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After my first TT, I was not happy with my skin...

After my first TT, I was not happy with my skin below my bb. It blistered and left an ugly scar. So I did a TT again without having anything done to the abdominal wall. My skin is super tight and flat. Belly button is beautiful so far.. :) I did not need a pain pump. My drains were in for 2 weeks. At 17 days PO I'm almost standing straight up.


OMG this your second? You are a brave women! I can't imagine going through this twice. Since you are a not a newby I must ask you how long before the mr was comfortable for you the first time around? I am sure you recovery will be much easier this time being that they didn't have to tighten any of those muscles!
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21 days post op

Standing even straighter! But I grow tired quite quickly. I attended a conference for work beginning 18 days Post Op and it was brutal. A lot of walking involved. Had to tell my co-workers I injured my back. I think there are a few ne stretch marks that have appeared. Using Palmer's Cocoa butter to help prevent anymore. I will continue to monitor the situation. I've read that new stretch marks don't occur.. but I think they do. Will post an update down the road. An area on my incision opened up. 10 days PO after steri strips were removed and it continues to heal. Most of my incision is healed shut and looking nicely.

Belly button has been red. The skin became dry and started flaking this week. I have exposed dissolving stitches. Doctor said I can leave them in and they will fall out on their own. I didn't think that would happen, but one fell off today! yippee.

My rear end seems to have gone missing.. My guess is because of the tight skin.. 3 weeks and counting. Will let you know once it returns. :)

Every morning I wake up and feel extremely tight and sharp pains along the incision line. I take 600 mg of ibuprofen as needed for pain.. maybe once a day.

I try to wear my Veronique compression garment 24 hours a day.. But because the straps run over my shoulders and along the outer side of my breasts, I have to constantly wear sleeves, or wearing a spanx type compression garment if I want to wear tank tops.

My doctor did not require for me to wear a binder or CG until the drains came out at 2 weeks. He feels it's not necessary. He now wants me to wear it for a month to help minimize swelling and fluid accumulation. No seromas but I do swell, especially with sodium heavy foods.

I didn't take before pictures. I didn't think of it.. I'm bummed. Gonna see if he will email me the ones he took so I can post before and after pictures.


I think I did it 4-5 years ago.. To be quite honest, I do not remember how long it was before I felt comfortable. However I do remember I returned to work and my drains were still in and I had to wear dresses to conceal them. So i returned to work at about 1-1/2 to 2 weeks!! And continued working for months.. I feel I'm struggling a little bit more this time around because I am extremely tight. However the pain has been very tolerable after day 3. I'm frustrated with not being able to stand fully straight yet.. But I need to be patient. Last time I forced myself to try and stand straight within the first week for my post op appt and I think that's what caused the skin to stretch too much and it blistered with blood right under my belly button. It then left a really ugly scar. :( Which is why I am here again...
OMG that is horrible I couldn't stand straight if I wanted too after a week! I am super tight from the muscle repair which I swear gives me panick attacks once a day. I hear it can take 3-6 months to ease up so I always like to get feedback from people who have been through it. The good news is because you didn't need the muscle repair you will probably be on the short end of recovery. Look forward to following your recovery! :-)

22 days post op


Pretty!!!! He did you right :) turmeric can be bought at GNC, health food stores, online. I couldn't get the July feed to respond. Sorry. Congratulations!
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Thanks D37. I just bought some. How many times a day do you take it and for what length of time? I'm approaching 4 weeks post op. :)
Bromelain works great for swelling and healing. Turmeric I take 2 times a day. I wil use it until my swelling is gone. Make sure if you're on blood thinners (lovox, heprin, etc..) you don't take turmeric. I
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