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I read several reviews on different sites about...

I read several reviews on different sites about this procedure. I am a senior and had AK on my face for years. I have had all kinds of treatment. My skin is very light and sun sensitive. (Irish Skin) The reviews I read were mixed and I just was not sure if I should proceed with this method. I made up my mind and went for the treatment. The procedure went like this. I washed my face, then they rubbed a cleaner Acetone (nail polish remover) on my skin. That burned a little on the AK spots. Then they coated my face with the medication. I then killed 45 min. waiting for it to soak in. I placed my face in a "U" shaped device similar to a tanning device. Put goggles on my eyes and they started the machine for 17 min. They also put a small table fan that was running on my lap. They told me I could blow the air on my face. Here are a couple of "heads up" comments. The first 7 or so minutes of the procedure were the worst. The discomfort does not get any worse after that. The hand fan is also a big key. Use that think, get it up inside of the machine with you. It took a few minutes in the beginning to learn this. In hind sight those first 7 minutes might have been better if I used the fan better. It would seem to me that this expensive machine would incorporate a fan system in it to relieve the discomfort instead of a store brought table fan. Just after the procedure they put a sunblock and a soothing lotion on your face and send you home. (Bring a wide brim hat and sunglasses with you unless you are good with the hat they will give you. I have to say that the discomfort after the procedure was not that bad. Your face will warn you by tingling or burning when you are getting too much light. I am now at the 24 Hr. mark and have modest red skin with no swelling so far. I took some over the counter PM med and slept pretty well. The jury is still out for the final outcome of this procedure. I will try to update later. All things considered, it was not as bad as I first thought. If you remember anything I said keep this in mind. USE THAT FAN! The first 7 OR SO MINUTES ARE THE WORST. Once you get over that it is all downhill. Good luck! I hope this helps. I don't know what it costs at this point. They told me "medicare would take care of it"
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It has now been 1 week since my Photodynamic Therapy. I will have to admit It wasn't as bad as I first thought. Days 3 & 4 were the worst for me. I had some swollen red spots which eventually dried up and fell off. I still have a few spots that are red, but they also are drying up and falling off. I find the recovery time is a lot quicker than other types of therapy I have used. All things considered, I will do it again if called for. I guess there is no way of telling if a repeat will be necessary.
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Thanks for sharing. I have very sun damaged skin and have had the PDT multiple times over to last decade, if you have this again ask door the numbing cream! I had this done once w/o it and then switched doctors and the next time w the numbing cream makes all the difference in the world, they apply it right after the Levulan medication, then bring an iPad and watch a movie or something so you enjoy the time whilst waiting! Sorry to hear you endured pain while in the blu light unnecessarily! Cheers!
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Thank you for sharing your review on this treatment.  Please stay in touch and let us know the final outcome.   

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