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I am 32. In late December 2011 I was treated with...

I am 32. In late December 2011 I was treated with fractional Co2 laser (Deka, DOT) for only few mild post acne scars. This laser procedure ruined my life...I am experiencing many of the side effects described by other members.

In addition to pigmentation and pop-up acne after laser procedure (appeared month after), I still see grid (stripes) lines from the laser, and what is most scarring, I got NEW SCARS, many of small scars (which I NEVER had before) what people describe as "orange peel" look. When I first came back to the doctor after the treatment a month after he did the procedure, he ensured me that the marks from the laser would go away in 2-3 months. When I saw him 3 months after, he gave me another time-line (4-5 months), and etc. etc.

Now it is more that 4 month post procedure and things are not improving..I cannot trust the doctor especially after considering the fact he promoted this procedure to me as "ABSOLUTELY risk-free"! He did not give me ANY documents to read or to sign before the procedure and he said I would recover in 3 to 5 days!

I have been to other doctors consultations and the only thing they suggest now is to come back in autumn to do another laser (IPL) to improve my skin condition. I am too scared now to think about other laser procedures. Last few months I was in big depression because of what happened and that affected my life tremendously. I am afraid to socialize with other people and hide at home all of my free time. Everything became meaningless...I cannot describe with words what I feel now, and all antidepressants I am taking now help very little. I do NOT recommend this procedure to other people! I would give everything to turn back the time and stay away from laser...

Pierre-Patrice Cabotin


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how are you doing now?
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Not good Jamie...I am thinking about dying every single day, perhaps this is the only solution to all non-reversible problems
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Are you saying it has been a YEAR since you had this laser procedure done and you still have lines and scaring from it? Please do not base your self worth on looks from what has happened. You are more then a pretty face to those that love you. Those that know you and love you will not judge you by looks from what has happened. Do you have any photos you can put up? Did you see any before or after photos from the Dr. that did the laser? I am scheduled to have the co2 Deka laser done Jan 2nd. I've read good and bad. I'm confused now what to do. My Dr. that would be doing it is a real Dr. and has performed over 30 of them and does this and injections as well. Currently I am using Retin A. If I can get some good results from that I will not do the laser. I am 55 and feel all washed up and old looking. I hope things get better for you! My Dr. recommends Obagi skin care, have you considered that? He showed me several before and afters of his clients, his own actual clients, not someone elses. I'm so confused now but i'm so sorry you have to go through all this.
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I also dont understand your cost. Only $200.00? why so cheap? Did he use as a guinea pig to charge you so little? Most in the U.S. run about $2000.00. mine will cost $1465. because he has done so many that he says he can do it now in only 30 minutes after preparation. 'm just curious why so cheap for you.
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Thank you for your message...Yes, it has been a year now...The scars (small pin dots all over the face where the laser went) and "due to laser" hyper pigmentation are still there (less visible though but have not disappeared). I got also small wrinkles and less elastic skin on top of all complications after laser. About pre-history, this "doctor" Mr Cabotin (he should be called monster instead) was recommended to me by therapist (I went to consultation regarding my throat sore and mentioned I had few minor acne, and he suggested a "certified dermatologist" in my living area; and I live in Paris). Cabotin started to treat my minor acne and they were gone after topicals (I NEVER was on accutane or anything similar). Later he proposed laser to correct minor acne scars left from teen-age time. Just to mention, my post acne scars were really minor and people did not notice them at all. I asked whether this is safe procedure and if I am the right candidate. He said "yes". I also requested pictures from similar procedures. He said he did not take because the procedure is light. On my question if there are any risks involved or if this procedure is aggressive to my skin type and age (I was 32 last year), he said there are " no risks involved". He also said he would use light settings. Cabotin also mentioned .that he practiced laser for few years now and he treated many patients. He even would not call this resurfacing but a "laser peel"! No skin preparation, no documents signed, nothing...The impression he made about the procedure that this was light-medium cosmetic peel. Why he charged me only $200? I dont know. But when you are going to a cosmetic peel, $200 is ok price. He performed the procedure in a laser center. As far as I understand they have few machines there different brands. When I was back in his office months after, I saw brochures with Fractional CO2 laser adds, he continue to practice that and promote to his patients. During past year I have visited many doctors (in France and Russia) trying to get some help. I got different opinions. Most of them conclude that the skin was burnt, and therefore scarring and pigmentation occurred. He gave me parameters he set (20 watt, espacement 600 nm, duree de oulse 800 nm, stack 2). Parameters he gave me few days after the procedure (I got a first shock a couple of days after the procedure as my skin was all brown and I called him many times come to visit me to see what happened). The doctors I visited after told me the parameters Cabotin is referring to are not the highest. But what I learnt laser is unpredictable. Why he did this to me? Why he lied about the risks and promoted this procedure? Probably the answer lies in his unlimited stupidity. He did not follow all necessary security measures (I learnt this from multiple post consultations with other doctors + my own several months research on laser industry). But one cannot attribute all the consequences to merely these mistakes. Instead, he should NOT touch the skin with laser (especially when this is ablative laser based on CO2) at all.
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P.S. I have pictures taken few months after the laser but I am afraid to share them on public. I do realize there are people with much worst skin complications after the laser (I saw on e-net many), but this doesn't help the situation. On contrary, I feel all their pain. I would love to help them so much but what I can do is only to share my experience...Coming back to psychological side of all this, I am not afraid that people will stop love me, I do understand that appearance is important and one cannot change his inner instincts. What happened to me now is I lost my identity, I do not recognize myself with how I look now any longer.
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I feel the same way....when my damage started, i felt like I wasn't even much as i tried. I have only retinol damage but I will soon post a review on realself...i have had healing through supplements, washing face with raw honey and using a good quality emu oil as my moisturizer. We are our worse critics, so hang in there sweetie. im here if you ever need to talk ...on the phone even! just p.m. me
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p.s. my other realself name is : electricboom...we've spoken before...but for some reason i can't log in that name>
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I suffered the exact same thing! but I was on roacuttane before (which i stopped 6 months before the procedure) . exact same situation so i totally understand. from minor acne scars to now post laser for more than a year my dots are still on my face. and am suffering from hyperpigmentation. doctor said the same thing he even had photos of his patients that went through it and turned out fine. i guess different people would have different results so you're right the results are unpredictable. and even worse, after the procedure my face broke out like it never did and i have huge cystic acnes everywhere. my new doctor is recommending me to go for microdermabrasion but im afraid that i'll have an adverse reaction to it after the first fraxel co2 that didnt go well. are your dot marks still visible on your face? if not what have you been doing to get rid of it?

