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I have been undergoing sclerotherapy for many...

I have been undergoing sclerotherapy for many years. I go once a year and have polidoconal injections and my legs look great for the summer. I have very weak veins, and I have found that if you have weak veins, you have to return for follow up treatments. I am extremely happy with the results. My doctor has recommended that I wear sheer support panty hose daily to prevent broken veins.

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It has been over a week and my legs are doing...

It has been over a week and my legs are doing great, and there is no pain whatsoever. Since my veins break so easily, I am going to continue to wear the heavy prescription panty hose as long as I can. My doctor said I could take them off at night. I actually return March 15th for a second session since I have quite a few spider veins. I think two sessions will be enough. I will then look forward to a spring and summer without those unsightly veins. I will do as my doctor advised and wear the lighter support hose when at home, shopping, etc.


Glad to hear your treatment went well. I imagine you will feel much better wearing shorts this summer! Will you need to wear the light hose during the summer at all? 

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Hi Beth, I will wear the light support hose this summer, especially when I am cleaning house or working out. As I said, I have always had very weak veins, so Dr. Craddock said if I wear the hose as much as possible, they won't break as much. So, to have nice legs in the summer, it is worth it too me. I usually have to return every year for a repeat of my sessions, sometime one session will do. I am in hopes if I really take care of my legs and wear the light hose, I won't have to least for a couple of years! I have found that most people that have really bad veins, they need to have ongoing treatments to maintain their legs. For those with just a few veins, they may never have to return for treatment. When I read Real Self and see that some people did not receive good results. They should try someone with more experience. Sclerotherapy does work...I am walking proof. I wish I had taken a before photo to send to you. Thanks, you have a great web site that I refer to everyone. I never attempt any new cosmetic treatment without first reading your site.

Thanks for the info! You are an inspiration to me as I need to address this issue myself! My kids asked me why my legs have bruises on them! Let us know how your second session goes on March 15th!

It has been a little over seventeen days since I...

It has been a little over seventeen days since I had my first treatment, and my legs are almost completely healed. I will return for my second treatment on March 14th. My doctor will inject any smaller veins remaining. I have been wearing the light support hose during the day per my doctor's request. Keep in mind, I have very weak veins, so I have to take special care of my legs. I am very excited that I will be able to capris and shorts this summer without embarrassment.

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I am very excited, I went to my second appointment...

I am very excited, I went to my second appointment for my sclerotherapy treatment on March 14th. I did not have as many injections on the second treatment since most of the unsightly ones were taken care of the first treatment. I have not had any adverse reactions whatsoever. Remember, I had the polydocanal liquid injections. I do not have the saline injections since I tend to get ulcerations with saline. I have never had ulcerations with polydoconal. I have healed quickly, and just have a little bruising remains. I would highly recommend sclerotherapy treatment for your veins, and not laser...I have had both. Laser did not work, and it is very painful. It actually made a veins worse. I would suggest finding a doctor or nurse with years of experience in Sclerotherapy. I would also suggest not putting off the treatment. Once the veins start to break, they get worse. I will be wearing my swimsuit and shorts this summer!

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Returned for one more treatment

As I said, my veins break very, I am a regular at Dr. Craddock's office. I am in the process of losing some weight, which will help my veins more than anything! I returned for more injections on September 10, 2013. I had a few difficult areas, especially around the area where I had an EVLT treatment a couple of years ago. Dr. Craddock used a stronger solution of the Asclera (Polidocanol) and it felt that he went deeper into those veins. Wow, I can already see a major difference. Dr. Craddock wears big circular thing around his head which magnifies the veins. This, I'm sue places the solution directly into the view and would eliminate any ulceration problems. I have had no problems, and I make sure I follow my aftercare instructions. I continue to wear the support hose when I am doing heavy housework or working out. If you have ever considered having sclerotherapy, now is the time to go, during the winter months. You will thank me next summer!!!


Dr. Craddock is an amazing doctor and person. He treated my grandfathers legs and my grandfather drives once a year from Birmingham to see Dr. Craddock and the staff at Southern Vein Care.
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Thank you lupo11 for your review. I am thinking about making an appointment now with Dr. Craddock. Was the treatment $300 per visit? Or did that cover any part of follow up? Thank you for information.
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Dr. Garnet R. Craddock

Very professional, caring and knowledgeable with many years of experience.

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