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I have been plagued by genetically induced...

I have been plagued by genetically induced cellulite since what feels like the day I was born with a goal of one day feeling comfortable in a bikini. I am 26 and active and although I understand the structure of cellulite I still don't understand why a young, active person should have it (that is me being stubborn). Anyway, that being said, I received a breast augmentation 4 months ago as that was the other area where I was short handed. While I was in for my follow up I zoned in on the brochure for Cellulaze. My doctor discussed the pro's and con's and long story short I decided to move forward with the procedure.

My procedure took place on 11/16/12 and I had the Cellulaze on my back and lateral thighs as well as my buttocks. The procedure lasted 2.5 hours under local. After I got home I took a nap and caught up on some paper work. Although my doctor had warned me of potential "leakage" and to sit on puppy pads I had zero of this. I also did not have to take any pain killers he prescribed as although I was soar it was not painful to the point of pain killers. Anyway, I drank a lot of water and laid low through the weekend - by Monday I was back to work (did procedure Friday morning). Today I had my two week follow up - although currently there is not much change I am hopeful for the months to come. Few notes: 1) The most annoying part of this procedure to date is the 24 hour spandex 2) To minimize any scaring my doctor stitched the incisions 3) I had major bruising but all was gone 12 days later 4) These pictures are extremely humiliating but this site helped me make my decision to move forward and I am hopeful I can help other desperate women to do the same 5) No more surgeries for me as from here on out I am counting on diet and exercise to improve additional areas I am uncomfortable with - plus I am hoping to maximize my cellulaze results!


Hi MinorAdjustments, How are you doing? I also just had cellulaze in the same areas as you (lateral, posterior and the butt) but my procedure lasted 6.5 hours with the additional lipo of the saddle bags, but my doctor said that the bulk of that time was definitely spent on Cellulaze. I am 5'7 about 125lbs. I also did have a lot of draining for the first 24 hours. I wonder why there is such a discrepancy in operating times...did you have very mild cellulite? Mine is grade 2a
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I am doing fine except I am really not noticing a difference yet. How long did it take you to notice any changes? As for my grade I was only a 1 I believe.. I am 5'7 and 150 pounds.. My bathroom lighting definitely emphasizes it a little more then most lighting but hey!.. I want to notice a difference regardless of where I am and confront worst case scenario .. I am not sure why the difference in times besides maybe the grade and did you stay awake during yours?
I just had mine done the day before yesterday, so there is nothing to notice yet other than the bruising. From your pictures, I think my cellulite was a little bit milder than yours (if you want to see, go to my profile and look under the questions that I posted with photos in them). I was under the IV sedation for mine and I definitely had drainage for the 1st 24 hours (that was kinda icky, glad it stopped now). From what I am reading, this procedure is so technique dependent; I am just keeping my fingers crossed that we will all have results that we have been dreaming about for years :) So nervous I don't even want to look into a mirror for the next 3 months, but I know I will eventually. Best of luck. Thanks for being brave :)

I am a little over 6 weeks since my procedure and...

I am a little over 6 weeks since my procedure and I am starting to see some results - back thighs are still a little numb but nothing too uncomfortable and every day gets better. I had my 6 week follow up with Dr. Gartner and he was pleased with my results thus far. I no longer have to wear the spandex which is fabulous and with the new year on it's way hopefully I can get back into my exercise regime. Excited to see continued improvement and will follow up with another picture in a month. Good luck to everyone out there!!


I was thinking about using Dr. gartner and getting the procedure done. How are your results coming along? Would you recommend?
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Hey all , i need to ask about the scars after the procedure , Cellulaze is our only hope till now
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Hey all , what about the scars ? unfortunately we have no other solutions ,our only hope is cellulaze :)
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