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Again, I'm so sorry you are going through this. The hardest part is not being able to get support from your friends, family...because they don't get it...or to them its not a big deal. I'm also electricboom on the forum, so you can message me on here or there if you ever want to talk or vent. I think you can heal because you are still young. Take care. Hugs
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Thank you, I signed up. Actually I came across the website before. Too sad to see so many people suffering from laser and light devices. We need a strong leader to form a group and fight irresponsible laser practice.
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I meant retinol damage is a rare but similar side effects, such as ipl or laser.* typo
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Hello, NataliaK, Visit IPL Laser damage support, there are people like yourself that have gone through the same thing, and can help with support. I have a damaged face from retinol, (enlarged pores, scarring, etc) a rare but similar side effects from ipl/laser. My advice to you is try Not to stress, it prohibits healing. Eat nutritious foods, exercise and perhaps even some supplements. I know it can be emotionally devestating. There are people on that website that will understand and support you. I wish you healing.
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Hello Megan,
Thank you for your comment.
I must say it is not a matter of being board certified but a matter of being human! The doctor who gave me that horrible laser treatment is a certified dermatologist, still he lied to me of selling this as "absolutely safe procedure". Later on the post-op consultations, he mentioned that he even attended laser seminars, lectures. They definitely teach there about the risks, still he preferred to hide this info from me in order to get profit and not to loose a patient. This big mistake is at costs of my life. I did not even have any indications for this fractional co2 treatment. Young woman with elastic skin. 5-6 mild post-acne marks could be treated by chemical peels or other medications, still he did this laser to me on full face! Some people even say that perhaps he just needed someone to practice on. How disgusting is that! Now I am left with multiple scars from the laser and the texture of the skin is much worse than before. I do see other doctors in a meantime. The problem is that it is hard to fix the burn from the laser, I am not mentioning phycological trauma that follows.
P.S. The settings he told me he used are: 20 watt, espacement 600 nm, duree de pulse 800 nm, staking 2
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Oh NataliaK, I am so very sorry to hear what has happened. :( I am glad you have been to see other doctors. I don't blame you one bit for being afraid to try another laser treatment. If you don't feel comfortable with it certainly don't do it. Perhaps instead of focusing your efforts on finding the right treatment, try finding a great board certified dermatologist who you really trust, then you can discuss treatment options with him/her. For me, until I found a doctor I really trusted it would be near impossible for me to go through with another treatment.

Please keep us posted on how you are, and as hard as it is, try to force yourself out to do social activities. Staying in will allow you to focus on this, while getting out will help remind you of all the other wonderful things that are going on in life.

Sending you a hug.

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