27, Asian, Single, 34AA, Flat, 115 Lbs, 5'3 - Pasadena, CA

Hello there! I'm 27 years old, Asian, single (no...

Hello there!

I'm 27 years old, Asian, single (no kids) and completely flat chested. I am getting my BA procedure done by Dr. Martin O'Toole from Pasadena Cosmetic Surgery. This will be life changing for me. I've never shared my emotions about being flat with anyone but here I am now. I feel like I have to get this off my chest!

First off, BA was never the first option and in fact, I was against it. I tried so many pills, creams and even went on birth control pills. I want my breasts to grow naturally so baaaad. I tried gaining weight but my boobs never got any bigger, not even a centimeter! Where did the fat go? On my thighs.

On my 26th birthday last year, I told myself to give these methods one last try (that's when I tried birth control). And to my dismay, it didn't work. On my 27th birthday in May this year, I finally gave in and started researching seriously about BA. I finally got the courage to go to consultations. I was sold.

Why do I want this? For those who were flat-chested and got their A's B's or C's, you're my soul-sistahs. It's not about sexual satisfaction... I'm not 100% confident in bed, but I never felt uncomfortable or cared what my partner thought of my body. No, for me, I feel incomplete, as a woman. Whenever I read I-hate-my-small-boobs rant, in my mind I'd always say, "At least you have boobs, woman! I don't." and that has always depressed me because deep inside I'm a diva, a bombshell, a confident woman. But being flat chested always held me back and I can't explain why. Now that I'm nearing my 30th year on this world, I want to enjoy my final twenties. I want to live! I need change. I'm a simple girl. I don't need bling in my life or fancy clothes or expensive cars. What I want and need most is respect and confidence.

If you're still with me, thank you. And I hope to share my journey with you!

Until then!


Whew busy week at work so I'm sorry for the delay but here we go!

I went for my pre-op on Wednesday. They drew blood from me, which I didn't expect! I'm scared of needles. The doctor explained tons of stuff from preparing for the surgery to post surgery. He measured me at 11.5 inches. To achieve my goal of a small C, I'm going for a mid-profile, 339 ccs silicone implant that is 12.4 in diameter, under the muscle. I wore the bra and inserted the implants and realized that yeah, I'm going to have to carry these around for a loooooooong time. So I really want to make sure they're not going to be heavy on my body by not going too big. I tried a smaller and larger implant and finally decided on 339 ccs. I know it's a weird measurement but we decided based on my rib (?) measurement. He said this will fall perfectly on the side. I brought some clothes with me just to see how they would change my look, and they're huge! It was amazing!

I left the clinic more excited than ever. This is really happening and I'm preparing to the fullest!


I don't know why the photos did not upload, but here they are!


One week left till my BA! I am so excited. I have not prepared to the fullest yet but I'll do them the entire weekend (getting meds, buying food, and stuff need for healing!).

I am taking 4 days off work - Thursday, Friday, Monday (Labor Day), Tuesday, and Wednesday. But I'm going to have to work remotely, just to check emails and stuff. I have everything planned out in my mind but there's too much stuff to do!

I am also debating about the size. I picked 339 ccs and aiming for a full B cup or a small C. But I as look around pictures of women from AA cups to B-C cups, they have at least 350 ccs in them. But! I trust my doctor. I know boob greed will arise at one point but hey, I went from nothing to something right?

Good night!

Cleaning! Moving! Stressed Out! Breathe....

I've been cleaning like an animal the entire weekend. The bad news: I recently found out that I need to move out by the end of September. I found out last week, begged my landlord to give us more time, but they've already scheduled the renovations... Instead of panicking, I made a plan of action and have been so far, on schedule! I managed to clean my room, bathroom, and the kitchen; washed comforters, blankets, and pillow cases; vacuumed and sprayed. My room smells lovely, clean and fresh! Ready for the long haul! At 6PM tonight, I've packed 90% of my things. Will someone please give me a high five? :D Now, I don't have to worry about lifting much after my procedure and just focus solely on my recovery. (Still gotta look for that new apartment tho, yikes! Praying so hard....)

