So....hi everyone...been stalking here for awhile...

So....hi everyone...been stalking here for awhile waiting for the money and courage to embark on this journey....everything finally came together so here i says lipo is part of the surgery for him so i am ok with it....hopefully i get a nice hourglass....he also says he will be going 2 inches above my belly button easily...thats kinda scared me but the though of 90% of stretch marks on tummy gone is um...exciting....but as the days go on...i find myself getting nervous of the pain....i am actively exercising and doing kettlebell...hoping to drop a few extra pounds...but he says im all skin so not trying to lose my boobs too am wearing a two sweat band tight with a corset at night to help get the muscles healing....according to what i feel it is mostly a bit less than a finger width diastasis i am dealing hoping i can close it a bit more before surgery...or if i can a least get the muscles used to being close together then maybe the plication wont be as bad...i did read a doctor commented he does this with his patients....i dont wear it 24 hr..just a night then i wear a compression tank top under my clothes which hides the skin nicely....

Realistic expectations

As you can tell from my pics i am a mid torso body type...meaning...i have a very small distance between my ribs and hips..not much room for a im not expecting an hour glass figure...but hopefully at least some indentation of a waist with the lipo......remember ladies if your body type is short torso you will never have the figure of a long torso females....accept your body type and embrace it...make it the best it can be within reason....each body type has pros and cons...long torsos gain weight in hips and thighs, butt, get saddlebags....mid torso which is kinda where i am but more short ....gets inner thigh fat and has somewhat of a waist and longer legs with a decent butt....short torso...which is what my sister is...has a flat butt long legs and no waist.....its a trade off i guess...figure out your figure and go from there.....realistic ladies....

Me with clothes

Clothes can really hide a lot especially when you wear a a tummy control tank under everything...but just shows you how much stretched out skin i have...doc plans to go two inches above my belly button which kinda frightens me considering hes planning on cutting below my pubis hair wow can you really pull it down that low.....i wont be hunching i will look like kinda like a Lopsided "T" meaning i while have to walk at a right angle.....scary

Surgery ipad body morph

I think this is reasonable with lipo, muscle plication and all the skin cut off....i didnt morph it too much

Hubby says im getting more toned

When i met my hubby 7 years ago i weighed about 155 lbs and wore a junior 11 to 13 thats with stretched out tummy from 5 kids...i was really toned....i stopped weighing myself months ago cause well its depressing and becomes obsessive id rather obsess about my breasts are rather large and are at least ten lbs of my weight.....being bigger than hoping to tone up more in the obliques and butt , thighs in the coming 5 weeks before getting nervous about wound healing...seen some nasty photos with wounds opening at 5 weeks post....really scary....but anyways ya go...some from 7 years ago from today , bloated from pmsing...maybe it will go down a bit more in a hoping

Get nervoussssssssd

Okay im a bit more than three weeks pre getting stuff together....just ordered hypa fix tape...because im sensitive to medihoney...which other plastic surgery sister have recommended for non healing wounds or spitting fast...debrides the wound natural and kills bacteria....want to make sure im prepared in case healing goes south....i have my arnica 30x not c pills, my bromelain, i have serrapeptase but unsure if ill take it....i have quercetin....three of these not including the serrapeptase are in that post op healing pills they sell for so i will be taking black strap molasses which is high in iron, calcium and potassium...which should help with swelling....wounds drain a lot of taking lactoferrin which rumoredly raises iron faster than iron itself since its the with iron...b12, folate and b2 these all help promote healthy red blood cells....and a taking cod liver oil for a and d but will probably have to stop two weeks preop but i will see what doc says about post op....vit a is vital to skin healing and infection prevention...i also will be eating high protein taking magnesium malate....and taking gelatin...along with collagen 1 and 3 and arginine and glycine these two help circulation and wound healing...also an important one...niacin...this helps circulation the capillaries....i noticed niacin was in the post op recovery low dose no problems with flushing...maybe 50mg to start...dont get non flushing because the effect is not the i have my arnica cream and a cheap corset...doc says no binder or compression till drain removal because it affects circulation and increases risk of dvt which i have sense to me ...he says cheap one will i just need pads and gauze pads for wounds maybe some paper tape...oh i also bought a device that lets women stand to trying to get my ovulation to come a bit early...since im scheduled for cycle right before surgery like a day before....taking gentian and bleuporum...this stimulates o....i hope i can get it a few days earlier even if i just pass the heavy gotta get the kids prepared for school which starts 10 days post..hope i can drive to pick them up...otherwise my high schoolers will have to walk.....oh the horror....they swear....i keep running the day and the waking through my mind..imaging how it will be..the i will cope how i will walk...i guess im mentally preparing....dont know how much it will help.....if you ladies have any further recommendations let me going shopping day before and making chix soup....i have my ipad and earphone so ill be good....i also have a raised toilet seat...for to use....will have access to a walker and shower seat.....otherwise im getting really strict on the diet meaning not really dieting...not good to do that before surgery compromise your bodys healing abilities...but im watching the carbs...and im exercising and kettlebelling to death since i wont be able to kettlebell for three months i takes like that long for the fascia to heal and integrate scar tissue into the sutures for not messing this up....itll come back quick once i start again....ok done

