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One week post op!!! Loving my new nose :)

Hi all! I am so glad that I had found this page....

Hi all! I am so glad that I had found this page. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have hated my nose forever. I never see another person with a nose like mine! I have my first consultation April 9th. I am excited and nervous at the same time, but ready to go on this journey,!
I will keep you updated with what is going on as far as the consultation and hopefully a date soon.....

Still awaiting my first consultation! I am so...

Still awaiting my first consultation! I am so ready to do this, and hope that my surgery date will not be too far out. I am still looking at the posts from all of you, and following you on your journey!

Hi all! Just wanted to let you all know that I...

Hi all! Just wanted to let you all know that I have a date set for May 8, 2013. I am beyond ready to do this and get it over with! I am ready for big changes in my life, and my nose is the first place I'm going to start.....

Ok, paid for my surgery yesterday so no turning...

Ok, paid for my surgery yesterday so no turning back!!! I feel like this is so unreal! I'm not nervous right now, just keep thinking this is all just a dream! Lol it helps looking at all of your beautiful new noses! Well, here is to the last two weeks!!!

I can't believe the time is almost here. I am...

I can't believe the time is almost here. I am beyond excited to do this. I have hated this nose since high school ( that has been forever ago) it has helped me so much to read all of your stories. Right now I don't feel a bit nervous, but I'm sure I will next week. I just want to get this over with and be on the road to recovery. The only thing is that I don't want to see myself right away, but I'm sure the dr will make me look in the mirror. Anyhow, have a great day!!,

I am sooooooo excited for my new journey to begin....

I am sooooooo excited for my new journey to begin. I have to be there at 6:30 m and surgery starts at 7am. I still need to go out to buy supplies for after it is over. I keep reading about arnica gel (?) can I get that al a Walgreens? I have never heard of it before. How do you use it. Not sure what else I need, bit I will have to go and look through the list. I will keep you all posters as to how things went and how things are going through my recovery time. Here is to new beginnings!!!

One day post op. I am feeling great except my nose...

One day post op. I am feeling great except my nose is totally stuffed up. It is making it hard to eat/ dring because my ears keep popping. I really can't wait for this to be gone :)

Two days post op, and it seems like today is the...

Two days post op, and it seems like today is the hardest. I am so swollen and bruised. I miss breathing. Please tell me this is all going to pass. I'm trying to sleep as much as possible so I can just move on to the next day :/

OMG! I went to change my drip pad and it was stuck...

OMG! I went to change my drip pad and it was stuck to my nose. I was so afraid I was going to pull a stitch out. I took a cotton ball and wet it and dripped water on my drip pad till it came off. Talk about scared.....whew! Anyhow, I was looking at my nose and my nostrils look uneven. M not sure if it is because of swelling or not. I am starting to get disappointed that I won't like my nose. I should not have looked yet :/

Ok, woke up this morning and my face is really...

Ok, woke up this morning and my face is really swollen. I feel like I'm going to pop if I get anymore swollen. When does the swelling start to go down? I was going to go to the store with hubby today, but not going this swollen. Thinking about my friend jademembrino. Praying her post op will get better.

Feeling a little more like myself today. Actually...

Feeling a little more like myself today. Actually took a shower (ssshhhh) it was so nice. Going to venture out today. Not looking forward to all the stares though. Lol

Five days post op, and I'm feeling a little...

Five days post op, and I'm feeling a little exhausted. Went grocery shopping with my hubby yesterday, and I almost thought I was not going to make it! Did not sleep well last night because I kept waking up coughing from dry mouth. I am looking forward to getting this cast off Wednesday, and I will hopefully be able to breath.

Ok, had my cast off and stitches out today. I'm...

Ok, had my cast off and stitches out today. I'm not going to lie, when the cast was being taken off, it felt like he was peeling my skin off :/ and a few stitches hurt.
The Dr. Put ointment up my nose (I still can't breath. He said there were crustose up there...sorry TMI ) I was hoping for air :/ he said I can use afrin. Has anyone else not be able to breath and afrin work? I pray it does.
Anyhoo, I was so afraid to look in the mirror at my nose, but had to. I LOVE IT!,!,!,!,!,
He did a wonderful job.
Oh, and another thing while he was touching my nose (he used a porex strut and my own cartilage) it felt like I could feel plastic in my nose. I'm not sure if it just feels wired because it is hard, but I did not like the feeling. I don't want to touch my nose if it feels like that...ugh I hope it softens up and the feelings go away.....

12 days post op.

