giving me dirty looks despite the fact that I am only 27 years of age.

To date I have spoken with two dermatologists, one aesthetician, one skin & hair specialist, three doctors who specialize in dermal fillers, and one PA who also is qualified to administer fillers with interesting results. I have already made plans to speak with another doctor in two weeks to discuss what more can be done.

The dermatologists, aesthetician, PA, and two of the three doctors said nothing was wrong with my face and recommended expensive make up, hydroquinone, acne prescpriptions, teamine, and other products for other things other than what I was interested in solving. One even suggested that I go and see a therapist for poor body image issues!

The one doctor who saw exactly what I was talking about was ironically was the one person I should have ran far away from. I told him my problem and he asked me if I was also interested in fillers for the rest of my face, namely my nasolabial folds. I should have known something was up, but I went along with the whole procedure because both my nasolabial folds, under eye cirlces, and tear troughs were bothering me.

He started with the first eye, and despite saying that he prefers to inject a little at a time, he put more than "a little" there. And then, instead of continuing to the next eye, he went straight for my nasolabial fold on my left side and filled that up. He then went over to my right eye, put LESS than he did under the right eye and finally ended with the right side of my face and put a little restylane there. There was half a syringe left so he used a total of one and a half syringes.

I was sent home and ultimately led to believe that everything was "okay" but would look better in the morning or even a week later. After a week, my tear troughs were more pronounced and there were dark areas there, which are difficult to cover with make up and glasses (which I hid behind BEFORE the procedure). I went for my followup and told him about it. I wanted the other eye to at least match the left eye. He instead told me that we should work on the right nasolabial fold and finish up with the right eye last. I said okay and he then preceeded to use all of the rest of my restylane that I paid good money for on my nasolabial fold. I was sent home again and told to come in a week later. I complained again and wanted to know what he was going to do about it. He said that everything looked fine the way it was and that make up could cover everything else. He said that I spent a lot of money (no kidding, buddy) and that I could schedule an appointment for a free chemical peel if I wanted it. I knew that I wasn't going to get anywhere else with him, smiled, and then left, knowing that I would never step into his office again.

Now I am stuck with a face that looks worse than what I started with. I'm scared to get the restylane stuff taken out and if I go with this other doctor I plan to see in the future, I worry about what will happen if he says I look fine or if he screws up and makes things even worse than before. I almost wish I had never heard of dermal fillers. It's too much!

Thank you for reading this. I know it was like an essay, but I simply had to put this here and let others know.

*Update: removed pictures from review because I...

*Update: removed pictures from review because I feel as if they have been up for people to view long enough.

As of 2010.12.26 I still have not found a viable solution. My face is still lumpy and uneven, even after multiple attempts to dissolve the filler. The bruising under my eyes is still present. I fear I may be like this for the rest of my life. Let my mistake be a warning to the rest of you considering this procedure.

Skin Care at 5th Ave. Atlanta-Peachtree City

What kind of doctor chooses to do something completely different from what a patient asks of him/her? Terrible customer/patient service.

