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Naturally large breast were both a blessing and a...

Naturally large breast were both a blessing and a curse. They were wonderful when I was 16 but by 25 they had already begun to sag. After an accident in my 30's I gained 50lb which took my 36dd to 40e. When I finally got all the weight back off (I'm now 5'6" and 135lbs) I had very little breast tissue and a lot of lose skin. Though I've never had children, by 42 it looked like a nursed a 1/2 dozen. It was finally time to get my boobs back. I needed a lift (lollipop which would leave a vertical scar) and augmentation (410ccs and 440 ccs to recreate volume and gain symmetry).

The slow process of healing...

Warning: looking at before and after pictures doesn't tell the whole story of recovery! Surgery went well but the days following were tough. Its 5 days since my BL/BA and it looks like I have franken-boobies and feels like a pony is standing on my chest. I'm taking to prescribed percoset and ibuprofen and pain ranges from uncomfortable pressure to sharp pinching. Move wrong and the pain takes my breath away but fades quickly, it's when the swelling returns (end of day, usually) that I really suffer - ice helps but not enough. Each day I do get better range of motion and the pain is less, but never quite goes away yet. My PS daid they had to do a lot of work since I had so much lose skin and very little breast tissue, made it a longer and more complicated procedure than he had anticipated. I had (still have) drains that remove blood and fluid and are supposed to reduce swelling. They have to be stripped (ouch) and the fluid measured. They are pinned to my bra so hang uncomfortably on my stomach. You can not hide them so once I was able to get dressed and move around I had these funny lumps under my shirt.

Had my second follow up appointment yesterday (day 4). Can't tell yet how my boobs will look but I figure after the saggy bags they were, anything is going to be better. Right now they just check for problems, ensuring for bruising, infections, hemotomas, etc. At yesterday's appointment he said that as far as look and final shape it will be a few more weeks till I even begin to see the results. Since they are taped it's hard to tell - the right one (which used to be largest so got the smaller implant) now feels smaller the the let and hurts a lot less too. The tape makes it look like a cone boob and the nipple area seems larger than the left. I'm not going to obsess yet, I'll wait to reserve judgement on shape and symmetry till the tape comes off and they start to settle. They also gave my a lovely lympathic massage, felt wonderful but afterwards I started to swell again so had a rather miserable evening.

Good news today, I took off the surgical bar and put on an Victoria Secret 36dd (the size I asked for) and it was a perfect fit. Each day does get better, but this has been no picnic! Seeing myself look full and busty wearing a real bra and a fitted shirt gives me hope that this will have been totally worth while.

Drains out!

Got my drains taken out yesterday at my PS office, painful and weird feeling, they were in deep. Pain past quickly and while its still uncomfortable each day is better. Weird squishing and crinkly noises started to show up after the drains came out in top of my breast, from what I've read it sounds like air bubble in the pocket from the drain. Hope it resolves quickly :-( a few muscle cramps in my right breast too, it hasn't hurt much before. Was able to go to a student's graduation and out to dinner but faded fast. I'm hoping to feel up to returning to work Monday, 10 days post op. I'll get these tapes off next Thursday so I can see what they actually look like, I'm excited and will post new pictures.

Healing continues

I've now almost 3 weeks post op. last week the support tape came off so I could see my new boobs! I'm thrilled with the results already, though I know there is a long way to go. Still have steri-strips covering the anchor incisions, those will come off this Thursday at my 3rd week check up. I will then start scar therapy. I've choose to use both silicone strips and a silicone gel as this combination seems to get the best results. Going back to work was hard, only did 1/2-days and was wiped after 5 hours. This week I'm back to a full schedule though I can still feel my body recovering slowly and I'm tired and my breasts are sore at the end of each day. My boyfriend is having to be very patient since they are too tender and too sensitive to be touched yet. I'm feeling well enough to do some power walking on an incline treadmill and to pedal a recumbent bike at the gym. No weights though and anytime I mistaken use my pec muscles in any way I feel a sharp knifing pain so it's obvious they still need time to heal. Able to sleep on my side now, though of course I wear a support bra 24/7. Most of the body wide post op swelling is gone though my breast still sit high. The left one, which got the most work done looks great! The right still hasn't dropped into the pocket so it is high on top and flat on the bottom with a outward slant. I'm doing the prescribed massage (using arnica cream and wintergreen oil to reduce the bruising that is still visible) a few times a day to help resolve this. They do feel great to the touch, very natural which I guess surprises me a bit. The overly sensitive nipples are settling down, I've been wearing a silicone nipple cover a few hours a day to help with that ("Nippies" w/no adhesive). Overall, despite the lack of symmetry right now, and all the pain post surgery, I'm thrilled! Already it's been totally worth it and I know it will keep getting better. Will post more pics after Thursdays appt.

