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Cynosure Fractional CO2 Skin Resurfacing - Park Ridge, IL

I had fractional CO2 done last on my face and neck...

I had fractional CO2 done last on my face and neck to improve overall appearance and get rid of acne marks and some sun damage. I loved the results but decided to do it again this year to tighten neck skin some more, eliminate sun damage on my chest, and tighten periorbital skin. I chose to have more aggressive treatment.

How much longer for it to start getting better?

It has been over 48 hrs since the treatment. I don't feel or look any better. However, swelling has subsided somewhat. At least I can open my eyes

72 hrs post treatment

Last night was able to sleep for 5 hrs without reapplying cold packs. And this am I didn't wake up in pain. Just felt a little discomfort

4 days post procedure

I am on my way to see a doctor. I still don't look socially presentable by any means. I am concerned about persistent yellow crusting under my lower lip and indentations on my cheeks from the grid. I am sure I'll be calling off for the rest of this week

On the way to see a doc

Some close ups

On the way to recovery or heading toward disaster?

Geez... I look like a burn victim for sure:) After enduring all this the wrinkles better be gone. Otherwise, I'll be one mad woman... Lol
Carmen Nicole med spa

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You are wrong, it can be used on acne scars and to get rid of dark marks like she mentioned was the reason for this. Besides you not knowing what you are talking about, your comment was very rude towards the poster.
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What were the final results?
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I am having C02 Fraxel tomorrow on my full face. How did this turn out for you? My doctor has warned me that I can be red for 3 months or longer. Was it worth it. Mine is costing 2800 US.
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You looked beautiful before fraxel I hope you get the results u need. I had it done two years ago and regretted it as it worsened what I actually went into get treated for. Good luck
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Can you post a current photo - I would love to see- it's amazing how fast the skin heals ! I was considering fractional laser treatment
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Hello, can you please update, I'm so curious. At first I was told I would be having Co2, now they said AcuScan120, not sure what the difference is. Thanks
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can you post a photo now,did you heal?
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Oh gosh that looks painful... you mention it's no loner painful rather discomfort, let us know what your doctor says...thinking of you!

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Thank you for sharing your review with progress pictures! Was the treatment painful? 

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It was a little painful around the mouth, tip of the nose, and lower portion of the sternum . Those body areas are one of the sensitive when it comes to any procedures.
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I bet, well keep us posted on your progress :)

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I sure will:) This site has been a good source of information for me.
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