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Im 38, with 2 kids, and a happy recent divorcee. I...

Im 38, with 2 kids, and a happy recent divorcee. I was one of those happy pregnant women who had a huge and happy belly. twice. after my 2nd I wanted a tummy tuck and after my divorce I wanted to lose the tummy on
my own with a little help. I looked into cool sculpt last year but thought the price was too much until I got a deal and signed up for 8 sessions all on my belly. Im getting done 4 now, after 4-6 I'll come back again and so it over again. Im a healthy eater ( I crave chips thought) and i do 2x pilates and try and keep my calories at a max of around 12000. I do cardio 2-3 a week. I wanted to lose the belly on my own, i Webster to do the work. it honestly that the hardest thing to lose. So here I am! Im on my first treatment about 15 mins into it. I was nervous but when the machine was placed on me it tugged but was a very tolerable sensation not even pain. Now im going to be here for 4 hrs. I will report back.

All my fat is right on my belly (yah!) I really wanted something tooth are me to focus on getting a healthier stronger body and hats why I choose cool sculpt. I didn't want to have lipo or a tummy tuck. Here are some before and during treatment pics.


My stomach looks a lot like yours, I am also a recent divorcee, with 2 kids, 39,happy too.. Except for my lower belly flab. I look forward to seeing your progress!
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Day 1 - 24 hrs

I apologize for all those grammatical and spelling errors in my first post. I was writing it as I was getting my treatments.

Day 1: its not bad. Slept well. I can tell the area isn't fully un numbed so we'll see how the pain (if any) gets. I am bruised and sore. I put some vitamin e on my belly to help it heal better.


Good luck, REALLY hope it works, since I look just like you after only 1 baby.
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7 Days Post

No real pain. I never really bruised but im still numb. I've been putting vitamin e and wearing a shaper. I would get little pangs here and there but nothing that really hurt.


please update when you can, thank you for reviewing this! :)
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14 Days post Cool Sculpt

A week after my treatment the bruising was almost gone but hat when the pains began. It felt like someone was stabbing me with a hot pick. Although the pain was manageable (didnt take any meds), it kind of wore me out. the pain was all over my tummy but especially in the lower treated areas. I put a cold pack and that really helped but as soon as I took it off the pains came back. this lasted about 3 days. I occasionally feel a little pain but its nothing. The area is still numb.. or most of it. I touch it and its still numb... I was able to start exercising probably the 2nd day, but stopped when the pains started. resumed my yoga, pilates and cardio this week.


3weeks on and not seeing any difference on my inner thighs and still have spots that feel frozen and lumpy and I'm still getting crazy itching! Have to say after paying 3k I'm not really impressed so far ! I'm due back in clinic next month for 8 week review, If there's no improvement I will be complaining and also may complain to zeltic directly but will keep updated, !
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I had a horrible experience with cool sculpting now worth the money and little to no results
I have seen people that have been very happy with their results. I believe everybody reacts differently. I am sorry that some have not have the results they had hoped for with coolsculpting but that does not mean u will not. 76% of the people doing it have been happy. Plz keep us posted on ur results. Keep a good attitude and be patient.
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1 month post -update

Here I am again.. A month post procedure. Im down 8 lbs But that due to exercise and a couple Pilates session and power yoga... It wasn't until I posted my update pic that I saw a difference in the side view. I have noticed a difference myself in my clothes. I wont be getting the 2nd part of my procedures till the end of September. I know a tummy tuck would have gotten rid of my belly but I didn't want that.. as a single working mom I dont have the time needed to recover from a tt. Also, I want to lose and tone up on my own through a lifestyle change of exercise and food. A tt is major surgery and I opted not to do it. I knew going into a cool sculpt that it would help but not completely get rid of all my belly fat. Im doing this in conjunction of a healthy food lifestyle while doing cardio, pilates and yoga. The real results will come around Christmas time. Good luck to all those considering this decision. im happy I made it.


I enjoyed reading your journey. May i ask how long do you have to wait before the next treatment? I am doing this in October and can i do another session in 3 months or 1 month after or 2 weeks? Thanks
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Just since I didn't share I am a very active healthy person who exercises regularly and used to compete in figure and best body so "not lots to lose" after age got up there I noticed more in the belly and since I was active it was suggested I try cool sculpt I was the " ideal" candidate. After 3k, lots of pain/discomfort for 2 weeks ( I've had 5 kids so I know pain not a wimp) one month later still numb and saw minor results 2 months later back to where I started with no improvement. So it was not worth it, very disappointed and I did share this with my doctor who I truly like.. This was a mistake!
I'm so upset with myself. This pain has been consuming me since I did it on my tummy a week ago. So sad that our vanity makes us wage war upon our bodies. I'm very healthy and wanted a jump start on my fitness goals. Almost 39 years old, I'm the heaviest I've been in my life; fighting the mid-life bulge. 5'6" 150 lbs. No kids. I used to model and have to turn down work until I lose 15 pounds. This procedure seems to be a scam. I didn't know what I was getting into. The pain is so terrible. Counterproductive because I can't exercise. Hurts to move. The lightest feather touch kills! This procedure cannot be healthy! How does this affect my internal organs? Uterus, ovaries, intestines, blood vessels... Etc? Save yourself some money, downtime because of pain and self loathing. Get healthy and work at it. Spend money more wisely. So far, the pain and money spent is not worth it. Results may occur after 4 months? Just do it naturally.
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