My Lipo Experience - Parramatta, AU

I have been researching and looking at liposuction...

I have been researching and looking at liposuction for a couple of years now. I am about 156cm and currently 63kgs and 20 years old. I have gotten down to 50kgs about 2 years ago but still did not see results that I was happy with, I still had those awful saddlebags and even my flanks were still quite large. Currently I go to the gym 4 times a week, doing mostly weight training. I am hoping that because I am very young and quite active my body will heal up alright and my skin elasticity wont be an issue, fingers crossed.
I have booked in for liposuction on December 3rd. My procedure is being done out of state and my consultation will be done the day before. I am down for liposuction of inner/outer thighs, upper/lower abdomen and flanks
Really my main concerns are my saddle bags which I have waited many years to be gone, cannot wait to actually wear jeans without feeling like a stuffed turkey!
I'm not entirely sure yet if I should get my inner knees done,I haven't seen too many people that have had this done so not sure if it is going to make much difference to the contour of my legs?
Not long to go now at all, it's all getting very real!


Tell me about it! This is why I urge people to do thorough research and not only believe your Dr. since most seem to be in it for the money. This is a great website to understand what to expect so thats y I asked you if you have asked around. I know that we all want what we don't have so I believe communication is key so you don't end up dissatisfied. And yes its truly a gamble we have no idea how the body reacts but I'm glad that youre not alone in this and the best thing to do is prepare. Compression garment, arnica pills or tea for swelling, possibly a wedge pillow so your legs don't swell up, I would use almond oil as well since your skin becomes very dry, drink lots of water eat lots of protein for faster healing, you should ask your Dr how can yiu prevent scar tissue from forming, I'm almost sure you have all the things you need though. You can go to for more info.
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As long as you have a very good ps you will have fabulous results. Be patient because it takes a while for all the swelling to go away and see the final results. Good luck, I'm sure you will be thrilled with your new shape!
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I've seen so many people have no change until the 1 month mark if not even longer, and then the results are very dramatic. Just have to remember that it is gradual process, and I'm not going to see the end result in a day!

1 day to go

So my partner and I flew into Sydney late last night, arrived at the hotel in parramatta at about 11 30pm. The hotel is very nice and even had our room upgraded for free because of my surgery.
I was going to have my consultation at 10am today, but received a call at 8am letting me know my doctor is sick and that we would have to reschedule my consult until tomorrow which is also the day of my surgery. A little bit disappointed about that. I was looking forward to having the consult today and then having a day to think about it and see if there were any other questions or concerns that I had. But instead straight from consult into surgery


Good luck tomorrow!
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Thank you! Feeling the nerves a bit now!


So arrived at the institute at 2 30, had to hang around for about an hour before I got to see anyone as my surgeon was sick the previous day so was very busy today.
Went and got dressed into my sexy paper g-string and gown and waited for Dr Ali to come do my consult.
Got my partner to come in and listen as well in case he had any questions or concerns about the surgery. She was very kind and patient, and addressed all my concerns especially complications.
I went in wanting to have inner, outer thighs, upper, lower abdomen, hips and inner knees. She told me that I did not have enough fat on my abdomen to warrant liposuction given that complications could arise. And that my hip bones protrude quite a lot meaning that I just have very naturally wide hips and unfortunately that's just my bone shape!
We decided that sticking with inner and outer thighs would give me the best resulsts with the least amount of complications, especially saggy skin and dents.
So after that had a lady come in and take my blood pressure, said it was incredibly normal and I must not be nervous at all. I was! After that the anesthesiologist came in and put the drip in my hand and told me about any complications that could arise under sedation. After that headed on into the surgery room!
Laid down on the bed and had circulation pads wrapped around my calves and a heat blanket and a woollen blanket over me to keep cosy. A few seconds later the anesthesia was put in through my drip, it was only twilight sedation, but I literally remember nothing after 1min. I woke up in a chair in recovery, fully clothed and in my compression garment with my partner next to me. I had literally no recollection of the surgery (thankfully) apparently I had already come around 20 minutes before trying to feed my chin crackers and putting a straw on my face. Luckily my partner was there to help me out! He said I asked him about 4 times what he got up to while I was under, and a few more times at the hotel haha.
Tried to walk around for a bit with the help of the nurse but was very dizzy so we waited a bit longer and headed off to the taxi after about 10 minutes. I don't remember the taxi ride or getting up to the hotel room at all.
Curled up and slept for a while, had some dinner and felt pretty good. Just quite achy, nothing unbearable though really. At 10pm as instructed took some painkillers and antibiotics. I was prescribed 2 pain killers, one a bit stronger just in case the other wasnt helping. After that decided to have a bit of a look and change some dressings, the back of my left thigh was leaking like crazy! A lot more than i expected. And once the compression garment was off they ALL started leaking horribly, it looked like a crime scene. I had my partner run out earlier though and get some pads to put over the areas for through the night. The compression garment is very comfortable, zips on both side and clasps, and an open crotch thank god! I did not realise the benefit if that until after I took the garment off and struggled back into it and then needed to pee immediately!
Took some pictures as well, and I'm feeling really happy about my results so far. Feeling pretty grotty and have some bruising coming up but I'm not feeling too bad!

