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Good Results from Total FX for Skin Tone, Pore Size and Acne Scars (W/video)

I had active FX and Deep Fx combined for...

I had active FX and Deep Fx combined for "Total FX".Excellent improvement in skin tone, reduction in pore size, 50% improvement to acne scars. Procedure hurt, but only while they were doing it. Fcae was super hot for about 4 hours after. After that no Pain or discomfort. You will not look back to normal for 2 plus weeks, but you should be presentable within 5-6 days. I am posting a video I made of the process on YouTube under "totalFX"

Thank you for getting back to me. I am looking better everyday. I expect the redness to last for awhile but I have shed most of the dead skin . I think I will give the calendula a try . I could only find the gel and ointment. So guess I'll try gel. It is to soon for me to see final results but so far I see a huge difference in my eyes. I am 56 and was starting to get very saggy and baggy around my eyes. When did you start wearing make up?
If you skin is still red try mixing some hydro cortisone cream in with you moisturizer. I think you will see quit a lot of improvement in your skin tone around your eyes, but it will probably take about a month. My whole face feels less firmer and tighter. I did notice when I went outside in the cold, I could actually feel my skin tightening up. It would do this kind of weird tweaky thing for about 5 seconds when my face hit the cold air. Much to my dismay, I don't bother to much with make up, except if I am going out to dinner or something. I would assume a week or 10 days for make up.
Mainegirl, I had total FX on the 14th of Jan 2010 and am currently on day 3. Swelling has gone down somewhat, redness to be expected, and the brown crust and freckles everywhere I assume will go away in a few days. but so far no pain and minimal discomfort. Vinegar soaks, ice packs, cleanser and more ointment. keeps me busy all day and taking lots and lots of naps. How are you doing? Mimosakitty

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wow scary how red your face got. love your eyebrows!
Wonderful job with the video documentary of your experience - this is so helpful for anyone considering the procedure. Thanks!
Hi everyone I am now almost two months out and I still have some pink and some spots where he went deeper that are taking longer to fade. But all in all look pretty normal. I love my results and can see going back for touch up in the fall. I'm older 56 and have some stuborn features .
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