BA in Dublin, Ireland

I am starting this five weeks after my Breast...

I am starting this five weeks after my Breast Augmentation.
So I’m going to go back to the beginning!
I am from Dublin, Ireland. I am 33 years of age. I weigh 55kg, which is approximately 120 pounds. I am 5’8. I have included here a picture of my pre-op breasts.

Although they look saggy, I was advised by several surgeons during BA consultations that I had pseudoptsosis, rather than actual sagging. My deflated look was due to breastfeeding and rapid weight loss during two distinct periods of my life.

At the age of 32, I embarked – for the first time – on a serious fitness regime. I was running, doing weights, lots of circuits classes. I was loving it. And looking amazing, if I do say so myself!

I was getting great definition in different parts of my body and was absolutely delighted with myself and my hard work.

But the one drawback was that every time I looked in the mirror, my breasts seemed to be getting more and more deflated.

Breast augmentation – of course – is probably common enough in Ireland. But certainly not as common as in other places such as the States or Australia, I would imagine. I was reluctant to go ahead with it because I imagine people’s perception would be that only a complete narcissist would get that kind of thing done to themselves! It held me back for a long time.

I also hated the idea of waking up after the operation and feeling like Frankenstein’s monster. I thought I’d be thinking, “what the hell have a done? I’ve messed around with the natural order! Take them out! I’m hideous!”

But I went for a few consultations anyway.

There’s a great deal of politics involved in breast augmentation in Ireland. Only a small number of hospitals have surgeons working in them who are registered with the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons (IAPS). I guess this might be the equivalent of “Board Certified” in the US.

IAPS surgeons are the top of their field in plastic and reconstructive surgeries. There are also a number of other private clinics which offer breast augmentation. The surgeons operating in these clinics are not (generally) registered with IAPS.
This argument is complicated and I don’t want to get bogged down in it, but basically IAPS say that patients really shouldn’t go near the private clinics.
I did loads of research on this and found out that in lots of cases, that IAPS are correct. But there is a massive difference between all of the private clinics – they’re not all the same and have vastly differing track records, experience etc.

I went for consultations in several private clinics. There was one – for instance – which had recently changed its name. When I looked into its background, though, I found some horror stories online related to the clinic under its former name. This sector certainly does need more regulation in Ireland.

I was beginning to give up hope of finding a private clinic (and thought I’d have to shell out €10k to get my BA done by an IAPS surgeon) when I came across Dr. Ahmed Salman of Auralia Clinic in Parkwest in Dublin.

I was previously dubious about this clinic as he seems to mainly use Silimed implants. I had only heard talk before of Mentor or Allergan.
I researched Auralia and decided it was the best option for me.

So a little bit about Silimed....this is now the third implant approved by the FDA in the States. Silimed are distributed through the company Sientra in the US. You guys don’t seem to use these implants very much. But they have been used widely in Europe, South America and Australia for 30 years. They’re not used very much in Ireland either. As far as I am aware, Dr. Salman in Auralia is the only surgeon in Ireland who uses only Silimed.

Silimed have a lower rate of capsular contraction; 1% after ten years as opposed to 15% after ten years in either Allergan or Mentor. I know some surgeons on here will dispute that. I’ve read a hell of a lot of literature on this and while – obviously – I am not a surgeon, I think that any surgeon disputing this claim is doing so out of a vested interest, i.e. because they are reluctant to become au fait with operating with a new implant. I am fully convinced by the studies I have read on this. And really just cannot understand why they are not used more widely in the US now that they are FDA approved.

Silimed offer smooth and textured implants. It is the textured implant - with its polyurthethane coating – which offers the greater protection against capsular contraction.

The drawbacks I considered were that Silimed do take a little bit longer to soften. They do not drop and fluff like other implants. Because of the textured coating, they adhere immediately to your breast tissue like Velcro. I believe also that explanting is not pretty due to this Velcro-effect. Silimed were withdrawn from the European market due to a cancer scare two years ago. However, this theory has been completely disproved. And hey, if the FDA have approved them – that’s the gold standard!

