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Three Weeks Post-Op... New Pictures - Paris, France

I'm American, living in France. I had a child when...

I'm American, living in France. I had a child when I was 17 (placed for adoption and we're happily reunited). I wasn't overweight then (or for a long time following) but I got gigantic hip-to-hip stretch marks. In my 20's, I gained a LOT of weight - up to 244 pounds at 5'4". I've now lost 75 pounds naturally over the last 10 years.

My body is smaller but still feels fat and blobby - but my stomach is one thing that I can't change with diet or exercise... its really the only part of my (very imperfect) body that I can't stand.

I'm excited at the thought of a nice stomach but I am so nervous at the recovery time/pain. Because of my weight loss, about 60% is covered by French social security and I get three-four days in the hospital plus a month off of work. I'm separated from my husband but I'll stay with him during my recovery, which is nice.

I'm just thinking about dating in the future... having this scar (which isn't worse than the horrible pooch, I imagine!) and not being able to do much exercise during the recovery period - and any complications. I'm new to this site, so I'm going to start reading the comments/experiences.



You have done a wonderful job with the weight loss and should feel proud.  Don't be scared it will all be fine.  We all go through the pre op jitters and anxiety.  It will pass and soon you will be on the recovery side.  

Keep us up to date on everything.

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Hi - no update but I just got news that I won't be able to stay with my husband during the recovery, so I'm just a little nervous about being alone during that period. A lot of the stories here are making feel better - like I won't be totally incapacitated, but it feels a little overwhelming. Fortunately, I have a good friend close by who can check in on me. I'll let you all know how it goes! These stories here are really useful!
I just realized my scheduled date said December 2013.. it should be December 2012 (in one month!). I changed that.

Had my pre-op visit on Tuesday. Met with the...

Had my pre-op visit on Tuesday. Met with the doctor and the anesthesiologist. Getting a little confused about insurance stuff (but at least I'm lucky enough to have a portion covered by national health insurance). My potassium count was low, so the anesthesiologist has prescribed a supplement. Went to the pharmacy to get measured for my control garment and for the support hose that I will have to wear during the procedure (just the support hose). I also have to do a Betadine scrub (hair included) the night before and the morning off.

DO NOT like seeing my nude photos but I imagine I will look a lot better afterwards! I was surprised at how thick my waist looks (it's 34-45") but pleasantly surprised that my pooch wasn't as hang-y as I expected...

Surgery a week from Friday. Reading these reviews has been a big help for me, so I hope to post as much as possible afterwards.

Fingers crossed!

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Just to add two things: First, in looking at...

Just to add two things:

First, in looking at other reviews, I'm pretty disappointed that I didn't get in better shape/lose more weight before this operation. I'm 5'4" and about 175 now. I would like to lose another 15-20 pounds and at LEAST firm up what I have...but but in the last few months, I've moved to a new city, started new jobs, and officially separated from my husband - so life has been all over the place.

Secondly - I hear a lot of people talking about the difficulty with bowel movements... did anyone do a liquid diet in the days leading up to their surgery? Like soups, yogurt, fruit juice, etc. I am considering no solids the week before.

Ok - that's all for now!


Hey frogwife! We are TT sisters!! I go in on the 14th also! And I am 5'4 and 170! Hope we look great....I tried to lose weight these last couple of weeks to no avail. Oh well...taking this pouch off is my main goal. I wish you good luck and keep us posted!
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Hi TT Sister! Good luck on your surgery and I'll be happy to hear about your results, too!! xoxo
Hello Lady! I did not do any type of liquid diet prior to my surgery... i had issues with my bowels and developed 4 hemmorhoids that were no fun. I was told your bowels actually go to sleep also and it takes time for them to be functioning again. I ended up doing Milk of Magnesia after I tried other things and it helped me out. I am very happy I did this surgery because the results have been life changing. My self esteem has been greatly improved as well. You will be happy you did this. Ensure you have chosen a good doctor. Also, I am sorry to hear about you and your husbands split, I am sure your emotions are all over. I will check on you! Good luck!
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So tomorrow's the big day... I feel totally not...

So tomorrow's the big day... I feel totally not ready...but as ready as I'm going to be... I pigged out a little bit today (a burger for lunch and then a huge bowl of Golden Grahams and some cheese for dinner)...and it feels like I'm about to get my period...ugh... woo hoo!

So fingers crossed and I'm hoping for the best!


Hi frogwife, I just read your posts. Good luck tomorrow. Since you get to stay in hospital for several days you should be fine with being alone after discharge. I was alone 4 days after surgery and did well. You just need to be very organized and prepared with meds, food, and other necessities so you can just rest, rest and relax during your healing. I think you will be so happy with your new body. It is so worth it to have a flat tummy.
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Had my surgery on Friday midday and just got home...

Had my surgery on Friday midday and just got home from the hospital (Sunday afternoon). I am SO HAPPY with the results so far. The first day was PURE HELL... I was so uncomfortable, hooked up to an IV, two drain sites with four bottles, plus a catheter because I couldn't pee in the bed pan (which was kind of nice in the end, because I could just pee freely all night without having to move).

