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Thigh Lift 21 Years Old - Paramus, NJ

Hello, hopes this help to anyone that's reading...


hopes this help to anyone that's reading.

Some back round on me-
so growing up plain and simple I was very fat, no need to sugar coat I've come to terms with it. My freshmen year of high school I was a whopping 223lbs standing at 5'6. That summer I attended fat camp, by choice after begging my parents, with a great overweight friend of mine (were both doing awesome and have kept the weight off). I lost 16 lbs at camp Pocono trails, but what I learned there was lifestyle change. After much hardwork, dedication, dieting, and exersize I weigh 150lbs.

I had saddlebags as some call it that made me so self conscious I couldn't even wear shorts, and I'm 21 and EVERYONE wears shorts at this age, not to mention cute bikinis, and I'm over here in long skirted bikinis when I'd barely be motivated to wear one. So for accumulation on my 21st and 22nd birthday, graduating college, and just hard work my family rewarded me with paying for 2/3 of my 8,600 dollar surgery, and i could not be more thankful.

on to the surgery part....

So 5/28 I went in for a groin incision medual thigh lift after being cleared of being a good candidate. I was so nervous before worries that were so out of the world, I'm a huge worry wort. Even the anesthiaologist could tell (he was amazing understanding and funny). The surgery flew by! One moment I remember seeing everything go a blur, the next what felt like a second (but was 3 hours) i was in recovery. Waking up I remember being in some sore tight pain which I remember moaning and complaining about, and I remember overhearing the nurses saying she's in pain and next thing I know I was not in pain no more (I think they might have injected me with something I'm assuming). Waking up was a breeze, both my parents asked me if I woke up "hungover" and shivering (their past anesthia experiences) but no, I was delighted with a heat fanned thing under my blanket nice and toasty. I'd have to agree with others when I say this, this surgery isn't painful (and I'm a wuss) but it's very uncomfortable! I highly recommend a freshette (female urinal) for anyone getting this procedure! I believe it's helping me heal faster because I'm not pressuring the incesion 5 times a day by sitting on a toilet to pee. For an extra 23 bucks why not take this precaution.

So tomorrow makes me one week post-op and I'm feeling good, opposed the fact I still turtle walk, but I am walking, in fact a day after I was doing limited walking it makes you feel better. I stopped taking the oxy pain killers on Saturday, except one time monday. The "pain" in honestly just tight and soreness. Nothing in more or less, sitting however is very annoying but once your down its ok it's just the Initial plop down.

As far as constipation goes, yes. Although my bowel movements have always been irregular due to my thyroid problem, I am constipated and recommend a stool softener because the one bm I had Tuesday was small and hard, not fun. Also was not sitting on a toilet because incisions do split (luckily no problems over here) and I'd rather just not.

I've starting doing some housework, dishes, reorganizing my clothes on hangers in my closet, and laundry.

I had two drains in me which were a big factor in me feeling like a bed written blob. But once they were out (not painful at all and I was so scared!) I feel brand new today! Even showered normally (my mom been giving me sponge baths). It feels amazing. There are two holes in me which sometimes irritate but in a few days they'll close up.

bruising and swelling is not as bad as pi tyres I've seen, I'm not sure if that's due to me raking bromelain and arnica, a vitamedica pack my doctor gave me) I've had no bruising on my front but my back side has a majority of the bruising and swelling. A little swelling on my inner thighs. The incision points are just very tender.

As far as healing goes, it's been well, no complications just yet, but I pray everyday for a healthy recovery and take all my meds and follow all given instructions! My post op appointment in on Thursday and a spa lymphic massage tomorrow so I'll tell yall what the doc thinks!

I think I answered all questions or concerns I've had, if I missed just post and I'll be here to answer, I'm doing nothing all day which is why I decided to make one of these, this websites helped me a lot through the pre and current process. Not many people just get thigh lifts as well, usually a lbl, so here's for anyone just doing a thigh lift!