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I wish I'd never had these injections under my eyes. I am 47 and am going through so much personal stress lately that I decided I needed "some freshening up." I went and had botox (which looks great) and Restalyne (hate it) in the tear troughs. The swelling under my right eye never goes down. It is actually so swollen that I can see the lump while looking straight. I had this done 2 months ago and it still looks the same. I went back to the doctor and he said, "some people are just not good candidates for restalyne injections." I've tried everything to get the swelling down, like ice, OTC puffy eye creams, sleeping elevated, even Preparation H. I look worse than I did before I had the injections. I pray that this stuff will dissolve. The doctor that did the injections said he could inject something else in my face to dissolve the restalyne. Not sure if I want to do that, but I hate my face now. I hate how old I look.
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@CC899 According to one of the doctors that I had a consultation with, you should never receive injections under the eyes at all anyway. I suppose the doctor that you went to was after your money and couldn't be concerned about your overall appearance or your health at all. Yes, the doctor can inject a substance to dissolve the restylane/juvederm under your eyes, but I wouldn't recommend it. It's called Hyaluronidase and it did absolutely nothing for me.
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It sounds almost like when you go the dentist, and they 'stumble' upon wisdom teeth that have never given you any problems and suddenly you need a very expensive extraction in the very near future. Or when you go to a mechanic for a tune up and suddenly you need a new transmission or something else that didn't really seem to be wrong with the car. The guy told you it would cost $850 and then proceeded to inject more into the first eye than was needed, and not nearly enough into the second eye. It just sounds as though he wanted to squeeze an extra $500 out of you. Like every other 'business' in this day and age. I mean, you would think that surgeons and doctors were above this kind of thing. But it seems to me that the more someone makes per hour the more evil they can really be. I could be wrong; I sincerely hope that I am wrong. But...
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I had the injection also done under my eyes by a nurse practitioner and she told me one shot would be enough for both eyes but I did not see any difference even though i had bruises the next few days so I called the spa and complained and they scheduled me another appointment and I had to go in and pay more and the physician came in and told me I needed two more shots one for each eye, I told him that the first nurse did not tell me I needed so many shots other wise i would not have done it, now financially I paid so much money is this a trick to have people come in so you can work your way up to sell them more and more injections I was really mad, i am wondering if there is a way that anyone or organization is controlling these doctors or nurses who are not doing a proper job of doing these injections.
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I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. I can definitely feel your pain. It's so funny how one expert will tell you you only need one syringe or half a syringe while another "expert" will suggest two whole syringes. No matter what, they will still be getting your money while you end up with long lasting bruises and/or some sort of disfigurement. Believe it or not, I'm still searching for a doctor to help me with own situation. Several doctors and a hyaluronidase injection later and I'm still not seeing any difference. It seems though anyone with doctor or nurse in their job title can do these injections so it's difficult to control.
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Same thing happened to me and I love my dr. I just wonder if everybodys skin reacts differently? But, I have had anxiety ever since. I never had bags under my eyes before. I am 9 months into it. It is slowly changing, but absolutely does not look ok. I look tired when I am not! I got a second opinion and this other md said it takes 3 years for restalyne to dissolve under the eyes. :( I feel horrible too. We all need to support one another through this.
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i had some injected into my tear throughs a few weeks ago, now my left eye looks worse than ever, i have a lump under my eye bag & its dark, i am so frustrated, wish i would of found this sight before i got those injections, what a waste of money, time, & now i feel horrible, :(
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Ardha, is the darkness/bruises under your eyes improving?I'm two weeks following restylane under my eyes and I have similiar circles and lines.
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Jessie, there has been no improvement for me so far. It's very unfortunate. A different surgeons have recommended arnica and hydroquinone but I'm not so sure if those are going to be of any help. Thanks for asking and I'm sorry to hear about your own circles! It's so frustrating!
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Hi, I have the same experience. Week ago I wento to Bayview General Medicine in Fort Lauderdale and had Restylane under my eyes. Doctor Blachar put mor restylane under my left eye and almost none under my right eye,so is disaster and he doesn´t want to fix it. I paid already 800 USD and he asked me 550 USD more for fixing it. I never do it again and giving you advice DON´T GO TO THIS PLACE EVER!
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That is so strange. Why did he only put it under one eye? That makes no sense whatsoever. Thanks for the advice. :)
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Same thing happened to me and I live in Atlanta. This was 8 weeks ago and I still have bad discoloration that looks worse than my original dark circle. I went to a board certified ps that does this procedure very regularly and I saw before and after pics. I really hope this will fade soon.
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jessicaleeg - would you mind sharing the name of your doctor? I too am thinking of consulting with an Atlanta ps who does this regularly.
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Hi Jane, I tried to send you a private message but it would not work. Will you send me your email and I will let you know who the name of the dr. Thanks
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I just sent you a pm, so hopefully you will be able to respond. Thanks so much for taking the time!
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Seriously, I don't know who would call you either old or ugly. What is wrong with people nowadays??? You look absolutely gorgeous in the photos you posted. Sorry to say, but what got into your head to think you needed a dermal filler?
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Hi, I am sorry you had these results. Having said this, you are a young and beautiful woman who did not need the fillers. I can understand if you were 4o plus years. There are a lot of ethical doctors but unfortunately there are those that are not and are willing to take your money for procedures that are not necessary. The first 4 or 5 doctors you spoke with were ethical and the one you chose to have the procedure was, was not. We should learn from our mistakes. You are beautiful and please believe it! Good luck!
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Ardha, First of all you are beautiful. Secondly, I'm in the same situation as you are. I'm 28 and had Restylane injected under my eyes back on October 22, 2009 and have been waiting patiently for the crap to dissolve. My doctor overfilled under my right eye and barely put anything under my left. I had a HUGE bubble of product under my right eye that I could actually see when I looked down. I thought about getting it dissolved, but have decided just to wait it out becuase I don't want further damage done. Six months later, and I'm still waiting for it to completely go away. It's not easy, but I just keep telling myself that it will eventually go away...hopefully in just a couple more months. If I were you I would just leave things alone rather than risk having things look worse. It sucks...trust me I know...but just be glad you didn't do anything permanant! From your pictures, it really doesn't look too bad. But I realize it is devastating to look in the mirror every morning...it is for me as well. Just hang in there. It will go away!
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Iv recently had filler under my eyes. I'm 23 years old, Iv always had abit of darkness under my eyes and it got to the point where it was really getting me down and I thought to myself I have to get something done, so I had this done which I really regret. I feel it looks so much worse and it's really really Depressing me, my skin just feels awful and I'm thinking it will be like this forever, concealer doesn't do anything and it just looks awful, will this dissolve and how long will it take, the filler was called bolero ? Holly
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Well you have shown us that research into who the injector is so of paramount importance. Good FIND a good one Regards Dr. B
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From your posting you raise many concerns. First why did the other docs kind of turn you down? Was your injector a qualified injector? Did you get 2 syringes of Restylane? I wonder if the issues you were looking to improve have improved to any slight degree? Awaiting your response. Regards Dr. B
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Hello and thank your for responding to my review. The first doctor turned me down because he: - Claimed that he didn't see anything wrong. - Felt that I needed to see a therapist for poor body issues - Convinced me to see an aesthetician (which unsurprisingly worked out of the same office) merely to get me to spend more money for makeup I didn't want/need and advice that I could have obtained off the internet. The second doctor did not turn me down, I turned him down because he admitted (and thankfully so!) that he did not know how to inject Restylane in the area that I desired. I will admit that I had no idea that you had to go to someone who was a "qualified injector". I was under the impression that the doctor I went to was qualified based on his website. However, judging by what Dr. Few said in his article on this very website, it gives me the impression that my doctor was not qualified at all and it was my fault for not knowing that. Yes, I purchased two syringes of Restylane. Unfortunately the only thing that seems to be improving are the dark bruised lines under my eyes. Nothing else has changed.
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Hi Ardha - I think I know what the problem is and I have sent you a private email if you want to discuss it further. K
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