I had a real hard time sleeping on my back in the hospital bed - there was so much pain from the incision but rather the compression garment... I just had this pressure on my left side that was relieved when I took a deep breath, but it was hard to do that. I got morphine to sleep and slept solidly for about four hours, until midnight, but then was up intermittently the rest of the night. Vomited a few times after the surgery until morning, which just killed me (and made me wet myself before the catheter). Finally when I nurse told me I could sleep on my side, I finally got some rest.

Waking up around 6am, I felt a lot better. The pain and discomfort subsided during the first day (Saturday) - I was able to have a coffee and croissant for breakfast, then was fully up, alert and ready for lunch. Right before lunch, I was able to get up and use the toilet - it was tricky but not too painful. Walked around in the hallway a little, had a visit from the doctor, then a friend came for a few hours. The doctor said my recovery would be much easier because I had excellent stomach muscles, so he didn't have to do any repair work.

That evening I was up walking around. Went to bed around 10pm, asked for a sleeping pill and codeine and slept so-so that evening - just couldn't get a comfortable position. Up this morning, I was up, walking around, went onto the terrace of the hospital and read a little bit, had lunch, had the drains removed and was discharged.

I'm home now and sitting comfortably in my office chair, able to walk around and use the toilet with no problem. The doctor wrote a prescription for a nurse to come change the bandages every day for a week and I have to get a smaller support garment. I am just SO HAPPY with the results I've seen so far and for the (so far, knock wood) lack of major pain. I imagined I would be less mobile, so I'm happy for that.

One of the things I read to bring to the hospital was chap stick and that was the one thing I used the most! I would also recommend slip-on shoes (I didn't do that) and bending over to put on/tie them was a little tricky.

I've posted an after photo and will most a couple more as things start to heal.


Good to read your update. Your post op pic. is great. Best of luck.
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Good for you! :) Looking great.
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Congrats amazing result xx
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Day four - Doing well. Nurse came today to give...

Day four - Doing well. Nurse came today to give me anti-coagulant shot and change my bandages. She'll be doing that for six more days.

Didn't sleep well - just couldn't get comfortable but but pain, just discomfort. Took two Tylenol 3s before bed. Had my first shower this morning since Thursday (Five days ago) but weirdly didn't feel gross or anything... I used dry shampoo a couple of times since the surgery - I recommend having some of that and I'd been using baby wipes every time I used the toilet, so it didn't feel that bad now showering for a couple of days (this coming from someone who usually takes one bath and one shower per day!)

Walked to the market, post office and bank today - about 30 minutes total of walking, cooked lunch and washed dishes - so it's nice to be up and moving around. THOROUGHLY tired of the compression stockings and I'm not going to wear them to sleep tonight. Got a new, smaller, compression garment - the first one was measured wrong by the pharmacist and was too big.

I've posted a couple of new photos - really happy with the incision. It seems clean and straight.


Hi, your results look absolutely amazing! Your incision looks so neat and tidy. I'd be ecstatic with those results. This is my first post on anything on this site as i only signed up tonight but i have been reading the reviews on the site for quite a while now and your surgery stands out a mile to me as being the best results i've seen. Your before figure is very similar to mine now which is probably why i felt compelled to pass comment to you. I sincerely wish you all the best for the future and hope you have the results you wished for. I hope it happens for me in the future some time too. x
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Hello Karen - Thank you for your comment - I am so happy with the results, too... I think this site is great because it shows you from the best to the worst results - so at least you have an idea going in... I was very lucky with my surgeon - just found him on the internet and looked at his before/after photos. (Of course meeting him for consultations, etc. before the surgery!) I don't know where you are in the UK (if outside of London) but man, I would completely recommend this doctor if you can come to Paris. His "non-insurance covered" rate for the Tummy Tuck/Lipo which I had is around 5,000 euros, including the hospital stay, etc. Here is his info. He speaks English and the clinic does as well. http://www.robertzerbib.net/ Good luck to you and welcome to the site!

Now at Day 10 PO - My stomach feels rounder than a...

Now at Day 10 PO - My stomach feels rounder than a couple of days after the surgery... my clothes feel snug (even though there is more room in the stomach area). I think that when I was reading reviews before my surgery, I was so focused on the potential pain, scars, getting back on your feet part that I neglected to pay attention to the comments on swelling, etc. I just kind of expected that suddenly all my clothes would be hanging off of me!

My result still looks great but I'm just feeling bloated and I haven't done a great job of avoiding salty foods (my appetite can be a little crazy, as well!) Had a big xmas dinner last night - not even really as much as I might have ordinarily eaten (no dessert) but my stomach felt SO TIGHT during the 15 minute walk home and I woke up in the middle of the night completely thirsty...

