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Good afternoon ladies, just wanted to introduce...

Good afternoon ladies, just wanted to introduce myself, Im a married mom of 2.. just turned 40 weight fluctuates between 138-145ish... I just had my 2nd Baby in June of 2012 and my big 40 was in December, so I want to give myself the gift of getting my prebaby body back. I'm a short girl 5'1 but I carry my weight pretty well. Im still nursing my 7.5 month old so I put off the surgery til she was 9 months so I won't feel so gulity about possibly not being able to nurse and will pump and store some milk for her. I had lipo back in 2008 upper /lower abs; flanks and inner and outer thighs and was thrilled with my results so Im heading back for a 2nd round at the same doc. Recovery was 1 week with alot of rest!! but will see how it goes now that I have 2 tinys running around.. thankfully my 3 year old goes to school full time!

My profile pic is me July 2012 postpartum after my...

My profile pic is me July 2012 postpartum after my c-section.

So I just spoke to my nurse coordinator, because I...

So I just spoke to my nurse coordinator, because I needed to inform her that I wanted to add my back.. she said probably for me I just needed lower.
Im so looking forward to this that the wait is almost unbearable.. I just keep focused.. I choose that date because we have a holiday built into the week.. less time off from work..I keep telling myself, patience, patience.. my nerves are fraying.. Im not nervous at all about the procedure.. I was well taken care of before and am nothing but confident everything will go well..everyone has there reservations and doubts.. especially being a mom now.. but Im so unhappy with myself that I have to do this..I hoping this improves my marriage also..low self esteem is for sure a mood killer.. Im's one of those days were I wish it was this week.. and not in a month from now...blah...signing off...

T-30 days.... Sooo excited to think that the...

T-30 days.... Sooo excited to think that the official 30day countdown has begun...I will be off of work for about 11 days altogether.. being that I took a 4 month maternity leave and came back in late October it will be a little strange staying home again...I've never been a long vacation kindof girl.. but it will be nice, my mom will be with me (she will be taking care of Ava(my 8month old) and it will be nice to have a week with her.. sometimes I feel like I miss so much because I'm a FT working mom...Im hoping by monday (day 4) or tuesday (day 5) I will be strong enough to be alone with Ava.. love my mommy but she can drive me nuts LOL and my Hubbs.. well Im sure he will be happy for her to go home! LOL ok.. back to work!:O)

Holy March Batman!! It's going to be a crazy next...

Holy March Batman!!
It's going to be a crazy next three weeks, between preparing my 3 year old for pre-k 4 in a new school to weekends chocked full of activities and work all week.. can you say HOLY HELL I'm going to be BUSY!!!! This means just one thing.. time is going to FLY!!! Pre-op is on Tuesday :O) paper's, payment, and a slip for my labs(which im a wee bit worried about because I had low iron issues with my last pregnancy) but hopefully all will be well!!! I dont take any supplements or stuff like that but Im going to make sure I eat healthier and drink alot more water in these coming weeks...YIKES! I can't believe it's coming soo fast!

Preop went great! Yay, now to make sure I keep a...

Preop went great! Yay, now to make sure I keep a cold at bay!! My throat is scratchy and achy!! So I'm on a mission gargle and honey which I hate but I'm sure it will help!! I'm first on the 21 so I will update the night before, I'm so excited!!!

This cold blows hairy cat balls!!! :O( my tiny...

This cold blows hairy cat balls!!! :O( my tiny germ sponges (my kiddos) have finally had there way with me...they caught me while at my weakest... bout to get my monthly friend and boom there ensued the perfect storm.. so here I am at the Eve of my 2 week point and I'm sick..THANKFULLY I dont have a fever.. and it's just a runny/stuffy nose/sore throat and headachy thing...that will hopefully be gone by Saturday(I have a baby shower to attend) SHEESH... this BLOWS.. labs tomorrow..
I hate tylenol products (they do nothing for me) but Im being a good solider and am only taking tylenol stuff....I say 24-48 hours.. this thing better be GONE! ARGH... venting over...

The funny thing is looking at my slip they ordered...

The funny thing is looking at my slip they ordered a pregnancy test... Silly Doc.. I had my Tubes, CUT AND COTARIZED.. back in June... No more babies for me!!!!!!!!! LOL

Labs CHECK! Cold.. in CHECK.. LOL thankfully no...

Labs CHECK! Cold.. in CHECK.. LOL thankfully no fever and no chest congestion... Mucinex to the rescue!!! boogies be gone!

Garments here still feels surreal, it's good I...

