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9 mos post op love it! new pic

I am 26 years old with two children. I am really...

I am 26 years old with two children. I am really sick of having all this excess skin and fat around my midsection. My problem I feel was mostly a hereditary problem. I did not gain too much weight with my pregnancies. With my first, I only gained about 30lbs and with my second 15lbs. But I noticed that right away I started getting a lot of stretch marks. My stomach was just completely covered in them... even my OB/GYN was surprised at how many stretch marks I was getting. After I gave birth my stomach was just out of control and still is. I gained more weight after. It just seemed so pointless my stomach looked exactly the same whether I was 120 or 165. It actually looked slightly better when I was heavier. Now I'm 140 lbs and scheduled my TT with lipo for 9 days from now. I'm really nervous but excited and really looking forward to the procedure...

I feel like this is all happening so fast! I went...

I feel like this is all happening so fast! I went to my consultation only last week and my surgery is next Monday. My mother had a TT done before so I always considered getting one when I was done having children. Today I had to go in to get blood work and fill paper/pay. I'm getting really nervous now. I know I am going to really love the results but the thought of the wound and healing freaks me out. I just wanted to be 6 mos. from now when everything is nice and healed and I am enjoying to the results!!!
You will do great. Congrats on going for it! You will have great results! The nerves are horrible before the procedure but hang in there it will be sooooooooo worth it girl!!!!

Get Arnica montana, Bromelane, and arnica gel from a vitamin store. I don't know what I would have done without it!

Keep us posted!! And don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! :)
Thank you! I am soo nervous...I even had a nightmare!
Congrats, Girl! U r gonna love it!!! You look a lot like a did, btw.

So the hubby took a pic of my belly... the...

So the hubby took a pic of my belly... the previous pics I don't think really captured "the belly" so here goes,,,
i am just starting out...consults in 2 weeks but i'm hoping to schedule it soon after. my "before" photos should be up today...can't wait to post the "afters!"
can't wait to see your after photos, you're going to look great!
me too!!! I was really scared yesterday but now I'm starting to get excited. Its Wed already! just 6 more days! Seeing the pic I just posted makes me more certain and excited!

At my preop appt (I guess) the nurse told me to...

At my preop appt (I guess) the nurse told me to start taking the recovery supplements and taking a shower with hibicleanse three days before surgery, that is today. So today the nurse called again just confirming the surgery time and whether I had any questions. Turns out every single time I am stressed out or worried my body decides to throw me a fast one just to make sure I'm REALLY stressed and I get cold sores not the ones on the lip but the sores on my tongue or on my gums. So the nurse told the Dr and now I'm on Valtrex (for genital herpes) three times a day.... :| has this ever happened to anyone else? Also I has anyone have to do the hibicleanse thing? the directions on the box are not very clear? the nurse said to shower with it but what does that mean? like use it as a bobywash? on the directions it says only use on area where you will be treated. hmmm As an added treat my girls have sore throats with ear infections.... I hope this is not a bad omen!

OMG! Its here! :D only one more night and thats...

OMG! Its here! :D only one more night and thats it! I'm super excited and a little worried! I waited until super late to pick up all the supplies...the hubby just ran out to get the stuff on my list and we now have to do laundry to have everything clean. Well this is it! Now its only after pics for me!

Officially out of surgery! Yay! I was in horrible...

Officially out of surgery! Yay! I was in horrible horrible pain immediately after... Like worse than anything I had felt but my nurse has been wonderful and I feel waaaay better now!

This is my second day home. I can finally speak !...

This is my second day home. I can finally speak ! My throat was super dry and sore. The first day after surgery I didn't eat anything because of my throat. I was just texting away since I couldn't talk. The pain meds still have me a little loopy. This morning I woke up later than I needed to so I was late for the pain meds. Not a good thing I felt so awful...even nauseous. I'm trying to walk around but it hurts like a burning pain through the incision. Almost like its going to tear apart! I haven't seen the incision or belly button yet. I peaked a little but its so hard with the garment on. I go in to see the PS on thursday I have to take off the garment wash it/dry it and go in without it on. I'm emptying the drains 3 times a day about 20-40cc. They said they were going to take them out when they have only 30cc in the entire day!
congrats and I hope you start feeling better fast. I am going in on Monday for TT and MR and lipo. I am super excited and anxious and nervous LOL. Keep the pics coming. I am going to be setting up a review and posting pics soon myself.
Feel better! I was too planning to go to the same doc, but decided on another one. Which hotspital did you go to? Did u stay the night?
Hey Mommy needs, I thought about going to your doctor!! Hope all is well!