QS: How soon can you lift things like a pile of clothes or do laundry?

Anyway, I cleaned out my closet and got rid of these pads :D


I woke up to a great, sunny morning and decided it's time to take "the" before photos of me in some of my favorite tops. See how flat I am??? It's absurd! I want ya'll to be like, "How in the world?!" "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy???" "Hallelujah for me, at least I've got an A" Hahaha! Just kiddin :)

I don't even know why I bought them! I would wear chicken fillets in them and even those don't help :(((

All I ever wanted is to fill in my clothes... go braless... feel like a woman!

Sorry for the eyesore ladies :D

Aug. 28th

I made it! Woke up in a lot of pain and trembling, but the nurse gave me a heated blanket which was oh so comfy! And gave me some pain meds. I am still in pain but I'm handling it well. Guess I feel the pressure of the bandages more than the actual cut! Can't wait to get rid of these tom! I don't even remember when I knocked out! Got the IV (which sucked as I hate needles!!), then they asked questions, they gave a patch behind my ear for nausea, doctor came and told me he's got my DD implants in the car! What humor! He's so funny and nice :) then they carried me off and saw the operating room then poof! I'm in the recovery room. What an experience! Stayed in the recovery room for 2 hours coz that bed is just too comfy!! But they has to wake me up haha! They said I'm such a sleeper. Sleeping is good, I expected more pain but it's OK. Appetite is good too. Been trying to drink lots of water, eating soups, canned fruits and yogurt and some chocolate chip cookies! Haha. A little bit bloated. So far I've been in and out from the pain meds. But always feel well rested when I wake up!

I'll post more tomorrow.

Night ladies!

First Morning!

Wow! I woke up at 3am to pain! Grabbed some crackers and started eating so I can drink my pain meds. All better now! But the pressure and a bit of back pain does not dissipate. Have to sleep upright next time so it's easier to get up! Oh boy was it hard to get up! Watching reruns of Law and Order SVU! And maybe some game thrones later.. I go to the doctor today at 11am to take off the bandages. So excited! I still can't believe I did it!!


Say hello! The bandages were really the worst part for me. It was hard to breathe. Now I feel much better. I can also feel the implant on my sides. I still take pain meds. I'm not so sure about the size! I feel boobie greed and wish I've gone bigger but the more I touch and feel 'em the more I'm loving them! I finally have boobs! OMG!!! I can't wait for them to drop! Will post more pics :)

Thank you so much for all your support!


Oh boy! Finally was able to take a shower today. I got my period yesterday but somehow have not experience any cramps. Maybe the meds are helping with those! I woke up at 3am again to pain on my left boob. The right is almost painless! Ate crackers again and drank my pain meds.

So when I took a shower, I was finally able to examine my new boobs and I think they are the perfect size for me! :) anything bigger and I might be in more pain. They're pretty swollen right now but I managed to wash myself :)

Thank you so much ladies for your support! I love this forum! Wouldn't be able to do this without you

Week One: Anxiety, Confused, TIIIIGHT!!!

Hola Ladies ;) it's been a week! Time flies but not fast enough for my boobies to soften up and drop! They're super hard and tight! I get tired really easily, it's not funny.

I went to my first post op appointment yesterday to get my stitches out. They look meeh. Any tips on scar treatments? The doctor said I should really keep on moving my arms and a little bit of massage is ok. I lost sensation on my right nip. I actually feel my nips as if they're underneath the implants! Does anyone ever feel that way? It's so weird!

I went to work on Tuesday and drove. It was crazy. I felt like fainting at the end of day. But today I feel more like myself and my road rage is coming back! Hehe

I get really antsy sometimes, like it comes in panic attacks. I feel like I drank tons of coffee. So I've been avoiding caffeine for the moment.

I had sex yesterday! Sorry TMI! But I felt super sexy! It was nothing acrobatic haha but afterwards I felt really relaxed.... ;)

But sometimes I worry too much that they're too big. The boob greed is goone... It's actually the opposite. They look so big coz they sit so high right now. But when I'm in clothes, they look perfect. No one's noticed at work coz I've been wearing loose tops. But when I touch them at home, I freak out coz I feel they're too big!