2 Comments already look awesome & it's only going to get better with time. So with that said....just be patient for swelling & soreness to resolve completely. It's just the natural healing process & will take months to see the final results but will be well worth it :)
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I'm glad everything went well with your surgery and look forward to seeing more pictures.
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Post op day 2

Got up at 5am today to head off the airport and get myself home!
Thankfully didn't leak on anything last night at the hotel. A bit stiff this morning but really nothing unbearable. It is a tad hard to use the toilet, I'm pretty sure I remember the surgeon saying she would do a teeny bit under my bum and it definitely feels that way! Keeping up with the pain killers, I would be a little bit more sore I imagine without them!
I'm so incredibly happy with my results so far, I have never looked at my body and ever even remotely said 'yeah that looks pretty alright' and I just can't stop looking at my photos!
Once I got home took off all the dressings and changed them, only one incision was still leaking and quite a bit at that. You can see in the photos I had that bandaid on for 30 seconds and it was already filled with blood haha. Can shower later today as well which will be delightful! I won't lie, after having my consult and being told that I wouldn't be having upper/lower abdomen, flanks or inner knees I was feeling quite disappointed, but I did trust my surgeon and went with her judgement. And I'm so happy that I did. Also if anyone has any tips on showering I would be very greatful haha, I don't want it to be too much of a messy ordeal haha

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Day 2 post op pictures!


I would think baby body wash would be fine especially since your incisions are still covered :) Yes, I know how anxious you are to see real results but just remember it takes time... :) I'm sooooo happy for you because I know how incredibly awesome finally having self confidence in your appearance feels!! Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have...would be more than happy to try to help!!
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Also, an inexpensive shower curtain liner is perfect for protecting your furniture & bed from leakage :)
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Thanks so much for updating with pics!! You look great!! Your PS probably told you Baby Shampoo is good to shower's very mild & that's what you need right now with your incisions! Good luck & please keep us updated on your progress!!!
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Day 3, ouchies!

I have been so incredibly sore the last day, the pain killers have absolutely zapped me. I really can't even sit down for 5 minutes without falling asleep. I'm thinking of halving the dosage and seeing how I go. Took some more pictures today, I'm feeling happier than I ever have. I have always had horrible body issues and have never been happy no matter how small I have gotten, and even looking at my black and blue slightly lumpy body right now I'm ecstatic. I love the shape that is taking place and already feel happier I'm clothes. A lot of people report gaining weight directly after the procedure but I've actually lost a couple of kilos. I can not wait to get back into the gym. My inner thighs are pretty numb, and feel like they will be a for a while. When did everyone else manage to get back into the gym? I don't want to push myself too much but I hate not being able to go!