This is PO day 4 and my back is killing me I just...

This is PO day 4 and my back is killing me I just took the garment off. I was supposed to take it off in the morning wash it take it in with me. I took the chance to take new pics and here goes. This is my after. I'm really swollen but not very bruised. Let me know what you think
You look fabulous. Thank you for your story and I hope you heal quickly.
Thank you ! I just got to see the incision this morning... I have bulging disk in my lower back and that's where most of my pain is. I have to walk and sit flexed to keep pressure of the incision but it's doing a number on my back! Walking is the most painful! The nurses said I can start walking a little straighter on sat!
He has a surgery center on site, I stayed there overnight. The nurses and staff were really great. I had wanted to do the whole mommy makeover but he said with BL/ augmentation it would be 8 hr surgery and therefore not safe. He said he would do it in two separate procedure... That won me over that he put safety first!

Today I've been feeling crummy... My surgery was...

Today I've been feeling crummy... My surgery was Monday Andi have literally not moved from my couch since I got home. I feel like such a bum just laying here arching my big fat gypsy wedding on TLC. More than anything I feel lonely my girls are with the grandparents... Which is good but I just want to do stuff again :| I'm NOw freaking out about all the money I spent and this long recovery time. I'm not even sure about anything :(
You look awesome!

Went to the Dr today and finally had my first...

Went to the Dr today and finally had my first drain removed! yay! :-) totally agree with all the ladies, I feel so much better now with it off. I'm going back tomorrow to have the second drain removed. The incision is still covered with this clear almost plastic thing... the nurses say its a tape but it looks almost like the liquid silicone things they sell. I'm not sure yet how it will turn out.. I tried on for the first time underwear since the surgery lol Its mostly covered. I'm still walking a little bent and its Killing my back! can't wait for time to pass!!! I want to be back to normal already... I've really been trying to hold back all week. I have been a complete couch potato! ... I think the hubby is getting sick of it too LOL I'll post pictures soon!

Your tummy is looking so good:)

You look awesome,I know exactly how you are feeling. I am currently 10 days PO and yes my back is so sore. My drains were removed at 7 days. But the walking and because I had major muscle repair I am still some what in pain!!!!, I want to shave as well, and talk about swell hell !!!!!!!!!! I just hope to get the swelling down and it stays down.

Some not so great news... So I had one drain...

Some not so great news... So I had one drain removed on Mon and the other remover the following day. So yesterday I finally started to feel normal again and drove myself to have the second drain removed and before than went to grab a lunch with my sister and the kids. By the time I arrived to remove the drain I was super swollen like as swollen as the day following surgery and today I had to sign some important documents and of course I was running late so I had to park the car and speed walk to the place... and now my stomach is massive! I've been putting aquaphor on the BB with qtips and covering it with gauze well yesterday I noticed that the stitches were done with a clear string and two (what I think might be) stitches fell of .. Like it was mostly off and when I touched it it slipped right out of the BB. To make matters worse my BB looks inside like darker skin and the rim of the incision red and angry looking. The bottom part especially looks puffy and almost like bubbly. I'll post picture so you can see. I was going to call today and ask about that but I forgot. Also because I am so swollen in the bottom half ...below the BB ... the bottom part of the incision (where the two stitches fell off) is stretched super tight... like it wants to rip apart. From the very beginning the look of the BB is my biggest concern! Now I feel like I messed it up just because I was over doing it! I'm freaking out.

On another note, today in the afternoon it was officially 24 hrs since both drains were removed and I took my first shower since Apr 30.... boy was I feeling nasty and dirty.

Its really hard to take it easy when I have to pick up the girls from school and hoof it over to the entrance and of course the darn school has steps and a block of greenery before you get to the kids...and once they are home they are running around the house throwing everything/spilling and causing havoc ... ::sigh:: This is turning out to be a whole lot harder than I expected... even with help...
How's your belly button feeling? Were you able to see your PS? Take it easy!
Wow, that's a beautiful incision. Your tummy looks great. I can't wait to be on the other side.

Its been about 9 mos since my surgery. I could not...

Its been about 9 mos since my surgery. I could not be happier with the result. Seeing my before pictures makes me sad. I remembered how upset I would be trying on clothes and just looking at myself in the mirror. I think I avoided looking at myself even when I showered. Not looking at myself just enabled me to gain all the weight. Now I had gone down to 130lbs and since gained 10 back. I'm fit and happy. HAPPY! trying on clothes and putting on moisturizer is not depressing anymore. So here it is my pic
You look wonderful and your scar is healing nicely. What did you put on it?
You look great! What scar theapy did you opt for?
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