More before pics

Well tomorrow its officially three weeks still kettlebelling four times a week and i definitely feel much stronger and hoping to drop maybe five more pounds but i dont want to deplete my bodys reserves doing it so i focus more on muscle building....that raises your metabolism....

Morphing fun

Im so excited i cant wait for my new trying to embrace the good part of this so the bad wont seem so bad.....i know ill look better than this cause i cant morph the tunmy flat all i can do is bring in the sides a bit.....hopefully my real before and afters look much better sure they they better....

Post op las vegas dress...

Bought a couple dresses...cant wait for the belly to be gone....


So been reading about ladies needing blood transfusion....i will not accept one im working to make sure my hemos high....apparently bananas help indirectly raise hemo copper and b6.... I already knew about copper...copper stimulates bone marrow...which makes red blood cells....dandelion helps too...right now im taking b12, will start taking b6, folate, iron plus black strap molasses...i take vitamin c with my iron and also b2 which helps build red blood cells not fooling around....protein is important for keeping blood in the circulatory system eat high protein.....

Almost my time

So ive been trying to handle my business and not get too wrapped up in the upcoming tummy tuck...i feel like im losing focus on all the things i need to do prior.....still to to register kids all next week, monday, wed and my daughters aba therapy tues wed wow i cant catch a break....but considering my predisposition too ocd. Maybe its better this way....i dont want to be nervous for the next 8 days....its coming soon enough....i have everything....just need to do day before food shopping and get my a light robe and a button up nightie and some anti slip slippers....and get some safety pins and a lanyard........its almost my time ladies.......i will take pics preop and depending on how i feel ...after i get home...ummm maybe lol....

Four more days

Ready to start my post op " reality" and pass this pre op "anxiety" ......but wondering ....for post op ladies....doc prescribed emend....antinausea....but this 1 pill is almost $100. The pharmacist recommended zofran.....i was told ill get something at the hospital for nausea too....ive been under three times with no nausea....i want to just ask the doctor for zofran ....its only $8 .......what did you ladies get?


Read they gave this stuff to pts with serious wounds and it helps fight infection, necrosis and speed healing...i looked it up its quite expensive...looked up ingredients...arginine...glutamine, calcium...well i already have two and went out and got money ladies buy the three swansonvitamins....this and i have my gelatin ready to go...

Last weight training session

Well thats it for 2 or more months I figure....I will do cardio til thurs then its go time just finishing up registration and mentally preparing....this thing is happening.....not used to having down time but any women who takes care of a family gets that.......just trying to prepare the household and do all the laundry and wanrs to come over but last surgery i has for tubal reversal she kept saying stupid stuff right after making me laugh which freaking hurt and will hurt all the I had to ban her from coming the first couple days..but boy is she tripying to come up with gmas docs appointment is on Friday..,.im like...thats still aint my lesson the first seriously you dont do that to people post op.......really dont want a bunch of people here anyways.......i need quite to deal with pain......pretty soon Ill be on the flat side....kinda anxious about how my figure will look....but all in due time.....gotta make the journey first.....happy healing ladies....

Two more nights , one more day.....

