30 Yo Got Botched ?

Since I was 15 I'm self-conscious about my labia....

Since I was 15 I'm self-conscious about my labia. Before the surgery, I had very asymetrical labia, in terms of lenght, width, color, shape, texture. The left one is relatively small and thin. The right one was 2 centimeters longer than the left one and did protrude from my outer labia.

After seing my gyno to speak about this with her, she encouraged me and recommended a gynecologist-surgeon.
I took a full year to make my mind and finally decided to have a labiaplasty but only for the right labia.

I had the wedge method done by this gynecologist. When I came to his office, it was clean, nice, even fancy. He told me about the procedure, he seemed sure of what to do, seemed to know the subject very well and practiced a lot of surgeries before mine. I trusted him.

The surgery went fine and I had almost no pain, no bleeding, no swelling. 3 days after the surgery, I was able to walk normally, I even went to a friend's wedding and I dance a little.

The first week after the surgery, I didn't allow myself to look down there ; I didn't want to freak out about the result and I let it heal and took it some time. I knew the result is very poor the first couple of weeks. I washed the area normally with soap doctor gave me and dry it with a blow dryer.

Now it is 1 month I did this procedure and I'm very scared about the result ;
When I look down there, it seems I have 3 labias ; some skin is hanging out from nowhere, I don't recognize my anatomy.
The scar is very visible and lumpy. Too much labia has been cut and it is sewed to my outer labia, and that messes with the skin around my clit hood (I guess).
I still have a stich and it doesn't want to come out. I haven't seen the surgeon yet because he is in vacations but I've seen his remplacant who told me everything was fine except for that lump of skin along my clit hood. He was incapable to tell me if it's going to get back to normal or not.

I'm afraid I've been botched because when I look at my vulva, I only see lumps of skin and scars.

I know 1 month is early in the healing process but still, I find the result very poor and I hope that is going to be much better.


I'm sorry you feel stressed out. It is still early to see the final results, but you should definitely see your doctor and talk to him about your concerns. It's hard to tell from the pictures but it does seem like right is now smaller than the left. Hope it starts to look better soon.
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Thank you for your feedback ! I hope it starts to look better soon too. The right labia is definitely smaller than the left, I only have a few millimeters of labia left. For the moment I definitely prefer my labia before. I was asymetric but much more natural.
Dr. A. Chouraqui

I didn't spend so much time with him and I realized now this was a mistake.

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