Garments here still feels surreal, it's good I guess I have no time to spare I have a busy weekend ahead of me and then 3 full and I fear very busy work days, I know next Wednesday I'm going to go to bed with butterflies in my tummy whoa lol

48 hours.. yep yep... here we go... :O) I will...

48 hours.. yep yep... here we go... :O) I will probably sleep more in the next couple of days then I have slept in the last 4 years.. LOL, hold on and I get a new shapelier body too... Really.... Sign me up.. LOL

Hi guys I'm home sore but not in any real pain my...

Hi guys I'm home sore but not in any real pain my back is really sensative though ouch!!! Just updAting!!

Today is my first day back at work, and Ive had 2...

Today is my first day back at work, and Ive had 2 post ops. Im still very much swollen specially the ab's... the back is lumpy and hard... :O( but I see change and I already know to be patient... Although for some reason I expected to notice more of a difference and I dont at least not yet.

Im soooo itchy and I dont remember being itchy at all before. Im not happy at all with my compression garment, Im wearing it on the last clasp since fay 1 and I dont feel it's giving me the support that I need so Im wearing it with my binder. Im not wearing the binder at work though, that would be too noticeable, Im ordering the same garment and smaller and in ivory so I can wear a white top in peace.
I also just got my "." so im more bloated and sore then ever. I know I sound pretty miserable but im not... Im just hoping that in 2 months from now Im starting to really like my result... patience patience...I keep telling myself..
I also rejoined wieght watchers.. because I love it and I want to help things along...

Not happy

It's been over a year and I feel like I didn't really attain the results I wanted so in thinking bout a revision we shall see

Missing my curves

Name not provided

I did some research online and through google!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Congrats Doll:-) Ty for sharing. Hoping you are seeing and living more your results:-)
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U look good lady!!!!!
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Thanks! Bella Besos, Probably End of the Year... after the holidays just should have told him to go more agressive on the lipo I cant help but feel I didn't get what I paid for!
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YW! Just my opinion you look Fabulous!!!!!!! But i know when we want something done,we do it&expect it done he way we want it. Yeah i say enjoy your holiday's first. :) Happy Saturday!
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Happy 1 year Anniversary. I think you look HOT! If you do decide on a revision when will you do it?
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Do you have updated pics or thoughts on your second procedure? Would love to know how you are doing.
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How's your recovery going?
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Hello just seeing how you are, it helps to rub some peroxide on the itching areas well at least for me it did lol
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thanks I will for sure try that because the itching isn't horrible but boy it's annoying as all heck!!!
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Hello Hope surgery went well :) I'm one month post op now with new pictures. Enjoy the new you although I still think you were gorgeous before.
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Yay have to hop over and check you out my surgery went very well I woke up as if nothing had been done no adverse side effects from being under! Come find out they changed my drug protocol so that I wouldn't feel sick!! Kudos to my docs I'm sore as heck but doing great, I rejoined weight watchers and am back on track to skinny!!! Yay
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Excellent! I'm hoping you are feeling well! Remember, any discomforts; "this too shall pass"!
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How it going for you? I had surgery (Lipo, Breast Aug) on the 12th.
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I'm doing ok! My surgery is tomorrow at 6:45 am, I'm dying to see some new pics of you!! I'm sure you look fabulous!!! Thank you for asking!!!
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Thinking of you today! Have lots of patience! Follow doc's directions. WEAR your garment! (makes a huges difference in how I feel each day.) Take your meds. Rest and walk and rest and walk. I'm gettin' through but it isn't easy. 10 days today.... Patience! *No new pics of me until this bruising is gone ;) LOL. It looks a lot worse than it is... Peaceful and calming thoughts heading your way this morning.
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That is so nice of you I just read this today!!
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Thanks so nice of you busy very busy and I fear that work is going to be just as busy for the next three days but very ready to get things going very very excited!!!
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Just checking on you seeing how things are going
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The day I went into surgery I had the worst sore throat and didnt say a word. They did lab tests but the next week after I coughed so much. Having lipo and coughing. I ended up with the cough for 1 month after...omg
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Thankfully I really dont have a cough per say! but I have Mucous Galore.. ill!!! lol lol Im hoping that the mucinex will completely dry me out by weeks end... I love how FLAT your tummy looks.. like you have Zero fat in it!
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Almost time are you ready????!!!!!!! Im excited for your story because i know your results are gonna be EPIC!
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I am!!! I really excited I just want to be my old self again!! I miss my prebaby body and the self confidence that went along w it!!
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Im excited for you are you ready and for you to have 2 children I must say you look awesome already :)
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Thank you so much!! I'm trying to get mentally ready!! I'm a little nervous!! Lol
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No need to be nervous. Your gonna very great and with the size you are now I know your results are gonna be awesome
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