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VI PEEL with Booster for Melasma Mixed Race (Short Review) - Pascagoula, MS

I wanted to write a really short review to maybe...

I wanted to write a really short review to maybe help someone decide if somebody with Melasma wanted to try this procedure. I wanted to share the OUTCOME but not go into very many details. I have Melasma really bad since I moved to the South. I always had light freckles now I have dark ugly brown splotches spreading on my face. I am 42 years old. I have tried Obagi with no results. I have also tried Triluma which will make them lighter but they darken right back during the weeks I have to stop. Because I am mixed race (black & Mexican) I have been told by 3 doctors that it is hard to get rid of and lasers and peels can cause more damage. I was told by the last one i went to see a dermatologist that the VI Peel was safe for all races. He didnt make me any bogus promises and told me it would probably take multiple treatments . I decided to do the VI peel with the booster. It was an additional $50. The booster is hydroquinone and is a skin lightner

As you can see from my photos there is not any change in my Melasma . I took a picture the day off the procedure up to day 5. I regret that I blacked out the area above my nose in the first 4 pictures since i have a very dark spot there although you can see it clearly in the day 5 picture where I did not black it out.
The procedure was very simple and pain free. The second day my face was very red. I was able to conceal it with mineral powder. Day 3 & 4 I peeled very bad. I was also told to try and avoid the sun on them days. The itching was pretty bad and it was very hard not to just claw at my face lol .

It seems a little drastic and not something that I would want to go through again anytime soon, especially since my results cant be guaranteed.

I cannot give the VI Peel a bad review since my skin does feel smoother. It may have helped with the fine lines I dont know. All I see when I look at my face is this Melasma and it did not help with that. I am back using my triluma and I follow up with the dermatologist again in another week or so . I f I do decide for another peel and it helps I will update:-)


I only did one treatment. The doctor did not recommend any others when I went back to see him and $350 a session is pretty pricey for me right now. I am back using Tr-Luma. I swear it takes 6 weeks to fade the spots and only two hours outside without sunscreen to get them back! My face is still the same. I am going to get my Juviderm fix soon and when I do I might look into trying the laser treatment
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I believe you had the VI Precision Peel, which works better for melasma. I've tried three times of VI regular peel, and that did not do much for pigmentation. However, the first VI Precision peel I did early this year helped fade my dark spots. One thing to highlight is that one treatment will not remove scars, pigmentation etc. This needs a series of treatments. Did your doctor prescribe a package programme for you, like do 3 times, 1 month apart etc? I'm documenting my recovery process (5th peel). You can find before-after photos by googling 'mybeautycravings'.
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Be patient, it takes about 2 months for the new skin to produce and the real results to be noticeable. I to was alarmed after my first Vi Peel for Melasma. My spots were darker. I have notice a significant difference on my face now that the new skin has come in and family members are also noticing. I am excited and I have just signed up to do the Vi Peel Plus.
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Dr. Liet N. Le

It was at Thomas Garrett office but I seen Dr. Liet N. Le there

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