And lastly, I'm a little bit confused! I don't know what to do with these new toys! I feel kinda lost like I don't know how to present myself. I need to find myself again...

Anyway, thanks for reading ladies :) will try to update on a weekly basis! Ta' ta

24 Days!

Hi Ladies! I'm so sorry for not updating. If you've read my previous posts, I have to move out by the end of the month. Moving is stressful!

So here are my boobies at Day 24! Approx 3 weeks and 2 days. It's getting rounder and softer! There's only very little pain when I squeeze em. And they're not that heavy either! I'm feeling much better with the size too.

So I went to see my doctor on Thursday. He said I've been healing quickly and that I can start squeezing/pinching them. I can also start working out! And in fact I can do sit ups now so I'm so excited to workout! I also bought a silicone scar gel for the incisions. And he also told me that I don't need to wear a bra which I loooooove!!! Will see him in 3 months.

I'm really starting to feel like they're my own! I'm feeling more comfortable with them and my confidence is just boosting! I get looks and guys call me honey now. There's truth in how people perceive your confidence.

I'm still waiting for them to fully drop before fitting a bra. I bought a bralette from Nordstrom and one from American apparel. Both have hooks at the back. I love going bra less though. My nips are too pointy but I just put my hair in front and poof no problem!

Thanks ladies! I'll post more pictures in a few days!


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love you journey, so many emotions and feelings you express, I thought I was the only one! Thank you so much! I have my BA November 14th, very nervous!!!
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Looking really good! XXXX
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Been waiting for your updates! I think you look gorgeous. My doc said it is good if it takes about 3+ months to drop - less likelihood of bottoming out. Which silicone scar gel did you get?
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My dear! I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep track of your progress :( I hope you're feeling better :) it's called biocorneum and has 30 SPF. I got it from my doctor for 65 bucks.
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How are you doing, lady? You look great so far!
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Hey girl thanks! I'm doing fine :) healing well and back to normal!
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You are gorgeous! So excited for you!
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Thanks girl!
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hey i m also asian and had surgery on 31st august. our new girls almost same age. wat was your cc? i had 350cc hp mentor.
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You look amaziiiiing!!!! And they are dropping so well! Gosh! Mine are still pretty high and I went with 339 ccs.
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have u been wearing bandage around top of your breast at least when your sleeping? it helps i guess
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First of all you look awesome! Your first post really spoke to me. I am also asian, but I've had two kids and ever since then I haven't been the confident woman I used to be. I look forward to following your journey.
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Aww thank you! I hope I inspired you
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You look fantastic! They look perfect on you and very proportionate too - congrats!
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Thank you girl! They're droooooping and it's so fun to observe!
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You look sooooo good! I think you are going to be stoked on your final results!! I can't wait to see them progress!
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You look wonderful! :) Im sure as they heal and settle you will be more comfortable with them!! DOnt work too hard and take care of yourself sexy mama!!
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Sexy mamasita! Thanks ❤️
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You look amazing already and you will continue to look even better as time passes! Good luck with your healing...you will fall in love with your new boobs! I love mine and they feel so much a part of me that I don't even remember the flat chested girl I used to be!!!!
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Thanks so much! ❤️
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They look fantastic and you've chosen a really modest size for your tiny frame. I'm so happy for you!
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They look great and I agree the perfect size for you!
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Yay for the right size :). I have pain I'm only one of mine too its been like this since the first day! I can do stuff with my left arm but not my right. I am right handed so the muscles on my right side are a lot stronger so maybe this is why this side is sore. I also love my size. I love the fact that because in clothes they look like natural small breasts then none will even think to think has she had a boob job!! I am good thanks. I feel like when I look down they r the same too but just not flat. I think when they drop and get back to feeling normal then they will feel like they r just my boobies! :) I also think that's an advantage of not going so big too. Also I am awaiting my period I dread the cramps! Glad the pain meds are masking them :)
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