Almost there...

This Thursday will be 6 weeks post-op and I can't wait to get clearance to go back to my life full speed. Not working out has been a bummer but I'm finally feeling healed and rarely have any discomfort any more. Still waiting for them to "drop & fluff' but overall I'm really happy with the results. Started silicone scar treatment about 10 days ago and I do think it is helping. The right breast has some painful tightening around the anchor scar and I think because of that the breast can look a little flat on the bottom. Doing my massage at least twice a day helps. Back to wearing underwire during the day but still sleeping in a wireless support bra. Once again, I'm so glad I did this though being patient through the heading process was probably the hardest part!
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Amazing! I consulted with 3 other PS before choosing Dr Saltz. Though he was more expensive I felt really comfortable with his understanding what I wanted and his confidence in being able to get it more me. I also appreciated the higher care level his office provides (excellent post op follow up) and his concern with my being happy with the results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your breasts look amazing! I can only hope for such beautiful results!! Thanks for sharing your progress. It helps for those of us waiting and anxious.
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Wow..looks like u have dropped some! Looking good!!
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Looking good! Does the underwire not bother you during the day? I'm still wearing the snap front sports bras (I'm 4 weeks out). I think I'm just scared to try a normal bra right now! Congrats again, your doc did a great job!
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Thanks HennyP! Underwires don't hurt but they did till just about 4 weeks out. I started wearing them just to work or when I went out at first. Some outfits just don't work with sports bras ;-)
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Oh how I look forward to the body wide swelling to go away! I don't think I even gave a thought to that before surgery so I was kind of surprised after. Things are looking good!
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Thanks! Yes, I was surprised by the swelling too. There's of post-op experiences that the Dr's fail to warn you about. That's why this forum is so great, when you realize others went through similar situations it makes if less scary and easier to cope with.
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Thank you for the update! Three months post op is when I finally had symmetry...try to be patient. Glad you were able to ease back into work. Did you have to explain to your work why you were only doing half days this week?

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I've been very open with people about having had the procedure so my manager at work knew I was recovering. At first I didn't tell a lot of people but the more I did talk about it the more I learned others had either had work done themselves, or they wanted to. I'm proud that I made the changes to my body that I wanted. It has been very empowering so I am open about sharing my experience. Nothing to hide :-)
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Good for you!!

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Awesome..looks great!!
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Sorry that healing went hard those first days! You look great! I'm 13 days out. I'm a happy girl but need to get over the "should have gone bigger" issues I have going on in my head! In bathing suits and naked I am thrilled! But in regular clothes I'm alittle depresses bc I don't see much of a difference :( But need to get over it! And be happy!
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I actually don't look that different in clothes either - I wanted to go back to where I had been, many years ago, not do something that people would see as an obvious change. Few people have even noticed the size difference but looking good naked is it own reward, celebrate that!
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You are so right! It's nice to pass a mirror and smile!
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Glad to hear the drains are out! How about the tape? How was the first week back at work? I'm guessing you were fairly exhausted by the end of the day. Looking forward to your new photos!

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Once the drains came out I started feeling much better within a few days. Most of the tape came off last Thursday (2 weeks post op) but steri-strips still cover on anchor scars. Those will come off this Thursday and I can start scar therapy.
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I look forward to watching your progress. Good to hear you were able to go out 1 week post. I have a standing date with my son to have a special mommy & me dinner on his birthday every year and it happens to fall 8 days after surgery for me. I am hoping I am able to manage like you!
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Congratulations! Sorry to hear it's been rough but like you said, the pain and inconvenience will be worth it in the end! I appreciate your warning to other women that this is not always a breeze. When do you get to remove the drains and do you do this yourself? Thank you for sharing on RealSelf. Take care!

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I'm scheduled to have the drains removed at my PS office tomorrow which will be 7 days post op. Pain has gotten better but I am still pretty uncomfortable. It's almost like they are hyper sensitive and that's very distracting. I'll discuss at my appointment, I hope it resolves quickly!
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Awesome! Good for you on your Weight loss!! Happy healing to you..and congrats on your new boobies!
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