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Smartlipo on Inner Thigh, Bra Rolls, Arms

I had smartlipo performed on a few areas in...

I had smartlipo performed on a few areas in OCT2009. I am somewhat pleased with my results, but have a major concern on my back (bra fat) area. My inner thighs are fine, my arms are still somewhat the same, but they are a bit more streamlined and have been responding to exercise which was never the case before. My bra fat area is better than what it was, however, one side is bigger than the other and looks as if nothing was done.

The pain was ok, tolerable, but I certainly wasn't able to work for a week ( I don't have an office job).

Try to really lose the weight than if you are not satified do the redo. Regards Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, MIAMI, CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR SMART LIPO & BODY JET LIPO

I'm about 2mos post-op for smart lipo on my arms,...

I'm about 2mos post-op for smart lipo on my arms, inner thigh, bra fat area. One side of my back is larger than the other and my question is will the larger side reduce in size with diet and exercise and match the other? This has always been a trouble zone, but maybe if I'm able to lose 15-20lbs it will disapear. I am just concerned that after weight loss I will still be uneven, and/or have one nice smooth side and one side with a roll. My doctor offered to redo any areas that we both thought were unsatisfactory, but I don't want to have to go through surgery again and worry about more scaring. HELP!
Thigh fat is tricky, but I am not a doctor, I just have really awful flabby, fluffy inner thighs. You might have been happier with a thigh lift rather than lipo because lipo generally produces uneven results. If I won the lottery I would go for the lift. But I am not a doctor. The stardard line after ANY cosmetic procedure, unless you are bleeding, running a fever, or turning colors in that area, is "wait." So you might ask him for some pain killers, measure your thigh to make sure it's not swelling up, and wait. I know with my tummy tuck, it was 18 months before I felt normal. Some areas are just more sensitve that others.
I had Tummy Tuck and Inner Thigh lipo about 4 weeks ago, I am kind of please with tummy tuck, but my right inner thigh is uneven now, and when I walk it hurts. I told to the doctor who performed the procedure, first he said "it was uneven before the lipo", which is not true, my inner thigh was not uneven, then he said wait for 6 months. My problem is, I feel a lot of discomfort on inner right thigh. Could this be fluid build up?
Go for the re-do. It's to your dr's credit that he offered that to you. I had lipo with uneven results and losing weight did not even anything out. It just reduced the volume in the uneven areas, but they never evened out. So you should get it evened out surgically, IMO.
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I am uneven on one side of my body, but I still am somewhat pleased with my results. Make sure you see before and after pics!!!!! I was offered a redo.

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