I'm lucky I have no pain - able to move, walk around (didn't have muscle repair), so that is a blessing. the weather has been quite mild for December so I've tried to do a 30-min stroll around the neighborhood (I live at the base of Sacré-Cœur, it includes some nice long sets of stairs). Spent the rest of my time either sitting in front of the computer (bad for swelling, I know) or on my back on the couch, knees bent, with my legs up on pillow (better for swelling). Watching TONS of TV - thank goodness for Netflix!

I just want to be back exercising - my legs are totally jigglly elephant thighs - even before the surgery I had big legs but I was doing butt/leg workouts (Your Best Butt Fast is one of my FAVORITES) - so things were firmer... now I'm just a big bowl of jello.

I had my bandages off a few days ago and now have Steri-strips. Wearing my compression garment every day - I have a slightly bigger one that I wear at night (I was sized incorrectly before the surgery and now have the same garment in two sizes) and my smaller one I wear during the day.

Nothing really mindblowing to report... just feeling disappointed with the swelling. Posted two new pictures - not the best, but gotta say thanks to my poor friend / official tummy photographer for being a trooper! :)

Happy Christmas and Happy Healing, ladies!


Merry Christmas to you. I think your tummy looks great. I'm 7 weeks post op tomorrow and I have a little extra swelling just below and to the left of my bb. I have not worn a really tight spanks or binder since Friday and really have not noticed much difference in the swelling at all and I have been very active the last 3 days. So it does get better just takes a long time. I too want to get back to working out esp. for my jiggly lumpy thighs. I need to lose about 30 lbs though 20 would do for me to feel better. I have dropped a dress size and my jeans are way to big as are my scrubb pants. I keep finding them falling down at work, it's weird because you can't feel the tummy and they slip down. I'm jealous of your Paris living. I want to visit Paris so badly. I don't speak a word of French except Oui. I had a coworker that visited often and her daughter actually studied there and then did an internship there. One day I will get to visit and see all the sites. Take care.
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Hello Wichita - thank you and merry Christmas! I saw your photos and we look like we're about the same size. Your leggings photo was very encouraging! :) I am feeling MUCH less swollen today...I am sure my food choices over a couple day period didn't help - I received a 1lb box of See's Nuts & Chews and ate the whole thing in 2.5 days!! Plus a salty, sweet, rich Xmas dinner... so I got back on the low salt/sugar, lots of water and feel better today. Even with the swelling my weight hadn't changed - it just made me feel SO ROUND. I do like living in Paris but it was my separation from my husband that instigated the move here, so it's a little bittersweet and in the last few months, I've just been hibernating, not getting out much. But I know once I'm healed, I'm going to be excited to be out and about and dating again!! (with my new, flat tummy!!) Happy healing! :)

I'm now three weeks out - days 10 to 20 were...

I'm now three weeks out - days 10 to 20 were SOOOOO hard... I felt swollen and horrible... I could press on the right side of my belly and feel a sloshing on the left side... just all this liquid. I still have that, but it feels better. I've been more active - going for 40-minute walks (strolls), even tried a couple of plié-style leg exercises... being careful not to do anything that involves my stomach.

Last night I felt like I wanted to sleep without my girdle and that was a huge mistake... my stomach felt tight and I kept waking up (some personal things were keeping me up as well) - and finally in the middle of the night put it back and and felt a lot better. I thought sleeping commando would feel nice, but it's much better with the garment. Went out for New Year's Eve in a lovely jersey wrap dress that I bought last year and never wore (Hugo Boss - a little more than I would want to spend and I kicked myself after buying it because I just didn't like my stomach in it and having that money just sitting in the closet untouched)... so it felt REALLY good to wear it! And feel pretty good in it. I still felt swollen and "poochy", but I think I'm my own worst critic.

Nothing really major to report... just trying to be patient with the swelling...finally sleeping relatively well and comfortably... not waking up at 5am anymore... but VERY VERY anxious to get back to exercising ... my legs and butt feel flabby and LARGER... ugh... I feel like I have some swelling in my legs because things leave an imprint and stay for a long time... but in general, my body is total jello anyway... over the last few months my workouts dwindled to nothing and I just want to get back to working out and toning up. My weight is down about four pounds since the surgery, which is pretty much the fat/skin/etc that was removed... so with all the food I've been eating and the swelling, I feel pretty good about that...that I haven't gained.

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Oh, and just more about the swelling... I'm going...

Oh, and just more about the swelling... I'm going to try lymphatic brushing and dandelion (in French, "dent-de-lion" or "teeth of the lion) and I've been eating fresh pineapple for the last few days as well as keeping my water intake at about 1.5 liters (min) per day. I think this is helping and am curious to see if the brushing does as well.


Hi Frog Wife, you're looking good. I too have had a lot of swelling this week due to the salty food I ate. Time to get back to a better low salt and sugar eating plan. I had my 2 month f/u visit today. I was concerned about an area to the left of bb that has been very sore. I think I pulled a muscle coughing so much last week from a upper respiratory tract infection. The ps checked it and said it was alright and that yes I may have pulled something but not in the mr repair area that is midline. I am going to go to a zumba class in the next day or so I miss it so much. Take care.
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Robert Zerbib

Internet search - then clinic visit

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