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I'm 24, 5'6" and 135 lbs. I recently...

I'm 24, 5'6" and 135 lbs. I recently was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. My breasts had always been large but this was the final straw and I took the plunge. Before surgery I wore a 34DD because finding a discreet 32DDD/E was rather impossible. My back pain was becoming chronic and impacting my ability to excerise.

I was very nervous about the idea of anchor or lollipop incisions and felt that since I wasn't an extreme size trying to acheive a drastic reduction that traditional techniques were not for me. I wasn't so much concerned with lift and perkines but rather just weight. So I had a 'scarless' breast reduction: liposuction of each side through a 1/2 inch incision under each breast. Less trauma and a faster recovery time.

My surgeon was prepared to remove the necessary tissue through micro excision if it turned out my breast were very glandular but he was able to remove the amount we discussed through lipo only.

My surgery was yesterday and recovery has been a breeze. My under arms are sore and I am still bloated from the IV, but my breasts didn't even bruise. Saw quite a bit of drainage yesterday but today has been smooth sailing.

How wonderful that he was able to do this without scars:)   Do you have any idea of how much he was able to  take off as far as weight goes?

I would love to hear more about your results as you recover.

I'm not entirely sure how much was removed, I was too delirious after surgery to ask and it slipped my mind completely at the first follow up. My boyfriend thinks the surgeon told him 200-250 cc were removed from each side.

I will be sure to ask at my next follow up and include it in my updated as well as photos of my progress

Sounds good:)


What a difference a week makes. If it weren’t...

What a difference a week makes. If it weren’t for the sports bra I would have forgotten I had the surgery at all. I’m still not comfortable without it and unsupported for anything longer than a few minutes, but taking it off doesn’t make me dizzy or nauseous any longer. One of my incisions is completely closed up and I’ve noticed some yellow tinged bruising around the edges of treated area. My under arms are still a bit sore.

Until yesterday I guess I was still very swollen. With out the bra they still seemed quite large and I was anxious I had gone through surgery only to come out with deflated versions of what I had before. Things seem to have contracted and tightened over the last 48 hours and while I hope they continue to do so, there is visible improvement in my before and afters. I see my surgeon on Tuesday when I’ll be sure ask how much was removed and what he expects my new cup size to be.
whats the name of the doctor?
Hi. I'm interested in having the scarless breast reduction. What doctor did you use?
Wanted to let you know I had surgery on the 18 th. He removed 600 cc from each breast with a total of 3000cc upper abs and back, and under arm side breast. He said it was textbook. That is about 1.3 lbs per breast btw. I am really bruised, and sore but I was happy to see how much smaller I was. I am convinced I went from a 34 dd to most likely a 32 c. I am in a compassion vest which I am sure I will wear for a little while and then switch out to something else when I can.

For those reading this, if you have realistic expectations, this is a great option and alternative to a traditional BR if you know what you are getting.

Thanks for the support, it really means a lot.
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