Another issue which I had to consider was that of lifting.
As you can see from my pre-op pictures, I was borderline for needing a small lift. Just a few centimetres, perhaps.

I decided this just wasn’t for me. Lifting is a very invasive operation. I decided that I couldn’t go through with it.

I liked Dr. Salman because he was very realistic with me about my results. He told me my breast tissue was thin. That I had some sagging. He told me implants weren’t going to give me new breasts. That they would just fill up what’s there already. He was realistic about my pseudoptosis and warned against me having very high expectations.

So I booked with him! I had my BA on 10th December 2013.

Operation 10th Dec 2013
For anyone in Ireland reading this, I would not hesitate in recommending Auralia from a medical point of view.

I was really struck by the staff: patient ratio. There were five BA operations performed on the day that I was in and literally about 20 staff. I found the whole experience to be utterly non-traumatic.

Now I’m not saying that this will be the case with everybody, but I experienced zero pain post op. I felt as if I could get up and go for a run, but obviously I didn’t.
I was prescribed Tylex for the pain, but didn’t need them. Although they felt nice so I took them recreationally for a few evenings!!

Here is a picture taken of me directly after I’d woken up post-op.

I am quite broad – although very slim. I have 365cc teardrop/anatomical textured Silimed high profile with dual plane placement (which is a mixture of sub-muscular and subglandular.....I think!).

I was very freaked pre-op that 365cc would be enormous. I pushed Dr. Salman to give me 315cc. He said the choice was entirely mine but that I was making a mistake in his view. He has performed thousands of BAs and he said he knew by looking at me that even 365cc would be conservative on me. I guess the lesson here is that people should really, really listen to their PS! If anything, I feel they’re a little small. But really, I’m pretty happy with size.
I was very happy on day 1.

3 weeks post-op.
Swelling went down and a few problems arose.

In terms of sensations, I was all over the place. My right breast felt very painful and swollen. I had no nipple sensation and the whole areola region felt as if it had been placed in a shredder. My left nipple was hypersensitive.

Allow me to be sanctimonious for a moment.....having this operation really made me feel for people with breast cancer. I thought at 3 weeks post op my breasts were pretty much dead to me. I had never appreciated how much they made me feel like a woman before....even my saggy deflated pre-op ones. They were so painful and tender 3 weeks post-op and with no right nipple sensation, that the thought of anyone ever touching them again filled me with dread.

I phoned Auralia because it was just weird that I was in so much pain 3 weeks post-op when I didn’t feel a thing for the first two weeks. Dr. Salman saw me immediately and assured me that it was just a bit of fluid on the right breast and that it would settle down of its own accord.

Another issue I had was that at 3-4 weeks post-op, I felt I was showing signs of the snoppy deformity. This often happen in implanted breasts which needed a lift in the first place. I felt my own breast tissue was hanging off the implant. The implant didn’t feel to me to be integrating at all with my own natural breast. As you can see from my pictures, my nipples appear to be quite low and I have odd upper arches. I was not at all happy with this result aesthetically and I told Dr. Salman my worries. He assured me I was only 4 weeks post-op and that I needed to be patient.

5 weeks post-op. no more retrospective writing. This is where I am right now! I am happy to report that my boobs feel like boobs again! I am so happy and appreciative of how amazing breasts actually are! I also feel like the implant is slowly beginning to integrate with my own breast tissue. They’re hard and firm as I knew Silimed would be. It’ll take up to a year for them to full soften out. But they are way, way softer already now than they were 5 weeks ago. In an ideal world, they would drop a little bit. But that is not going to happen with a textured surface. They feel nice. I am – at this point – cautiously happy and optimistic.

The big thing with BAs is to be patient. If you feel crap at any stage during the early days, remember, this too shall pass! It's all a work in progress. And patience is a virtue!