Be steady my heart.....means to an end.....I can do this....

6 hours

I wanted to sleep but idk if i can...i have to get up at 5 to take my zofran and wash up again then leave at 530 or's finally here i should be excited but im terrified....craaaaaaaaaap

Last shower in 30

Its really almost time...too bad i only got 2 hours sleep and my throat feels dry....i think this happens to some of us from stress....anxiety. ....go glad its almost over....its almost like it cant happen fast enough...said my my


Recovery after anesthesia was a bitch...we got there at 6 was around 730....i woke up so freaking tight....omg....especially around my upper abdomen where my daughter stretched me out...feels like im wearing a concrete girdle....he took so majorly hunched....i kept feeling faint and nauseous and hypoglycemic....i could t sit up was terrible trying not to barf....the Percocet made me sicker....i ended there all day til 5 pm to stabilize me....after my hubby got me fries i felt better...but right now im majorly swollen which is causing a great deal of pain and affecting my mobility....he did aggressive lipo on my flanks....ouch......this

Doing much better

Wow that first 36 hrs just about killed me....finally over the course of last night i was able to get up a walk all by myself....i was getting worried there that i was going to get blood clots and never make it to the bathroom once the stool softeners kicked in...dont know what id have done without my portable jane...very good buy....will take new pics tomorrow once i take off bandages and pain pump.....happy healing ya'll


Lipo is no joke...thats one of the things that had me so messed up....but...putting on deep blue from doterra mixed with trameel....helps sooooo much...makes it bearable....hurts to slide onto the recliner...I feel the homeopathic remedies have helped more than the vicodin....i havent taken anything for four hours now and i only took...half 5/325.... Im also taking gelatin, glutamine and glycine which all speed wound healing plus im taking multi vitamin, vitamin c and niacin for circulation.....i think im over the bad hump....


Check this out ladies..this amino acid increases pain threshold, decreases swelling, increases circulation, wound healing and muscle repair and decreases muscle spasms....miracle amino...i felt so much better after taking it...

Poo success

Yes..what a relief of pressure...stool softeners...magnesium malate. Then prune juice took it the rest of the way...yay....

Pain pump

Well pain pump was already empty so i took it out...didnt hurt blood...thank family doesnt have the stomach for it....

Standing a bit straighter

Cant believe how much smaller i clothes are already very loose and im extremely swollen....i peeked at my bb and theres at least an inch of swelling around it.....i can tell he did a great job...its nice to have my smaller legs match better with my smaller waist

Bandage removal

Wow what a pain, the bandage adhesive is no joke...ladies if the gauze sticks just get some saline spray to loosen the dry like a charm.....i can already see the dog ear on the left said that will need to be fixed later...but o toole already told me id more than likely have was inevitable...but the right side is flat and great....scar line appears very thin....looks is nice happy most my stretch marks are gone....

Pics with bandages off

Im liking what im seeing more and more


Well i can say i defintely notice swelling from Eating and drinking ...taking colace or magnesium and pooing obviously helps big time.theres just less room for expansion of the bowels....not that i dont have actual swelling but gi processes are really a problem to the point of pain.....the swelling remains consistant the bloating comes near the end of the day.....this is sucking hard core...getting tired like everyone of being useless....superwoman complex....maybe?


Cant wait for swelling to go down so i can try this outfit on and see if i turned out better than the

Close up bb

Loving the fact the stitches are inside not around.....yes....

Coughing and mortal enemies

Forgot to tell you guys...a few nights second oldest son came in at 2am to get me water and i asked him to shut the window.....well he ran into my walker with his toe....and being his normal jim carrey self...acted dramatic and set me off...he proceeded to shut the window in front of me ....i didnt hear laughter but i could see him shrugging his shoulders....i was like dont laugh ...go away....he bursted out laughing...i couldnt help myself trying to do rapid breathing through my i clenched lightly like twice then a hard one...while i told him to ran away and get out....ended up pissing myself i clenched so hard...luckily it wasnt much.....ih and i almost let myself sneeze...luckily i caught it with a finger under the nose....this does work.....and just seems all the phelgm wanted to work its way up....can hear me wheezing...i knew this was bad....need to get it out...before i aspirate it and get pneumonia....anyways trying to just clear my throat but then id feel like i was choking on it....then it happened ....i semi coughed....i knew i had to get out at least one it was so i sat straight up...splinted with a pillow and proceeded to coax it out with throat clearing...luckily a light cough got it up....then a would breath in as much as i could an just try to clear my throat...that finally got it up with no pain....whew...crisis adverted...that was scary......

