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I had a breast lift and 500cc silicone high...

I had a breast lift and 500cc silicone high profile implant placed under the muscle after breast feeding 3 kids and losing 140 pounds. I'm very sore but it's manageable with the pain meds he prescribed. I tried really hard to choose the best size implNt for a full but natural look and feel like with dr otooles help I was able to make the right decision. Dr. Otoole is very kind and attentive, had a wonderful experience!!!!
You look fantastic, im recovering on day 6, i stopped taking pain meds on the 4th day, i take extra strengh tylenol per dr order if needed. I m just waiting to get ok from ps to sleep flat on my back or side or better yet stomach
I'm kinda reclined now my cousin slept on her belly after a month or so n ended up needing a revision last week cause it pushed the implants way down n out do now I'm scared too :( did u do a lift too?

3 days out

Taking lots of meds, so swollen and sore :(
You lookgreat
wow look great!! Just read your TT reviews as well. I am 5 days out on my TT/breast lift after losing 84 lbs this year. I wasn't going to do implants but now i'm considering it because i may still lose a little more weight and don't want my lift to get deflated. What size bra were you before surgery?
I sent you a private message too... But can you contact me? I am scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Otoole and would love to discuss with you your procedure. You can email me here or call me at the number I left in your inbox. Thanks :)

2 weeks tomorrow

I'm feeling a lot better! My left breast is slowly settling in nicely but the right is very high and hurts. Higher than it was right out if surgery. I'm hoping it drops soon! My incisions have all healed up very nicely and nipples are healing up well too. Can't wait for all to settle in and see the final result! I'll be calling the dr tomorrow to see about when I start with massaging hoping to get this one down soon

Opps pics

Here ya go
Looks great girl!
I was thiking about, how did uour surgery go?
Doing great one side has really dropped the other a lil slower but moving I'll post pics tonight

3 weeks out today

Feeling a lot better. I went for a massage with a woman who specializes in breast implants and breast cancer recovery. She also does lymphatic and scar removal massage so it's pretty much medical massage. She taught me how to massage myself, tapped me back up, brine down the hardness forming under my breast which was the bottom of capsule and can cause issues later. I didn't know these specialist could help prevent and treat contracture. I see my dr next Monday;) my breasts are feeling softer and there is less pressure at my collar bone. They look a lil more natural these last few days. I can't wait for them both to have dropped!
Congratulations! Your results look really nice! I bet you're looking in the mirror a lot! ;) I noticed you had a lot of weight loss and a tummy tuck. I bet some people won't even recognize the new you. I'm very happy for you!
Thank u so much
Thanks so much

2.5 months out

My left has settled great my right is still high and a little painful because of it. I'm doing massaging and wearing the band but it's being stubborn. Looks like I'll wait till the 6 month mark to do anything as far as another surgery to even then out. With the right riding high they appear two very different sizes n shapes and my nipples are uneven because of it. Super hoping it will drop on it's own :/ dr has been supportive and says at 6 months we can decide what to so but thinks it will fall I to place. They've ended up pretty big when I can down the road I'll probably size down to a 300 or 350 as they feel very heavy bad lots of tops don't fit. Though they are much much better than the empty breasts I had and my scars are coming out great. Dr otoole is great with his neat incisions. Everyone told me oh everyone wishes they went bigger guess I'm the rarity that wishes I was a full c small d rather than a ddd

2.5 months out pics

You look amazing congrats! im getting my lift+ implants in a few days, so worried about the pain :( Was the pain horrible the first 3 days? Like did u cry from the pain??

4 months out

So I'm 4 mo out. My right breast is still high and sore :( and recentlyy left has kinda dropped lower bad I've lost upper pole volume :/ I'm a lil worried so I'm seeing dr otoole in June to see if I need to revise one or both breasts :( I'm bummed cause it took forever to save up to do this in the first place. But the right is painful and I can't just ignore it plus I'd love for them to be even. Over the past 4 months I've gone back n forth between being excited about the possible outcome and really regretting doing this cause of the complications. I did all my research and knew the risks but it still blows!

Pics at 4 months

Here are current pics. Can't wait till June to see the doc and find out what's going on.
I think they look great. The best I have seen. I do not see the right one higher.

Going on 5 mo out

Things are alright... I have an apt with dr. Otoole in July to see if things are okay. I'm feeling like something is going on. I've lost all poke volume in my left breast :( they look better than preop but not feeling happy with the rests as they are very uneven.
Sorry to hear about your boobie blues! :( Did you meet with Otoole yet? What did he say about the 'fraternal' twins? For those that commented below and didn't see the difference, your right side is higher by looking at the curve of the skin above - not the nipple height or bottom roundness, per se. It's not too high though, so maybe just hasn't dropped into pocket yet. I have a friend who had the same exact thing happen - followed all the rules, massaging procedures, patiently waiting... but one of the twins still hasn't dropped. Gotta be patient, I suppose. But yes, you still look great in the bra/bikini shots! :) Keep your spirits up! How is the rest of the healing coming along? Hopefully better...
Have you had your appointment yet to see what's going on? I think you look great. I'm sorry that you aren't happy with your results though.
I know from experience, the high profile implant is, in general, the most narrow implant, so between that and the large volume (500cc) the implants look to have mild bottom out, gravity is not on your side with a narrow, heavy implant. Upper pole fullness is best had with the moderate profile implant. I went through this with my first BA... and was pissed! I'm just trying to give you some insight as to the changes you see and I guess your dr. didn't explain this...
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I had a lift and implant after losing 140 pounds with a vsg , weight loss surgery. Dr. Otoole did a beautiful Job on my cousins post bariatric work, was reasonably priced and just super kind and down to earth. Not at all cocky or arrogant like some drs I'd met while seeking a surgeon. I felt comfortable from day one. His staff is amazing and helper ease my fears through the process. Very sore, can't sleep but that's par for the course I suppose. He have me pain meds which really take the edge off and leave me feeling sore rather than in pain. Thanks to you Captain Awesome!!! You rock!

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