Braces with 23 for the Second Time! Decision Ever!

I had braces as a child but over the last 10+...

I had braces as a child but over the last 10+ years my teeth have shifted a lot.
I didn't like my smile, I always kept my mouth closed in photos but I finally decided to do something about it and get braces again. I'm only a little over month into my estimated 12mo treatment but it was the best decision ever! I take photos every few days to keep track of the progress and after only 12 days I noticed a significant difference. I love the damon system, I experienced only little discomfort for the first two days but I didn't have to take any pain killers. I also got braces on my top teeth first, I wore them for 5 weeks, then I got my bottom ones put on today!
Excited to see more changes over the next months :-)


Wow!  Thanks so much for starting your story here in our Damon community.  It's a small community, but we have a couple of active people :).

mippolito started in January and 
mockingbird2081 is due to be done in May (has been going well over a year).

Feel free to visit :), ask questions, as you like :D.

So glad to see you here, and I look forward to following your already-amazing progress!  Do you have clear brackets on the bottom as well?
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Thank you for the welcome :) Yes, I got my bottom brackets put on three days ago, they are also clear. I felt little discomfort yesterday but it's gone today! I don't have a bracket on one bottom tooth (they want to make room for it first) and the wire keeps pinching and cutting into the inside of my lip. That's my only complaint so far ;) wax won't stick to the wire so I guess I'll just have to give it some time ;) I look forward to seeing more progress soon! so exciting to see other people's progress pictures :)
My husband did Damon and loved it.  I keep trying to get him to do a review, but he feels like it was so many years ago.  I keep telling him it's never too late :D.  I wonder if you could stuff something in there that the wire would stick to.  That sounds crazy.  Maybe your doctor or the assistants have some advice?  Maybe if you use a lot of wax, LOL!  Build up all the way from the tooth and outward.

Update after 63 days!

I've had my top braces on for a little over 2 months now, my bottom for about one! Today I went for my third appointment and I now have a "TP bar" in my mouth. The transpalatal bar is a piece of metal that goes across the roof of my mouth. It's supposed to stabilize my top molars and to allow my bite to close. Whenever I swallow, the back of my tongue pushes up against the bar and puts pressure on my molars. So far, it's just really annoying. Food gets caught between the roof of my mouth and the bar, salad wraps around it and my mouth is either too dry or I have to swallow every 2 seconds...My speech is pretty close to normal, some sounds are hard to produce and I have to concentrate but it's nothing major and I'm sure I'll get used to it in no time :)
I haven't had my wire changed yet but today I found out that my orthodontist will change both wires next month and I will also have 2 springs put in over the 2 teeth that don't have brackets yet, to make room.
I can't wait for my next appointment, I really want those two teeth to move in line with the others!!! :-)
With my bottom braces it was the same as with my top braces. Discomfort for the first one or two days and random discomfort in different teeth over the last month but nothing bad, no pain killers necessary.


Glad to hear that things are progressing nicely, and without unbearable pain :D.  I feel like I can see improvement in the top arch already!
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Update after 3 months

I had another appointment today :))
I've had my braces for 3 months now. After my last appointment it took about two weeks to fully get used to the TP bar in my mouth. I don't really think about it anymore, I don't notice it when I eat but it's still annoying that I can't seem produce certain sounds at times -.-
Sooo today I had my first wire change! It didn't take long at all and it wasn't uncomfortable or anything. My new wire isn't white like the old one, it's thicker and not as flexible! I also have two coil springs over the two teeth that don't have brackets yet. The springs are supposed to make room for those teeth by pushing the other teeth out. Ummmmm yes, it's definitely working. All my teeth hurt, I can't really chew because my teeth are really sore. It's crazy how fast teeth can move, after 4 hours I could already notice a small space between my bottom teeth.
Hopefully they will create enough space in 4 weeks to put brackets on the 2 teeth and move everything in line :)


Just got mines in today yay
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yay! you're going to love them & the results :) good luck, let us know how it goes for you
Wow!  I am continually amazed what orthodontists are capable of doing.  The technology is fantastic.  I can't believe how much space was made in four hours.  No wonder you're in pain!  Is it, like, unbearable, excruciating pain or just really bad soreness?  Do you use cold water or anything to help?  Medication?

Thanks for the update!
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