Feel like i look bigger

Huh....feeling like i look bigger than from first standing photo....but then again swelling is still pretty major...everywhere....just going through the same motions as everyone i to be patient ..but so tired of drains, pains, sitting all day.....just sucks....hoping by middle next week these bloody balls are gone.....

Fluid mobilization

So i finally get why we get weepy around this time....part of it is emotions and i believe the other part is fluid movement...all the sudden today im coughing up phlegm, my nose is running and feeling weepy ....cause my oldest son is leaving for university some 6 hrs away tomorrow morning....and the swelling is moving down my legs...this is not all just coincidence....fluids are thinning out and moving around....yeah...hopefully the swelling is making its way out....i purposely took some b 6 to lower histamine....i can tell its high...crazy appetite with nausea if i dont eat, when i sleep i get really hot and sweaty, sleepiness, major swelling.....i can tell the b6 is helping cause everythings moving again....yeah....move it right on out....

Post op appointment

Weeellllllll......first doc says im standing almost straight...much starter than he expected.....drains are still draining actively so those won't be leaving anytime scary part....doc starts pulling off tape....then the nurse is pulling off tape on the other side....i was like oh goodness...ouch..whats he parts he just ripped off quickly the most right over the pubic area which is good i guess because thats the area prone towards after this...he says okay since your standing up going to put you in a binder....i wasn't expecting that nurse goes behind me and i wrap my arms into hers so she can harness me then he tell me to bend back towards like....i can barely stand up do i bend back.? they made it tight.....but im hoping this pushes the rest of the fluid the post op report was in..over 7 lbs of skin and about 3 lbs lipoed out.....holy cow wow......this should be huge difference once the swelling disappears.....

The "binder"

So here it is....i thought it was going to be hard to put back on after a shower..but i guess all the kettlebell arm work helped cause i put it on myself tightly np...i is definitely helping swelling but at first it caused a lot of pain in my uterus..probably cause of my period and throbbing around the incision above also caused swelling around the drain holes which made it very painful to use the bathroom...luckily its subsided...but i can see the water pockets in my upper now...i just get up every hr or so walk til i feel my abs hoping its pulling in displaced water....then i go sit down and let the drains do their duty....i want them sole purpose now...doc says probably another week.....NOOOOOOOO........

Swell hell

I am so swollen its nuts...i look ate before and after and im just a s big if not bigger....i notice im bigger in my arms and hoping this is water retention...i know most of the leg swelling is....but...this is just depressing...i know is should be expected but ...its actually starting to get to me.....not happy

Almost there

24 hr drain readings at 27 ml left and 60ml right....just gotta get the right below 30 before friday and im go for them to go.....sooooo close.......

Free at last free at last

Well my bloody balls are gone..praise the lord...compression, tanks, tummy control full effect...wish i had my arch no butt...but starting to look decent....

Finally going out more n wearing makeup

I look so unnatural though my stomach is ridiculously flat and there is like no fat on my hips..all i feel is bones...this pic is with my binder on....i ordered a short torso waist trainer to wear with compression garment to whittle my natural waist even more.....still am not up completely straight...i can stand straighter with tight compression to lower belly....cant walk too much ...start swelling and feeling dizzy....but at least i can go out,...i told my getting a lot of looks for the flat butted hunchback of covina....yeah that needs to be corrected asap...i worked hard for that soon i know....hopefully by the end of sept...

Bikini reveal

Hoping to whittle my waist more....just purchased a short torso waist trainer....but here what im working with at two weeks out.....

Almost into a old navy 10

Tried on my old navy rock star size 10 almost can button them...otherwise fit into some junior 11/12 stretch jeans i bought that were tight before surgery...the fit loose now...yay.....hoping i can be a nice size 10. Maybe an 8 .....still lots a swelling....

