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25 Year Old Ready to Feel Confident in Herself Again - Paramus

So after 2 children(whom I adore) I am ready to...

So after 2 children(whom I adore) I am ready to bring my body somewhat close or even better :) to what it was before my children. I am having a full tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks. I have a stomach full of stretch marks that make it up to my rib cage and am so tired of feeling so unattractive. My husband doesn't agree with what I'm doing but says he will still be there for me. I'm am scare and excited at the same time. I've been wanting to this since my second child who is now 2 and my oldest is 4. I will have my aunt come stay with me the first four days but then she has to go back home (she lives 14 driving hours away). I hope I don't chicken out. I did the required labs and go in on the 17th to pay the rest of the surgery and see the doc. Any tips on what to buy and how to prepare since I have toddlers will be really helpful. Plus I only have one week of work, since I don't have much time. I work an office job ( biller) so hopefully I won't be in too much pain.

A little issue

So I received my labs today and the aptt is prolonged. I go see my hematologist this Monday for clearance since I have lupus anticoagulant. I'm afraid he might not clear me. I want to be alive to enjoy this, so if he is against me having the tummy tuck I will not go foward with this and will have to get used to gurtles and one piece bathing suits. Hopefully not. Let's see what he says on Monday. I will post pics tonight of the damaged goods .

My current problem lol

My hematologist cleared me !

So I went to the hematologist yesterday and he cleared me for the surgery. He says I don't need blood thinners since I've never had a clot. I'm super excited. I go for my pre op appt this Thursday.

What should I get.

Is bromelain and arnica Montana a must ? Also can I do this without a recliner to sleep at night or should I rent one ?

Almost there

So my pre op was rescheduled for the 28th. I have my bromelain but my local gnc was out of arnica so I won't get that till this Friday. I'm still debating on purchasing a recliner. I'm going to sears tonight to look at some.

I made it

So yesterday was the day and I miust say it's even a painful two days. My back hurts even more from walking hunched. Last night I mistaken my muscle relaxers for my pain meds and was in so pain all night. It wasn't till this morning that I realized it and took two pain meds. Hopefully tomorrow I can walk a bit more straight. The doc says I can shower but I'm afraid to take off the bandages.

My biggest support

I had family come to help me during the weekend since I have two toddlers but I must admit the biggest help has been my hubby. I'm so surprised and so grateful that he has been with me since day one. When he goes to work I miss him like crazy and it's just not because he helps me move around but because I feel like safer around him. I don't know if all these medicines are making me over emotional but I hate feeling alone and sometimes the pain just makes me want to cry.

I'm starting to move around a bit

It's day four and I must say i feel very different. I went to the doc and they removed one of my drains. I still have another one that hurts, hopefully by Friday I can have this one removed. My back hurts so much from being hunched over. I think that's the worst pain so far. I'm taking the pain meds every 12 hours instead of every 4 and it's doable. I'm supposed to go back to work on Wednesday, I can't see that happening.
Jordan P. Farkas

So far he's awesome. I've been seeing different doctors for the past two years and never felt comfortable with them.

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Can't wait to see your after pics! Hope your doing well!
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Take it easy. Recovery is such a hard process. I hope your feeling better today. So many wonderful changes await you. Happy healing.
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I was afraid to shower and take off the bandages too so I waited an extra day. I'm 12 post op and I'm STILL walking hunched over! My lower back has been strained out since 1 minute post op LOL I would say I'm walking 90% straight today. Keep us updated!
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This back pain is insane! I can't wait till in off all these pain killers and can walk around straight. One day at a time. We are almost there.
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Yes! I was telling my PS and the nurse that I feel like a cave women LOL I only had to take the pain meds for 4-5 days.
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I have been using a lot of ice packs on my back. That seems to help. That, and not walking much ;)
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Hi glad you got clearence :) I go in for my TT on the 31st July. I'm in the same boat about been excited and scared! I started taking bromelain yesterday as surgeon said it help ALOT with healing to be in your system a week before, the arnica I brought the other day also but not recommended to start taking that until ASAP after surgery as it will bring the bruising out quicker which means less pain and is great for healing. Good luck with your surgery we will be on the flat side soon :) As for a recliner I think it's personal choice, I just brought a heap of pillows for my bed.
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I'm having my TT w/lipo flanks and back on the 21st so we'll both be on the flat side soon. I'm a medical coder so I'm grateful for that as far as recovery goes. Good luck with your clearance!!! Can't wait to see your results. By the way, from what I hear a lift chair comes in handy.
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I wish you luck on your clearance girl... ;)
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Thank you. I got the clearance !
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Congrats!!!! That's awesome.
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yay! you're on your way to a more beautiful you!!!!
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