I also start a catering manager job on the 16th, 14 hour work days might be brutal but I keep praying! Plus the hour commute to stamford! Luckily flats are shoes my higher ups want me to get vs heels!

Feel free to ask I'd love to help! My pictures aren't uploading :(

added a photo

added photo

photo taken today - 10 days post op

10 days post op!

Almost one month Post op

Thank you all for your support and compliments! I really LOVE the results so far! Sorry I haven't been updating, i've been so busy with my job ( FYI - standing for 8+ hours a day is not bad! ) - I have an appointment July 1st to get the surgical glue off and I will post some more pictures! Only complaint is the scars are so itchy!!! lol but thats such a small small issue hehe :)

3 months post op, feeling great!


sorry for the late posts, I wish I could just upload pictures from my phone but it always says error, and I'm never on the computer so thats why I don't post much, but I'll answer everything I can, So besides the fact I gained some weight (working with food/not being able to workout for a month) really killed me! Anyone know any diet pills with no jitters or anything helpful?! I started working out again and I'm running at max on a treadmill 6.0 which is an improvement, although it can;t be for too long. I wear nike compression shorts under my skirts or when i work out but other than that not so much although I probably should :/. As far as my stitches opening, I've had two instances so far, not sure what caused them, the doc said maybe I jerked the wrong way, but nothing to worry about as long as you take care of it. I'd cover it with aquaphor and about a week in a half went by and theyre closed again. I do get gnarley ingrown hairs and currently have one right on my scar, guess i shaved too close, but it's a little tender and sensitive. My scars are healing great I try and apply mederma whenever I remember. I was instructed three times a day, I may do it once a day if that :O
However when it comes to healing....the inside sides of my legs look great and I assume because it's not getting stretched out as much as the other parts. The tops on the scar are more noticable I think its because when I do sit ups it tends to stretch out the scar, and I wish my backside would heal up better as well, but I think its not due to me constantly crossing my legs and stretching :( Its still swollen back there and is my inner thigh a bit. The swoll on the backside makes my but look funny because its my flat butt, a swollen bump, and then flat leg, I think it looks funny but my sister tells me it's so unnoticable. I'm just a detail looker. I'm posting pictures as well, don't min the hair by the incision I can;t shave it '(
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Amazing, so sweet, non judgemental, helpful, the nurse gave me her cell for 24/7 contact which means a lot to me since I'm a worry freak! He knows the result I want and provided that too me! I honestly cried the first time in the mirror because I thought I'd have embarrassing saddle bags for life. Thank you doctor parker if you read this!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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wow you legs look beautiful. I'm having aggressive lipo done to my inner thighs and i hope to get good results like yours.
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Your Doctor did an amazing and beautiful job! You look beautiful and the incisions are barely there already! Wow! Dr. Parker did surgery on my 3 year old's ear to remove an embedded earring backing. She has no scars at all. Excellent surgeon!
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Thanks for your update I chickened out, because I saw some bad reviews on him, but with PS you get good results and some bad and I am going to have to judge for myself.
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Dr. Remus Repta in Scottsdale is excellent. I have never seen a bad review on him.
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Wow, what an accomplishment and you look fantastic. How brave you are as well. I have had a t. tuck and t. tuck revision but I'm scared to do what you did. I hope all the soreness and tightness clears up for you. God Bless and congratulations!
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@alese I am thinking about another T.T. because I feel it could have been done better I am four years out and scared to do it, I remember the pain. Why did you redo your T.T.?
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My first one was horrible. I was a size 6/8 going in with a little loose skin over C-section scar. Came out a size 14 and stayed that way until revision. Didn't even know that was possible. I had a lot of injuries and very bad aesthetic result, actually looked worse than when I went in. Also had a hematoma and fluid that turned into a pseudo-bursa so I looked pregnant. I had to redo it or stay that way and I was in pain for a year and a half so I redid the surgery and got the pseudo-bursa removed. I think as long as you have a good doc you'll likely be ok, but it is a long recovery. Make sure they will provide plenty of pain relief, and make sure you have plenty of downtime for recovery. My revision doc was excellent but he's in Scottsdale AZ. Looks like you already found a good doc though.
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You look great. How are you doing now?