New vedette 902 waist cincher for short torso

Check this this thing....

Loving taking pics

So weird for this shape to be forming on ME.....its just crazy....been wanting to get into singing for awhile but just lacked the confidence in my body....already performed twice.....but lacked stage presence....maybe this will do hoping.......cant wait to start exercising....dieting alone doesnt do it for me.....

Corset belts omg

Had to share ladies! Got these multi colored corset belts from amazon five colors under 20 bucks....i absolutely love, white, black, pink and brown...def worth it...yesssssss


Alright..turns out im a dork....i thought you measure "hips" um....on your actual "hips" according to that im like a rectangle shape butttttttttt.....i come to look online after some ladies saying im hourglass and um....turns out you measure across your lower cooch area where the thighs bulge out...and um..yeah. Im officially 43 34 43 so....with 9 inches on both ends ...thats officially hourglass im hoping for smaller waist once this swelling subsides...tummy still hard..but getting smaller slowly every ...but it doesnt last the usually 36 by the end of the day....the niacin i was taking for my legs got me producing too much serotonin now...been waking up late and craving no more..i am starting my copper and theanine and matcha tea....these increase dopamine which wake you up early naturally, keep you happy and best of all keep your appetite low and naturally lowers salt....awesome huh....matcha tea cheap at

Tighter waist cincher

So i can finally do up this xs waist cincher i got on ebay....the sizes run bigger than normal...this is the happy...this is me with the waist cincher and some tummy control briefs to push the water out of my thing im not happy about is swelling in the cooch and a lipo dent right above my right butt cheek near my hip...i can tell he lipoed a bit too much there than on the other sure part of it it the residual swelling from the end of the incision which is right above the dent....i aggressively rubbing the lumpy parts so they even out...this is what i read to do online from two or three weeks on....last night i slept without anything was nice....but i started releasing a bunch of water i was pissing all night....its ok though cause i see the difference today...he told me i didnt have to wear the binder at night but i felt so vulnerable without it....but it appears when your laying down since swelling isnt an issue ...its better to give your body that break and let the bloating in your tummy return to the circulation so it can make its way to the kidneys.....hopefully ill dump some more water tonight lol....happy healing girls....

Lookie what i found lurking in my incision

No wonder i wasnt healing..some kinda hookie thing...hooks on both sides...i saw it after i put sugar in the must have drawn this wonder it cant close on a foreign body...i really though the white was granulating tissue..glad i decided to check hook...really...luckily it cracked it half and i was able to get the other hook side out....moral...ladies check wounds that aren't healing for foreign bodies....

More pics lol

I just order. A mini wasp corset...this is geared towards making the waistline...doesnt cover a nice leather looking one from uk for 35.00 bucks....waist training does work...but requires a lot of time to be permanent and of you wont be as small as the trainer makes you once its off...but ..,.your waist will get smaller..its a matter of fat and organ shifting which takes can also shape floating ribs....months ladies...


HEre ya go

Insorb skin staple

It was an absorbable staple...only problem is once they are exposed to air they dont break down anymore...somehow this one detached from the other side...probably why it opened in the first place and because he did that side tighter....then it was impeding healing as ya know ....heres a pic...


Not sure why the pic above says overbust but..its actually underbust meant to sit on sternum where the V point is

Lymph and scar massage by yourself

Heres a link to a youtube video on how to progressively work away the fibrin of scar tissue which helps reestablish lymph... going to start the hell with swell luck ladies


Ok so im just going to come out and say anyone else having semi painful orgasms....seriously.....? They are scary.....i can feel the the blood rushingto my lower abdomen then when it muscle tenses like crazy...lve actually had to stop my husband...ive even tried breathing exercises it is so intense...wth?...this is annoying husband and i have been wondering how long this will last...been like this since day 10.... First time........anyone else experiencing this.....

Newest pic

Keep in mind i have a rago on and my short torso cincher....cant wait for wasp trainer to come....

New stetchmarks? Freaking out

So idk what these r exactly...woke up nothing there right?...i put on my hook n eye cincher for the day....experiencing major beginning of period swelling...worst yet...take off cincher and i have all these little red dent looking things and one longer one around my bb...what the i sleep on it...they are still hoping this is some kibda of bruising from the cincher cause i really cant believe i popped up with new stretchmarks in a matter of hours....anyone else experiencing this?......i did scratch off adhesive around my bb like a week ago and there wS little hemorraging under the skin...omg ....what is this?

