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Hi! I'm 30 y/o, mother of 2 boys, 7 and 3 y/o. I...

Hi! I'm 30 y/o, mother of 2 boys, 7 and 3 y/o. I have been skinny ever since. I'm 5'3" tall and was 87lbs before I had my 1st boy. I did gain weight when I was pregnant, 20lbs with my first baby and 25 lbs with my second one, but I managed to lose them thru diet and work out. I have my "little gym" set up at home. I have the elliptical, bands, some weights and videos. I don't go to the gym, but I used to. I ended up to be 113lbs, which I have no problem at all, but I have a lot of skin left in my tummy area. Every time I'll tell my friends how unhappy I am with my body and that I want a tummy tuck, they would say I don't need it, I look good, it's a waste of money, etc. (of course they never saw me without my clothes on). Having said that, I only told a few people that I'm having a tummy tuck. To avoid stress and unwanted opinions while Im recovering.

Anyway, I had my surgery done on the 18th of October. It wasn't as smooth as I expected. I thought it's gonna be just an "in and out" procedure. Well, I aspirated during surgery, some enzymes in my gut decided to go to my lungs. I couldn't keep my oxygen level up, I can't breathe on my own and my asthma decided to flare up that day, too. Oh yeah! Crash cart was opened. I was transferred to the nearest hospital (where I used to work, I'm a nurse btw) via ambulance. Xray on my Right lung was bad but with antibiotics and some treatments, I recovered fast (stayed in the hospital for 3 days).

Let me just share the highlights:
POD1- dressing was removed. I didn't see the incision, I was connected to so many things at this point. I haven't walked yet, but my husband keeps massaging my legs and feet to prevent any more complications. Bathroom wise, I have a Foley Catheter on.
POD3- My First Shower. I could have done it POD1 but I was still in the hospital and on oxygen.
POD6- back to the office to remove both drains (man, it stings!) and belly button sutures. Had a nice lunch with hubby and kids. Off narcotics since day 3. Feeling 70% better!
POD8- the worst time to have your monthly visit. Had to take narcotics.
POD9- out in the park. went to macy's to shop for an undergarment, (Flexees Shapewear, Firm Control Easy Up High Waist Brief 1454) it's crotchless ladies. walking 90% straight.
POD12- started driving.
POD13- 2nd follow up with my PS. Started the micropore tape over the incision which should be changed once a week.
POD15- pins and needles. spasms.
POD18- I finally had the courage to wear jeans, size 2. I have been wearing leggings and tights since the first week, coz I'm scared it'll irritate my BB. I have very minimal swelling, btw. been drinking A LOT of water..

will update again soon. happy healing everyone!!!

POD21- 3 week mark. Standing and walking straight....

POD21- 3 week mark. Standing and walking straight. Very minimal stiffness. A little hunched at the end of the day. For whatever reason, I noticed I walk better when I'm wearing my heels (wedges, no stilettos yet) than my flats.. Hmm..

Almost 6 weeks PO on thursday. Went to see my PS...

Almost 6 weeks PO on thursday. Went to see my PS today for my after surgery photos, everythings seems to be okay. I can now go back to my routine work out.. I'm cleared with pretty much anything and everything now, as long as i slow down and listen to my body.
I have been back to work since PO day 24. I work 12 hour shifts, 3x a week. I wish I waited 4 weeks, 3 days really makes a lot of difference. My body is back to "normal" now.. I have been sleeping on my sides since 3rd week PO. It took me 4 weeks to finally stand straight. coughing doesn't bother me anymore, haven't sneezed yet.:) I can now fit to my pre-surgery pants, since week 5.I wear size 1-3, depends on the jeans. I'm still pretty swollen on my incision area down to my pubis.. especially at night. I only wear my CG when i go out, I work or when I'm wearing jeans. I used micropore tape for 2 weeks, then alternate with scaraway sheet and bio-oil. My incision is flat but still red in the middle where I get swollen. I feel some pins and needles once in a while on my left groin, but it's tolerable. Other than that, I am back to my old self and my energy is back, i don't get exhausted anymore after 12 hour shifts.
PS said she'll see me on my 6month PO..
I hope everyone here is healing well.. and enjoying their new look as well!:)
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You look amazing! Love your belly button!
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Thank you!:)
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Ok wow first you look awesome! And sorry you had a bad experience with your surgery that must of been scary! Glad to hear your a lot better and doing well! Your lucky no swelling that much... I'm 6 days post op and swelling huge I weighed 115 going in and now I'm 120!!! Grr but I understand that fluids :( I was glad to see your results, my doc did my bb the same shape as yours and at first I was concerned with why mine looked this way but I see now it will be ok once the major swelling goes down. Is it weird my ps told me not to put anything on bb or of course incision to keep binder on for 6 Wks I get drains out on Thursday, today he took off all bandages this was the first time today I seem my new tummy. Sorry for babbling lol just was concerned with my results and yours looks so awesome!!!:) good luck to you with your recovery!
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Thanks!!:) I only have minimal swelling from surgery to date.. per my PS. I was 113lbs pre-op and now Im down to 106lbs. As for my BB, it looked like a slit the first 2 weeks coz of the swelling. But now that my tummy is more relax, it's opening up again. I didn't touch it till PS removed the sutures (6th day PO). I used to roll up a gauze and placed it inside the BB to keep it open, that was on my 2nd-3rd wk. Also I only used my binder the first week, after that i just use my CG. I was worried with my result too, especially the first 3 weeks. But this site helped me a lot. Just be extra patient for now and in a couple of weeks you'll get to enjoy your new body. :)
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WOW!!!! you look amazing!!!
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Thank you!!:)
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POD21- 3 week mark. Standing and walking straight. Very minimal stiffness. A little hunched at the end of the day. For whatever reason, I noticed I walk better when I'm wearing my heels (wedges, no stilettos yet) than my flats.. Hmm..
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Welcome to RealSelf.

On my goodness you had a rough start!!   I am glad things are calming down and that you are doing better.  I am sorry that you had to go through this:(

Keep us up to date on everything.

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