I'm not sure if my photos uploaded


Does anyone know how to remove a pic from this? I cropped out my head in my post-op pic but it appeared when I uploaded onto site! Jesus, there are now identifiable naked pix of me online!! Eek


More pix!

More 5 weeks post op pix


My review really is meaningless at this stage as I'm only 5 weeks post-op. I'm not gonna have a fuller picture until later. But at this point, I'm pretty happy.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How are your implants and breasts looking now further on down the road? How long did it take to soften out a bit? Did they fill up any bit underneath after your surgery?
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Hello there, fantastic, detailed, intelligent post. I'm 2 weeks post op with furry Brazilians and am looking for any reassurance that they will get softer any time soon! They feel like baseballs right now. I was just like you - did a TON of research and came to my own conclusions about which to have. Similarly, I can't see why anyone would NOT have silimed as they carry the lowest risk of CC. I like also how hey won't move as I was a dual plane placement and didn't like the idea of my implants migrating south at any point. I'm English but live in Mexico and had them done in Cancun. I had to have them re done after 10 days as one was not sitting right. I must say that you were incredibly lucky to feel so great the day after your op. I cannot relate to this AT ALL. I was a mess for a good week, and seriously ill with vomiting and nausea that then probably accounted for only the third migraine in my life - which rendered me incapable of doing anything but sitting stock still with a vomit-bucket and two eye patches, for 18 hours. hideous. I was also in enormous discomfort when trying to sleep and had the most awful back ache for ages. Be under no illusion: this really is a serious undertaking and the road to recovery is long. I cannot fathom why so many women have multiple augmentations; I am never having another one again. If they need amending again, they can just come out once and for all. At only 2 weeks post op, I have no idea if I am going to like my new breasts; I can say I am happy with the shape and size, bearing in mind they will go down some more: good. But this is not something to be done lightheartedly or with an implant that will most likely require amending at a later date. Do not put your body through too many of these operations.
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Thank you for posting your story and experience! I also have some ptosis, but if I could have as good of a cosmetic result that you do, I would be satisfied!
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I bet ur so happy u went larger as ur p.s. suggested! U look very natural! I also have Sientra 485's. I love mine. I am about almost 6 weeks post op. Still a bit hard but look fabulous;)
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U were definitely right to go bigger. I wish I'd gone for 400cc now as I'm only measuring full C/small D. But there was no talking to me pre-op! I thought I'd be huge! I think when you're tall - as we are - it makes a massive difference. At 6 foot, yours look completely in proportion. Did you get the polyurethane covered textured Sienta or the smooth ones? Are they anatomical? I'm still very hard. When I stand up, it's fine. But lying down, they really feel fake and stick right up! But I was warned it's quite a long journey but these implants but worth it in the end
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I have never heard of those implants before, hope you keep us posted:) So far so good, they look great! Thank you for sharing your story, sorry it took so long to find a PS. -hugs- happy healing lovely!
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They're very commonly used in the UK. More so than Ireland. They tend to be referred to in Europe and Australia especially as Furry Brazilians - ie because they are made in Brazil and they have a furry coating. They're a great quality implant and definitely worth considering. I think the main thing though is to find a surgeon you trust and use what he recommends. Furry Brazilians are a very particular type of implant and you don't want to get a surgeon using them who is not very experienced at using them. My guy had performed thousands with the furries
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Well congratulations or cheers you for your perserverance! So glad you found a doc and are happy with your results looking great so far.
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Thanks a million! You're looking good too!
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Hi Aoife. Just had mine down, 315cc Silimed, sub pectoral, with Dr.Ahmed. Good so far, not too much pain and Im 4 days post op. Just wondering if yours felt very far apart, and how long did they take to take on a more natural look? I feel mine are spaced out quite a lot and obviously sitting quite high. Is it just patience Im looking for? Thanks again!!! Any current photos?
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