Homeopathic remedies

Staphysagria (stavesacre)

This multipurpose remedy is best known for relieving pain and encouraging healing of soft tissue injuries. It is particularly helpful for cuts and lacerations to soft tissues due to injury, abdominal surgery or childbirth. Nerve pains from hypodermic needles, dental work, headaches (as if lead ball in forehead), sciatic nerve pain (worse before rising from bed) and nerve pain can find it very comforting, as well. Among Staphysagria's other applications are recurring styes and certain eye injuries and urinary irritation following sex or catheters.
Staphysagria relieves ailments caused by suppressed emotions particularly wounded dignity, betrayal, humiliation, anger or grief. The individuals who can benefit most from Staphysagria are sentimental, conscientious, yielding, easily offended, very sensitive to betrayal, injustice, tragic events and sad stories. They know their own opinion but tend to avoid quarrels and fear losing self control. Any added emotion makes everything worse, but often a good night's sleep and breakfast will improve things a bit.

Just bought this says on it surgery...and it mentions abdominal...also taking natrium sulphuricum for swelling....calc fluor for stretch marks...silicea helps that too....and Thiosinaminum....for stretch marks and soft tissue plus scar therapy.......will post my thoughts on these...

Requested bb pic

Not the new stretch marks around can i do...its really not gaining weight so that isnt it....
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

So far the consultation was great..he has wonderful bedside manner and makes you feel confident in his skills.....

