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Hi guys! So I decided to get some fullness in my...

Hi guys! So I decided to get some fullness in my upper lip. I just want to be able to wear lip gloss and lipstick without a lip pencil. My procedure is coming up but I am afraid I have chosen a small size of implant. Should I get a 5 mm??? I am 33 yo. Had juvederm tx before but the results fade so quick so now I want something permanent.
I totally hear you on wanting to be able to casually apply lip gloss and stick and like how it looks! You might want to connect with this RealSelf member who got 5mm implants. Your lips right now have a really nice shape!
Thank you for your comment I m just afraid to look like a duck lol

It's done!!!

Hi guys! So my surgery was one hour ago. I drove myself so I didn't take a Valium before the procedure. Just took tylenol3 2 min ago. I was icing the whole ride back which is 50 minutes away. When I got there they did antibiotic iv after the doctor put lidocaine around my lip and labial mucosa(inside lip). After that they took me into operating room , preped me up and doctor began injections. Oucccccchhhhh that was so painful lips are so render!!!! After he numbed my lip and did a dental lip block we waited 20 min After he made the two incisions in sides if my lips and started making a tunnel( pocket) I didn't feel a thing! So 20 min and we were done. Now I m in bed and my pain level is about 6. I m icing can't open mouth wide but I am able to eat bannana and strawberry cut into pieces. Will update tomorrow:)))


Really swollen

I look like a duck lol! So it's the morning after surgery. I have no pain at all I can open my mouth wide the only thing is the lip is super swollen even though I was icing yesterday all day!!!

Pic day 2


So it's day 3 morning after surgery. I iced all day everyday and my seeking hasn't subsided. I really need to go to work tomorrow I don't know what to do. I look so funny because it's only the upper lip.

Pic day 3

Almost normal!

Planning to go to work tomorrow. The swelling isn't that bad anymore!!!

Going to work

Going to work today. Hopefully no one will really notice. Thank god I wear mask at work(RDH) can't wait for the ditches to dissolve I keep playing with them with my tongue.
Your lips lo great ! I'm thinking of getting my top lip done soon, but I'm worried that once the swelling goes down the results will be to subtle! How's it all going now?
Hi Anuta, your lips look very sexy! I really want to get this done, too - like you did, just to my upper lip. Love that look. Can you tell me which size you went with? How many mm? Thank u! :)
Hi. Thank you:) I went with 4. That's the medium.

Final results

So all the swelling is gone. My upper lip has minimal difference. Strongly recommend going with larger implant
Have you got a picture of your final results ? Maybe you have jut for used to the size difference ?

Final result 9 days post

Oh wow I love it! It looks very natural!
I think your lips look really good, won't he swap them for 3, I think your bottom lip would look fine if you put in the 5mm
Just posted. It's a very slight difference. He told me that in a month he can replace with 5 mm but that's extra money and pain again!! And I think if I get 5 mm on upper I would have to put an implant in lower as well I dk. I m upset.

Final result 4 months

Minimal difference! Now I need to get done juvederm in there!!! Grrrr
Have you gotten the Juvaderm along with the implants? If so, how well do you feel they work together? I had 5mm implants placed over a year ago, and though my lips are fuller, I didn't get the desired results. I've been thinking about getting injections to plump them up a bit more, but I wanted to hear someone's experience with mixing the two!
Hi. I haven't got the injections but I definitely want to!!!! I will go for a consultation soon!!!
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