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Hi KK246, THANK YOU for sharing your results and your legs look AMAZING! I have similar issue with my legs and have been waiting for positive post on the groin medial thigh lift, most reviews are on the extended thigh lift. I have been researching this procedure for years and there aren't that many physicians who have experience with only groin thigh lifts and the ones I have met with have discouraged me from doing it because they say the scar migrates downward, scare stretches/widens out and when that occurs the labia also widens out. Did Dr. Fisher go over any of these concerns? I would love to get my thighs tucked and be able to finally wear shorts and skirts without being embarrassed about my legs. Do your scars show when you wear bathing suits or underwear? I have so much fear and your post has helped encourage me to rethink the procedure.
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Thank you KK426 for sharing your story. Yes, I'm having the thigh lift only as well and I'm terribly nervous because it seems like there are more bad stories than good. Your results look amazing and it sounds like the recovery process was manageable. The other thing that was good to read is that you didn't have any openings (at least from what I could see in your review). Do you have any back side photos? My thigh lift is going around the back side around the buttocks and I'd love to see if yours did too. I have a ton of loose skin on the back side of my thighs (and the front). Thank you if you could share photos from that angle as well!
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congrats! It's definetley worth the discomfort for a weekm honestly once the drains come out you feel 50% better than when you can spread your legs an inch wider you feel 75%, then when you sit on a toilet 100%! haha! Unfortunately people who have bad experiences tend to talk about and blog about it more then a good experience is what I've learned especially in the food industry. I had the same concerns and my doctor agreed with the advertising bad stories because the ones with the good results don't go out of their way to share it. so I wanted to be the good story that did! the recovery is manageable just be patient and takes thing slow, which was my problem lol. I did have openings during the month of July. I immediatley called my doctor when I noticed and he saw me the next morning to make sure it wasnt a stitch. To be honest, I think it was a damn ingrown hair that cause an inflammation under my skin then popped open to the surface cause he checked me for stitches coming out and I was cleared for no spitting stitch. Just covered with aquaphor for 1.5 weeks and it healed nicely. My back side photos I uploaded, their just embarassing for me cause my flat booty :( lol according to me I think they are a but noticeable but according to family and friends it is not bcause the shadow of the butt and how i look standing normal they say you cant see it at all. congrats on the weight loss! you deserve to get the saddlebags off, enjoy them legs!
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I'm going to have this done. Thank you for posting your info and photos. Great help. You also look wonderful.
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thank you so much xo! best decision I've made totally worth the money!! congrats!
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my God, you look great, I would love to do this. may I ask where is your scar? is there any way you can post a pic of it. I'm happy for you, enjoy your shorts and bikinis
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my scar is in the groin area around to the back butt. thank you so much xoxo!
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Nice thighs hunn, did u wear a compression garment post and how for how long?
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Thanks xo! I bought my own nike compression shorts and wore them for about a month, whenever I wear a skirt or dress I wear them as well.
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Ohhh ok ok, ty hunn
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I love your results, did you get the scar down your leg? I want the surgery, but that scar down the leg scares me. I am certainly calling this doctor.
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sorry for the late reply! thank you! the scar was made in my groin around to the butt. the doctor is great! and the one down the leg usually goes for people who have a lot of knee saggy skin, I just had upper thigh sag
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Wow you look great!! Really!! I'm hoping for an inner thigh lift next year (I'm 3 weeks po a mommy makeover) & inner thighs were on the top of my list.
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thank you! and do it! best decision I have made! wearing shorts is amazing :)
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Looking great! Can't wait to see how you're feeling in a month! Happy healing
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thanks! xo
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Your results look amazing! I am strongly considering a thigh lift. I lost 90 pounds and was left with lots of saggy skin. My thighs really bother me. I had a tummy tuck and breast lift/augmentation last summer with great results. Thanks for posting your review. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Happy healing!
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