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HI!!!!Did those stretch marks go away? they kinds looked like they were from the CG. Sounds like you are doing everything preventative possible. I have noticed some new stretch marks too and have been slathering myself in lotion daily! I think the BB is cute. its tiny. Let me know your review on the homeo concoctions your taking . :)
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No they didnt but the remedies are helping also using forces of nature stretch mark therapy oil...and calendula oil...they have at least stopped growing mom has a red light so im using that too...they are already beginning to lighten.....they arent too bad....make sure your taking gelatin that will help and vitamin was a mineral,boron that i started taking three days before for my ankle pain that i believe did it..boron increasing collagenase which breaks down collagen....helps arthritis but i forgot about the bad part...too coincidental...last time i took too much i got eye wrinkles....ahhhh...le least i caught them early i still cant believe i got so many in like an special......i dont think ill get i more boron ...: p
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Mine looks different or your pic is blurry so I can't tell! LOL! ;p Yours looks like a button. Mine's just as small - I'm thankful that's O'Toole's style. But mine has gone thru different "phases" and changed shape multiple times. Now it's small like yours, a button, but has some separated nodules - sectioned out. I like it better than what it looked like before marble therapy (but marble therapy makes it a weird hollow shape). *sigh*... guess I'll just wait... Thx for the pix tho.
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I did an ipad pic no so good..ill try my phone tomorrow
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Hey BB twin! Can you post a pic of your BB? I figure since he did both our BB's - we should look the same right? Either that or I'm just healing weird. I think I don't mind how my BB looks now - it's kinda like an innie/outie. I stopped marble therapy bcz it was making my BB look very strange and slowing down the healing process. I don't think it's closing up anymore. Thx.
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Girl, you take more stuff than my mom! ;p
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Lol...u dont know the half of it....
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I hope this remedy helps you :)
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Do you think it could be red spider veins instead of stretch marks? If so those can be lasered,it's called sclerotherapy. I hope they are not stretch marks.
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Me too..but they are indented so im not been putting on all sorts of oils and lotions and taking vits...idk...but i can say my period swelling was outrageous last night...i feel thats what did least theyre not too bad...i know i can fade them with glycolic acid microneedling and my oils just sucks i thought i was past the stretchmarks period...i had just lost 4 1/2 pounds too.....argh....
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Damn i wish it was the faja making indent and not permanent. I will stay positive for you.
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If they dont go away in the next few days ...then its for sure new wearing my binder very tight while on my period....i cant allow this to happen..luckily they are small and i will be able to fade them....geesh right when i thought i was safe...they sneak up on me and catch me
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Thank goodness I didn't find any of those little boogars! Did O'toole say why he used them on you? Is it a bad thing? Bcz I saw the drs use it on "botched" so it must be common practice. Thank goodness you're a nurse and know about these things too! I'd be pickin' away at every little thing bcz I get into that bad habit of picking when I shouldn't... good thing my TT scar has no sca (other than my ouchy spot) bcz otherwise, i'd prob end up picking it off! :/
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...TT scar has no scab
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Lucky you...i still having a little bit of scabbing where it looks like a stretch mark might have torn so its not a thin keeps loosing in the shower but its still attached in one area...i have to keep clipping it off little by little so it wont catch...i just wish it woukd fall the heck off already....i read that the staples save operating incision was around the back so aybe coupled with that and aggressive lipo it ran too far into my 3 1/2 hr block idk....
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Um loosening
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My PSs nurse told me that the dissolvable stitches are like a barbed wire- with barbs or hooks on them- that explains the hook sticking out of you! I had one sticking out-looked like a splinter to me- very sharp- when she pulled it up to snip it I was shocked- looked like a very thin wire- and she said they actually have barbs on them to force the skin closed while it heals. Sounds sadistic- sewing a person up with barbed wire- but it seems PSs these days have all sorts of things available to make their incisions beautiful :-)
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Naw these werent sutures they are insorb absorbable staples.....theres a picture above in my was the end of a staple sticking out and the other end was inside...looked exactly like the staple above and ps confirmed it today...i actually felt along my incision and pushed on the little bumps i felt which were staples and i crushed them underneath my skin so theyll dissolve better...i say one girl whose incision started getting little holes everywhere because the staples werent breaking not having going to vegas in three weeks and he says if my incision is healed im cleared for standing water...nothings getting in my
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oh - hahaha... was I supposed to wear that thing lower, like under-boob?!! omg, how funny! Well, it seemed to fit better covering the nipples and I was trying to be discreet... you know, don't want my vid floating around town! ;) Saw O'toole today - wow, busy day! There were so many people in the waiting room! He said my wound isn't infected and there's no lost stitch in there. Just taking it's time to heal... He slathered some silvadene on it - looked like butt cream! ;p
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Lol...i was there too at 3pm
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Oh wow! We just missed u! And at my appt I was gonna say- callendergirl said to dig around bcz there might be a lost stitch in there! ...But then I realized how weird that would sound! Lol
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Lol i didnt have to dig was right there but i thought it was the skin granulating...its hard to see the incision on my hip its kinda hidden....then i decided to grab the white thing i saw...i was totally shocked like really...he didnt tell me he was using absorbable staples....sutures yes...not staples...i didnt even know there was such a thing....
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Other than that he was happy with my progress...i must be doing better than most....he was surprised i was already doing leg lifts...but like i told him it doesnt engage my he was fine with it...i was hoping to get cleared for light cardio..but i had some swelling...but there was no fluid...he was perplexed...but i told him im starting my period soon and typically bloat 3 to 5 wedding was tight this morning so i took it off...before it was loose..thats how i gauge my he says start light cardio at 6 weeks....arghhhh....he asked where i got my short torso cincher from he liked it...i was all compressed..he just watched me layer it on...hes all watching you put on layers and i just cant believe it lol....i had a tight spandex waist cincher...then my chort torso hook n eye cincher plus a tummy control underwear AND a tummy control tank another stretch tank over and a wide liked the figure that short torso ...the vedette...gave think he was happy with his work..he started comparing my preop just cant wait to feel a bit of r You doing? What he say?
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It looks like your wound is just going to take away because the edges are not and cannot be approximated or brought that case the skin must granulate and gradually build up the layers which takes longer...the one on my hip i actually tried to squeeze close tonight and tape but idk if it will work with the tension....
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I already feel normal - do normal things, wear normal clothes. Goodness, you DO wear a lot to the office! You wore all that in one day?!! LOL! When I go to dr appts, all I wear is a bralette, thin tank top, and short shorts. That's it. I don't even bring my binder! I look like I just walked in off the street! (Only now, I have BOOBS!!) ;)
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