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I went in for the picosure laser tattoo removal,...

I went in for the picosure laser tattoo removal, and so far the results look very promising. I have a cover up that didn't go right of a big, black, ugly tribal tattoo I got when I was 19. I want to laser both the cover up and original for possible new cover up or complete removal depending on the results. I have another very colorful half sleeve that I'm debating on fading for a cover up, but first I want to see how the treatment goes with my black and gray tattoo.


Thanks for sharing your progress. I live around the same area and was wondering how much you pay per session?
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I messaged you. Just depends on what you're trying to accomplish. For me I'm debating on full removal or just fading for a cover up. I will decide after the 2nd session which I have scheduled next month. If after the 2nd session there is significant fading I might go for full removal. Only draw back is that I have some scarring from the cover up, so not sure how that will look. I still love tattoos, so have no problem getting more ink. Sometimes you just want a cleaner canvas for new ink.
Thanks for your review, results are looking promising! Those blisters sure are the reality - so thanks for sharing :) I look forward to following your progress - keep us posted!
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8 days post 1st tx with picosure

So all the blisters have finally gone away. Now I'm dealing with the scabs and the incredible itch. All the shading seems to be gone and a lot of the thick black lines have broken up. Hopefully I'll see more fading in the coming weeks.


It looks like you are getting some good results. I am 10 treatments in with Q-Switch laser and looking for another option i.e.: Picosure..your pics look promising.
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Thank you. Yes the picosure is a beast. There is a lot of fading and the thick black lines are breaking up pretty well. I also have been healing very well also, but I do take care of it as if it were a new tattoo. I'll post some pictures soon.
Thanks for your update, for me my black ink turned a brownish color and it eventually cleared. 
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3 weeks post 1st tx with the picosure

Here is my 3 week update. Most of the fading is gone and there is a lot of the breakup of the dark black lines. This is only after 1 treatment with picosure. Hopefully there will be more fading before my 2nd treatment.


Hey, hows your progress coming along? It looked amazing after the first treatment
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My progress is great! Sorry for the late reply. I'm going for treatment #2 in a few weeks and I'm confident I will have a lot more fading. I have to say the picosure did a great job after just the first zap. I'll post some pics up shortly.
Wow, you have great fading after only 1 treatment!
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4 month update

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while since I haven't gone for treatment #2 on my black and gray tattoo. I did however get my color tattoo zapped twice on my left arm and that was a lot funner (NOT!!!). I'll post pics of my color tattoo soon. For anyone interested in fading/removing greens, purples, or very bright tats, the picosure is amazing. So that's why I haven't updated in a while but here you go. After 4 months I see more and more fading. Pretty much all the shading is gone, and the thick black lines are breaking up very nicely. I do try to eat healthy, drink lots of water, and take vitamins to assist the healing process and allow my body to remove as much ink as possible.


Fading is looking brilliant mate. Really hope mine is as good when I try Picosure soon. Keep us updated. :-)
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Glad you took the time to update us, thank you :) Fading looks great!! Look forward to your others photos showing your color removal. 
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Wow looking great, thanks for sharing! Is there a reason you waited 4 months between treatments?
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