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Favourite Picture

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Favourite Picture


I think we're on the same journey.had same surgery + breast list on Thursday. Any swelling on your end?
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Hey just wanted to say congrats! Your going to love your results even more every single day!!
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Thank you! I have actually been following your journey for quite a while now, your transformation is definitely one of the ones that had my hopes so high for wonderful results. And I even went into it all telling myself to not be disheartened when there is no difference post op, and to give it at least a month or so before I really start to compare, but I'm so glad that i haven't had to wait that long before I can already see the benefits of what I have done! All the best for your continued recovery, I'll definitely be keeping up to date with it!

5 days post op

So it's been 5 days now. I stopped taking the pain meds through the day 2 days ago, i take one every night before bed though to help me sleep. I just found I couldn't function properly on them, I literally couldn't sit down for 10 minutes without dozing off to sleep, so I figured I'd be better without them. I do still need the occasional nap through the day to keep me going though. The pain hasn't been awful, but it is very uncomfortable. Trying to sit down on the toilet is the absolute worst. My bruising seems to have gotten worse, and is very tender on my outer thighs. However I'm happy to say that I can't really see any lumps or hard bits yet, so hopefully they stay away! I'm still draining a little bit from 2 incisions, they were the ones that leaked the most the whole time though. Am I correct in saying the more I drain now the less swelling that my body will retain? I hope that's the case! I don't exactly feel very swollen yet either, my legs feel tight but I wouldn't say swollen. I took my garment off for 2 hours yesterday to wash and dry it, it was nice at first but I was happy to get my achy legs back into it!
I've been feeling a bit nauseous today and light headed, had to sit down a couple of times. I haven't taken photos the last couple of days, every time I have a shower and get dressed I'm just too exhausted to get undressed again for my partner to take photos when he has a chance, but he did get me to take some today! I can't see a huge difference looking in the mirror but I definitely can from my pictures. I've ordered my stage 2 garment as well, sticking with the brand my surgeon gave me, design veronique. So hopefully that comes soon!


Fantastic results! You look great. Hope you have a quick recovery.
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Wow, you look absolutely amazing! I wish you all the best for your recovery and I shall be popping in to see how you are getting along. Sorry have not been able to write much of a comment, but it's very uncomfortable for me to sit upright for too long (early morning of Day 2 for me) but I really enjoyed your interesting and detailed review. And, as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, and all your post-op pictures really do speak for themselves. Your Favourite Picture, where you can see the comparison, is really an incredible transformation, and I am so pleased for you!! Thanks for popping by my page and for your kind words. Good luck for the rest of your journey --- shall be popping in to see how you are getting along :)
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Wow look at you! Your curves are evening out so quickly and look great already! Love your tiny waist!
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2.5 weeks post op

These photos were taken 2 and a half weeks after my operation, it was the first time that I hadn't seen any improvement, but rather swelling. It was pretty disappointing to see even though you know it will go down, it still makes you feel how you did before.

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1 month post op

So these are the first pictures I've taken since 2.5 weeks post op because I was so disappointed with how I looked. I'm glad I did take them because I can see a good difference from behind, especially my inner thighs. My bruising only just healed up fully a week ago, my incisions are all healed over but they are still quite red and stand out at this point. My inner thighs still have some numbness in them, and a couple of small lumps but nothing that is really physically noticeable.
I started going to the gym at about a week and half just doing my upper body weights and got back into lower body weights at about 2 and a half weeks. I love the way i look in my gym clothes it makes me so much more excited to go to the gym haha. I do still have days where I feel like I don't look that good but god it's a huge difference to what I used to be!


Amazing results! How long before your bruises diminished?
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You look amazing!!! I had a small amount of inner and outer thigh lipo on Monday. Do you have any tips to help the recovery process? I had a breast reduction at the same time and researched way more about that so I feel quite in the dark about the lipo and how to best help the results? You look so good!
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Awesome results already! :)
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