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Hello ladies and gents, I am scheduled for a BA...

Hello ladies and gents,

I am scheduled for a BA on Jan 31, 2014. I am excited and a little apprehensive at changing my image at such an age as I have been and still am content with my body. I will be going from a 32A to hopefully a full C. Im scared mostly of the anesthesia and the expectations post op. I know it will be a huge shock when I wake up and the upcoming days after.

Ill take any tips, advice, words of wisdom and encouragement for the next coming weeks til the big day! Its like im getting married! eeeek! haha...kinda...

Yay for boobs!

JUst 30 days

Happy New Year everyone. It is exactly 30 days til my surgery and just 17 days to my second pre-op. i am excited and stoked about. Trying to wrap my head about the preparations i need to do.

Gathering my photos to go over with the dr and questions and just being prepared for the big day.


Pre-op in 2 days

This saturday i will have my second cons and do my pre-op testing..bloodwork, consents and what to prepare for before and after...

for some reason, im scared i might not pass my pre-op...has that ever happened to anyone? i excited and nervous at the same time...eeeek!

10 days

Had my second cons and post op blood work done this last saturday. 10 days away until the big excited and a little nervous...i havent gotten everything prepared for the day just yet...been busy with work. i hope 9 days is enough time for recovery. i work at an urgent care so i am contstantly on the move...i will def be avoiding helping patients getting up and lifting the laptops that we use...anything that will stretch myeslf out..

i hope they turn out the way i have them in my head....

Cough Cough Cough

i got sick after my pre-op and now have had this cough for the past 3 days...i feel great except this darn cough...been taking everything to help relieve the cough. My surgery is next friday and dont want to have coughing fits during recovery. My lungs are clears, i def have post nasal drip...but i want this cough to stop! argh! pray that i am better and well by this weekend! weeee!

Jan 31st has come and gone

So I finally did it. My surgery was schedule for 8am. Did some paperwork. Spoke with the Dr. Took some pre op photos. Did the drawing and notes for amount and incisions lines. Spoke with the anesthesiologist. Then off to surgery I went.

The last thing I remember was saying "cool" to the anesthesiologist, saw the lights getting hazy then waking up in recovery. Had my bra on. Got dressed and off I went home.

The bf fhinks they look big, but I know I need to wait and see weeks from now what it may look like in the end. Exciting.

I feel sore more so than pain. Its tolerable with the meds. Been icing here and there. Drinking plenty of water. Staying comfortable and relaxing as much as possible. Looking forward to tomorrow as I hear that is when the pain kicks in. Have my first post op tomorrow morning.

So far I think its worth it :)

12 days PO

hey hey ladies,
i am now 12 days post op, with a much difference from day 1. swelling has gone down significantly and i am actually having a pleasant recovery thus far. still riding high but the bulgyness of it is starting go down. I do get "morning boob" but quickly subsides once i start moving around. I occasionally take motrin here and there to help with the swelling.
Massages-i have to say, the first time i did the breast massages, it hurt like a B, but minutes after, my breasts started to feel soft and loose. I am an advocate for it because im scared of CC and because it feels good and want my breast to heal normally and want the best outcome. My incisions are still healing, however each day, the bruising sensation is less and less. i will start the silicone sheets once the scabs have fallen off.

Overall, i am happy with the way they sit now, but i know i have a long way to go to see the final result. i look forward to bra shopping.
Dr. J

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Good on you, all the best with it all. Love to see your before and after photos too. It's great to look back yourself and think wow! Check me out :-D
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Congrats, it's so exciting your time will be here before you know it! Mine will be just a week after you. I can't wait!
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Awe. Thanks! I'm excited for you too. What are ur stats and what is your goal?
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Ha ha it's the best thing I've ever done. Going under is also the best feeling ever =-O....Don't be afraid at all, you'll be Sooooo happy
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What are your stats and what size are you considering? Just know that it takes time for things to settle, so try not to judge the new girls or worry about little things about them during those first few weeks. We each have our own series of small pains and concerns that all go away eventually. Be ready for that. Plan to rest as much as possible so as to not extend the recovery longer than needed. Doing too much too soon can cause extra little strange pains. Just plan to take good care of yourself.
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I took off 9 days of you think that Is enough recovery time. I work in the medical field but I am able to limit my self to small duties here and there... I am currently a 32A and want to get a full C. My doc mentioned 240cc implants but I feel like that is too small. I want to be intentional about them but not look like a clown either. I have a second cons with my dr as I am considering doing silicone gel over saline which was my initial take, but reading through I am going considering silicone. I hope im prepared for the big day!
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I recommend going with a larger implant if you are going under the muscle to get a full C and getting silicone, for sure. Do not worry about the surgery itself. You will do fine.
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thanks! I have a second cons in two weeks to hash out more details and to look at pics and do my pre-op as well. I cant believe its just a little over a month. 2014 will def be interesting. New Boobs!
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