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I had the SmartXide Co2 laser treatment on January...

I had the SmartXide Co2 laser treatment on January 13, 2012 on full face and neck. I was quite nervous and expected the worst after doing my own research and reading other reviews. It actually was not that bad. Yes, I was uncomfortable and felt some pain, but it was not unbearable at all. The worst parts were around my lip line, around my nose, under the eyes and around the hairline. Even then, it wasn't really that bad. I am supposed to go back in about five weeks to have the Madonna eye lift done using Co2 laser. The technician thought it would be too much trauma at one time to have my full face, neck and eyes done. I have added before photos and photos after several hours and days of full face and neck progression. I will continue to as photos as the days go by so you can see how the healing is coming.

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The location was clean and sterile. The atmosphere was very calming and the staff were very attentive, making sure I was OK every several minutes during the procedure. I was not rushed thru the process and was able to stay as long as I wanted afterward. That made me feel very comforted knowing that they wanted to make sure I was fine to leave. Of course, I had my husband there to drive me home, but they still allowed me to leave whenever I wanted.

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Hi did you go back for the eye lift? Would love an update...thanks :-)
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I just had the CO2 laser full face treatment yesterday at my doctor's office for worsening Rosacia and psoriasis. The Rosacia was causing thickening of skin on my face and a substantial increase in red blood vessels on my face. I was desperate to do something before this became increasingly worse. Late yesterday I began to look like Freddie Kruger. Today it appears worse. I was told that this is normal and not to be concerned.
The procedure itself was not unbearable. It stung, especially in sensitive places around the nose and eyes. I am a big baby and very sensitive to pain, and I would do this again if needed. I had a good bit of bleeding in various spots all over my face, dripping throughout the night. I continuously applied the ointment to keep my face from becoming dry. Today my face has ceased bleeding, but the blood spots are all over my face. It is day 2.
I will wash my face with the special wash given to me before I left the doctor's office. Hopefully, it will get rid of some of the dried blood scabs on my face. My face is not hurting at all today. Last night, I slept propped up on pillows. I did notice some mild throbbing of the face during the night, but slept through the night without a problem. I was given a few pain pills to take at home, but have not needed them at all. I was given a pain pill just after the treatment and was very glad to take it, as there was a good bit of burning and stinging sensation at that time, gradually subsiding after 30-45 minutes.
I am anxious to see the final results, and so hoping this will improve the Rosacia.
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How did your final results look?
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WOW!! I can really see where your facial skin is starting to tighten up and even out. I have a feeling your going to look fabulos! What about your neck? Have you notice any changes in texture and firmness in that area?
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Could you please post an updated photo? We are all so amazed at how good you looked at only 4 days post op, and we are curious to see now that you are almost 2 momths post op. Thank you so much!!!
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Thanks for posting! Can't wait to see how great you are going to look!

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The facility that performed my full face Co2 laser offer the Madonna eyelift which uses the same SmartXide fractional laser equipment that is used on your eyelids and under the eyes. I have seen the results on others and it is truly amazing, especially on the lids. Eyes are truly "lifted" and appear wide-open without the extra overlapping skin. I plan to have that done around April.
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Wow, I am so glad I asked you about this! I have just started to notice a tiny amount of drop in my lids. You know, that point where no one else really would notice, but you can tell its not the same as it used to be. Please make sure to post about it - I want to know all the details! Especially down time & how much pain you experience with it.

How's your face feeling today?

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How did your eye lift go?
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That's interesting that the area around your nose was sensitive. The other areas you listed seem like areas that would be sensitive, so good to know that the nose may be as well.

Thanks for posting the pictures. It is so helpful to actually see what is being described!

I haven't heard of the Madonna Eyelift before. Do you mind me asking what that is/entails?

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