Hi all! Just a quick post. Doing good. I go back to my Dr. today to get the tape off. I am looking forward to that! I'm still having a hard time breathing, and today has been the worst. I was touching up a little area of paint on a wall when I felt like I was getting light headed. All I could think of was I feel like I'm not getting enough oxygen even though I'm breathing through my mouth. It is at this moment I'm missing my old nose and being able to breath. I really feel like I want to cry. Does it usually last this long? ......UGH


Ok, so I had the tape taken off my nose. It was not bad at all. I looked in the mirror after to see the shape of my nose....it was great. Well, it was not until awhile later I looked closer in the mirror and noticed how red and a million tiny (acne looking) bumps on my nose. My Dr's office is closed. I this normal? I was given a cleaning product gift today, but was not sure if it was mild enough to put on my nose...... And now I look worse than with the cast on.......HELP

Update two months two weeks post op :/

Ok, I am really loving my new nose. The problem is my breathing still. If I am walking or standing up I can breath ok, but once I sit or when I go to bed at night my nose gets stuffed up. I am so miserable when I go to bed. I still have to breath out of my mouth. My next checkup with my dr is in October.....ugh
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

I really liked Dr. Smith. On the day of my surgery, the staff welcomed me with smiles and made me feel comfortable.

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amazing nose !
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Thank you :)
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wow it looks AMAZING! good for you I hope you'll feel better and better in the coming days
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Thank you :)
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Even though your latest pics are with your tape on, you can tell it looks sooo cute! Hope your breathing improves soon!
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Thank you. I hope so. Could not get any worse.....right?
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I know what mean when you say it is so uncomfortable when you can't breathe through your nose. I was like this up until day 14, which is when I tried saline nasal spray. Within 10 minutes of using it, my nose cleared up (had to blow it a little), and I could breathe 200% better. I still can't breathe where I was post op, I'm at day 17 now, but it is getting better every day as the swelling goes down and with the help of some saline nasal spray. I would recommend you try it if you are not doing so already.
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Thank you. I am using saline and afrin at betime here and there. This is the hardest part of it all. The surgery was sooooo easy.
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Its looking good lady :)
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Your nose looks fantastic! :)
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Holy Rhinoplasty batman that looks AWESOME!! Good for you!! Only gets better from here! Keep the pics and updates coming. You're a brave girl to venture out so soon to the grocery store...lol..
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Thank you. I have been following your progress too. How are you doing? Your nose turned out beautiful. As far as going out, it was so nice to do something (even if it was to grocery shop) I did get alot of stares. It was a little uncomfortable. Well have a great day!!!
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It looks soooo good! I have been using afrin all week and it really does help, I would recommend it.
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I need to go buy some. Are you ready for tomorrow?
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Yesss! Im so ready to get this off! How was it? Was it painful? How was the stich removal?
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When the Dr. was taking the cast off, it felt like he was peeling my skin off. It was a little uncomfortable because the nose is still tender. A couple stitches hurt. Just breath, and you will be fine. Nice to have that cast off!!!
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I can already tell your going to look soooo good and cute!! Can't wait to see cast off pics!
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Pics up!!!
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Hi Kari, congrats on making it to this glorious first week! I know it's hard but it goes fast! I waited about 1.5 weeks before venturing out the first time I think, you are doing great! I also think your result looks awesome so far! You have a very serene beautiful face that will only be enhanced and accentuated by a nose that is in balance with those features. I am nearing 5 weeks post-op and remember being where you are very clearly. Yes, it goes fast. It's a lot of "hurry up and wait" and for those moments when you feel panicky know you can request pills if that is your cup of tea to help with those moments! I hear a lot of people use Xanax. I didn't have anything and ended up feeling very panicked several times due to the internal splints bothering me. I used yoga style breathing when those moments came, to help me. This too shall pass my friend, and again, congrats! It just gets better from here :) ~Jemoiselle
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Thank you!!!
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I am going through the same thing an I am seeing changes day by day. The swelling is more on one side than another but you just have to give it time. I am so impatient and never thought I would have to go through a period of looking even worse than I looked before but it will be worth it. The pictures at the doctors office show you the before and 6 month to a year after pictures so its a little shocking to see what happens directly after surgery.
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As my mom would always tell me "nothing lasts forever" I am trying to overlook the swelling and I actually think today looks a little better. I will be excited to see the transformation from beginning to end!
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Awh that was really nice of you! I slept alot better last night & I woke up really swollen and bruised. But let's hope it just keeps getting better
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I'm glad you slept better, it sure does help alot. My whole face looks like a big balloon! I sure hope it goes down soon. Have a good day.
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The first week is always the hardest. Just try to enjoy having time off to rest, watch movies, etc. The stuffiness will last for a little while. Im on day 8 and my nose is still stuffy, but breatheable. It will all pass soon enough!
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